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Devon Beat Hants In Close Match (15.02.2014.)

Devon met Hampshire at the weekend and the new venue of Ilchester Town Hall, brought a new result (a 9-7 win) after a series of Devon losses in recent years Devon names first:- 1. S. Homer ½-½ I. Thompson. 2. J Stephens 1-0 W. McDougall. 3.P. Sivrev ½-½ D. Tunks. 4.D. Regis ½-½ C. Bellers. 5.J. Fraser ½-½ P. Cooper. 6.B. Hewson 0-1 D. Fowler. 7. J. Wheeler ½-½ A. McDougall. 8.A. Brusey ½-½ F. McLeod. 9. M. Shaw ½-½ S. Knox. 10.J. Underwood 1-0 D. Thompson. 11.T. Thynne 0-1 C. Priest. 12. W. Ingham 1-0 S. Smith. 13. P. Brooks ½-½ G. Jones. 14. S. Martin 1-0 Miss G, Moore. 15. M. Stinton 0-1 B. Kocan. N. Rahimili 1-0 J. Chilton.

Dr. Underwood’s early win gave Devon an early lead and they were never headed, though the match result still depended on this last game to finish. If White had won, Hampshire would have drawn the match. After a long positional game the game ends suddenly.

White: W. M. McDougall (192). Black: J. K. Stephens (186).

Queen’s Gambit – Slav Defence [D12]

1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.e3 Bf5 5.Nc3 e6 6.Nh4 Bg6 7.Qb3 Qc8 8.Bd2 Nbd7 9.Rc1 a6 10.Be2 Bd6 11.0–0 Qb8 12.g3 Ne4 13.Nxe4 Bxe4 14.Bb4 0–0 15.f3 Bg6 16.Nxg6 hxg6 17.Rfd1 Nf6 18.Kg2 Bxb4 19.Qxb4 Qc7 20.a4 a5 21.Qb3 Rfe8 22.f4 Rad8 23.Bf3 Qe7 24.c5 Qc7 25.Qc3 Ra8 26.Rb1 Ra7 27.b4 axb4 28.Rxb4 Rea8 29.Qb3 Nd7 30.Rb1 Rb8 31.g4 f6 32.Qc2 Kf7 33.Be2 Rh8 34.Qb3 Rb8 35.Qd3 Rh8 36.Qb3 Rb8 37.Bd1 g5 38.fxg5 fxg5 39.Bc2 Nf6 40.Rf1 Rh8 41.h3 Ke7 42.Bg6 Rh6 43.Qb1 Qd7 44.Rf2 Kd8 45.Rfb2 Kc8 46.Bd3 Qc7 47.Qd1 Kb8 48.Qe2 Ka8 49.Rb1 Rh4 50.Rf1 Ra5 51.Rh1 e5 52.e4 White has 2 minutes left for all his moves yet must avoid losing or the team will miss a vital win. No pressure, then. 52…dxe4 53.Bxe4 exd4 54.Bf3 Qf4 55.Rd1 Rxc5 56.Rdxd4 Qc1 57.Rd8+ Ka7 58.Rbd4 Rc2 59.Rd2 Rxd2 60.Rxd2 Qc5 61.Rb2 Nd5! Having remained stationary for 44 moves the knight springs to the rescue. White sees the threatened fork on f4 but not the even greater danger on h6. 62.Qd2 Nf4+ 63.Kh2 Rxh3# 0–1

The 2nd team match was reduced to four games after Hants defaulted on most boards, handing Devon a 10-2 win. 1. O. Wensley ½-½ T. Chapan. 2. B. Gosling ½-½ K. Steele. 3. A. Kinder ½-½ J. Young. 4.C. Scott ½-½ D. Culliford.

In last week’s position, although Black was a rook down, he had 1…Bb2+! Taking it would leave his queen defenceless, so White has to reply 2.Ka4 to which Black replies 2…b5+ forcing 3.Ka5 allowing 3…Bc3 pinning queen against king so that 4.QxQ is impossible.

