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WECU Championship & Congress – 4th & Final Day.

On arrival, the Arbiters were busy re-arranging all the tables, from the traditional 6 rows of 2, to four rows of 3 across the room. This has the effect of narrowing the through gangway, but allowing much more room behind each chair, which has always been a problem at this venue. It worked well throughout the final round. So after 12 years at this hotel, a new layout has been stumbled on. The blindingly obvious is not always so easily spotted.

5 members of the Tiverton Club - 3 of whom went on to win prizes.

After an hour’s play, Alan Primmett, one of the regular senior players, collapsed at the board, falling to the floor and vomiting. The ambulance was called and he was taken straight to Exeter Hospital. Apart from being partially sighted, he is known to be diabetic, and it was felt this might have been a diabetic coma.

l-r: Jon Duckham; Ivor Annetts; Ken Alexander; Keith Atkins; Simon Bartlett.

Steve Berry on his way to a quick Rd. 7 win vs Alan Pleasants.

Helbig en route to a Rd. 7 win vs Jim Sherwin.

Jim Sherwin facing Paul Helbig in Rd. 7.

Alan Smith contemplaying a last round win.

Helbig with his 2nd cup win in the Exe valley in a few weeks.

Hazel Welch delighted to retain her Ladies Title.





Section   Name Grd Club Pts
Open 1st Stephen Berry 205 Wimbledon
  2nd= Alan Smith 190 Bourne End 5
    Paul Helbig 179 Keynsham 5
  4th= Jim Sherwin 200 Bath
    Steve Dilleigh 192 Horfield
    Pat Krzyzanowski 186 Yeovil
GP  U-186    Andrew Footner 180 Yeovil
    Alan Pleasants 180 Weymouth
    Steve Piper 178 Salisbury
U-176    Robert Thompson 170 Newton Abbot
    Geoff Taylor 162 Gloucester
Major (U-175)        
  1st Martyn Harris 160 Newcastle-U-Lyme
  2nd = Jon Duckham 140e Tiverton 5
    Peter Jaszkiwsky 167 Kettering 5
GP   U-157  1st= Ivor Annetts 156 Tiverton 4
    John Nyman 152 Kings Head 4
    Stan Lovell 150 Braille 4
    Dave Rogers 149 Exmouth 4
    Tim Chapman 147 Basingstoke 4
U-147  1st Julian Taylor 139 Rose Foregrove 4
Minor (U-140)        
  1st Barry Sandercock 138 Bucks 6
  2nd Alex Billings 122 Newton Abbot
  3rd = Ken Alexander 127 Tiverton 5
    Alan Fraser 105 Beckenham 5
    Mark Huba 112 King’s Head  
GP  U-127  1st= Garth Andrews 125 Railways 4
    Keith Spooner 118 Wimborne 4
U-115  1st= Freddy Sugden 114 Newton Abbot
    John Carr 108 Portsmouth

 NB: Paul Helbig was the only player in the top 3 to be eligible for the Championship trophy and the British Championship Qualifying Place. He received the Cup and wished to accept the QP. 

Congress Secretary Andrew Footner
Open Ewart Smith
Major Tony Tatam
Minor John Constable

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