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WECU Championship & Congress – Day 3.

Got down to the hotel early again in glorious Easter weather, and everything seemed to have gone well so far. No one was threatening to take the Open by the scruff of the neck, with a 6-way tie for the lead. It should be different by the end of today.

The Arbiters looked pretty laid back as they waited for the start of play; (l-r) Ewart Smith (ECF Senior Arbiter) i/c of the Open, with BCF Arbiters Tony Tatam (Major) and John Constable (Minor).

The three wise men.

Jim Sherwin v Alan Smith get acquainted before Rd. 5.

The group of 7 players from Holland, mentioned earlier, all come from the same club in the town of Hillegom, situated near Haarlem in the Dutch tulip fields. The club is called “de Uil” or The Owl, presumably reflecting the wisdom of its members and has its own website which can easily be found via Google.

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