With love in the air this weekend, here is a heart-shaped 2-mover by Mrs. Baird (née Winter-Wood) who died in Paignton 90 years ago this month.

Love doing this 2-mover

Glos v Hants & Bristol Winter Congress Results (01.02.2014.)

Hampshire proved too strong for Gloucestershire when they met at Urchfont (Wilts) recently, making amends for their earlier draw against Cornwall. Glos. names 1st: 1.N. Hosken 0-1 I. Thompson. 2.D, Lambourne 0-1 D. Tunks. 3.J. Jenkins 0-1 C. Bellers. 4.M. Ashworth ½-½ P. Cooper. 5.P. Meade 0-1 F. Mcleod. 6.P. Dodwell ½-½ T. Davis. 7.P. Denison 0-1 D. Fowler. 8.G. Taylor 0-1 S. Smith. 9. C. Haynes 0-1 C. Priest. 10.K. Bendall 0-1 Miss G. Moore. 11.B. Whitelaw ½-½ M. Roberts. 12. P. Baker 0-1 J. Chilton. 13.J. Caterer 0-1 D. Culliford. 14.R. Ashworth 1-0 J. Barnett. 15.P. Bending 1-0 S. Murphy. 16.D. Morse 0-1 T. Cutter.

The Bristol League held another successful Winter Congress at the Holiday Inn last weekend. The prizewinners included the following:

Open: 1st C. Beaumont (Clifton). 2nd= D. Buckley (Bath); M. Harris (Horfield); G. Morris (Clifton); M. Payne & D. Graham (both Worthing). Grading prizes: U-188: S. Piper (Salisbury). U-178: J. Turner (Cwmbran). U-167: M. Jiminez (Clifton).

Major: 1st G. Harvey (S. Bristol). 2nd= R. Lowery (Patchway) & R. Harron (Bristol). Grading prizes: U-148: A. Rossiter (Cabot). U-141: N. Derrick (Cabot). U-130: P. Chatterjee (Clifton).

Minor: 1st D. Rowan. 2nd= R. Porter & J. Walpole (both University); P. Jackson. Grading prizes: U-120: D. McGeeney (Cabot). U-114: A. Fraser. U-104: A. Telang (Clifton). U-91: H. Aubin-Parvu.

This was the Open winner’s 1st game.

White: C. Beaumont (221). Black: M. Kascak (c. 180).

Queen’s Indian Defence [E18]

1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 b6 4.Bg2 Bb7 5.0–0 Be7 6.Nc3 c5 7.d4 d6 8.d5 Immediately staking a claim to the centre. 8…exd5 9.cxd5 0–0 10.e4 Re8 11.e5 Ng4 12.Bf4 dxe5 13.Nxe5 Nxe5 Having got the passed pawn, the stronger player is happy to keep making equal exchanges in order to keep it simple… 14.Bxe5 Bd6 15.Bxd6 Qxd6 16.Qa4 Qd7 … up to a point. 17.Qh4 Na6 18.Rad1 Nb4 19.a3 Na6 20.Qf4 Nc7 21.h4 Rad8 22.Kh2 The trap is set. 22…Nb5 23.Bh3 1-0 Winning a piece by forcing the queen away from the defence of her knight.

In last week’s position Flear finished neatly with 1.Rxc8 Qxc8 2.Rd8 Qc7 3.Rxe8! and Black resigned because QxN mate is inevitable.

In his book, Tactimania, Flear doesn’t only give his wins. He loses this one against his fellow GM from Leicester, Mark Hebden. Flear threatens to win the exchange and a pawn, so how did White deal with that and force a win in the space of 6 moves?

White to play and win

Hants vs Gloucestershire (15.12.2012.)

The recent Hampshire-Gloucestershire match was closely contested, though the final result was kept in some doubt for almost a week after the event, as the outcome of one game was disputed by both players. Eventually, the Gloucestershire player conceded without it having to go to a neutral arbiter, which gave the match to Hampshire  by 9-7. The details were (Hants names first):-

1.J. Tambini (203) ½-½ J. Stewart.

(199) 2.I. D. Thompson (199) 1-0 N. Hosken (196). 3.D. Tunks (193)½-½ D. Lambourne (180) 4.S. Knox (174)½-½ J. Waterfield (175) 5.D. Fowler (174)1-0 J. Jenkins (170) 6.P. Cooper (169)1-0 P. J. Meade (169) 7.I. Stipcevic (165) 0-1 I. Pickup (166) 8.F. McLeod (164)½-½ P. Dodwell (163) 9.M. Buckley (160)½-½ P. Denison (162) 10.G. Jones (153)1-0 G. Taylor (154) 11.R. Ashmore (150) 0-1 M. Claypole (149) 12.D. Thompson (147) 0-1 M. Ashworth (148) 13.C. Priest (147)½-½ R. Dixon (142) 14.H. Grieve (146) 1-0 P. Baker (140) 15.T. Chapman (145)½-½ A. Richards (139) 16. Miss G. Moore (145)½-½ J. Lightowler (136).

Last month’s Seniors’ Congress in Exmouth will feature in the January edition of Chess when one of the joint winners, Norman Stephenson, will analyse some games. In Round 4 he beat Mike Yeo, who then had to win his last game to feature in the prizelist, where he faced local player, David Toms.

White: D. A. Toms. Black: M. J. Yeo  1.e4 Nf6 Alekhine’s idea, but White declines the invitation to advance his pawn.2.d3 e5 3.Nf3 Nc6 4.g3 d5 5.Nbd2 Bc5 6.Bg2 Bg4 7.0–0 dxe4 8.dxe4 Qe7 9.c3 a5 10.Qc2 0–0 11.Nc4 Bh5 12.Be3 Rfd8 13.Rad1 Ng4 14.Bxc5 Qxc5 15.Rxd8+ Rxd8 16.Qe2 b5 17.Ncd2 f6 18.Nb3 Qb6 19.h3 Nh6 20.Rd1 Nf7 21.g4 Bg6 22.Nh4 Nd6 23.Nxg6 hxg6 24.Qf3 Nc4 This knight proves a real nuisance. 25.Qe2 Rxd1+ 26.Qxd1 Nxb2 27.Qd5+ Kh7 28.g5 Ne7 29.Qd7 Ng8 30.Bf1 a4 31.Nd2 Nd1 32.Qg4 Qxf2+ 33.Kh1 Ne3 34.Qe2 Qf4 35.Bg2 fxg5 36.Nf3 Nf6 37.Nxe5 With the idea that if 37…Qxe5 then 38.Qxe3, but 37…Nxg2 wins a piece. 38.Qxg2 Qxe5 39.c4 Qxe4 40.Qxe4 Nxe4 41.cxb5 Nc3 42.Kg2 Nxa2 0–1

In last week’s position, Kitto’s move was simply e2, cutting off the White king’s flight square and making the unavoidable Qxh2 a mating move.

This ending is from the game Steve Murray vs Tony Corkett at Guernsey 2002. Black is a piece up, but how does he make that pay in just two moves?

Black to play and win.

New Season’s County Match Results (27.10.2012.)

Last weekend saw the start of the new Inter-County season, with Somerset drawing 8-8 against Hampshire, and Cornwall losing by the odd point to Gloucestershire.

Somerset names first in each pairing:  

1. J. Rudd 1-0 J. Tambini; 2. D. Buckley 0-1 M. Yeo; 3. P. Krzyzanowski1-0 I. Thompson; 4. D. Littlejohns½-½ D. Tunks; 5. A. Wong 0-1 A. McDougall; 6. P. Chaplin 1-0 O. Gill; 7. A. Footner 0-1 W. McDougall; 8. D. Painter ½-½    D. Fowler; 9. C. Purry ½-½ S. Knox; 10. N. Senior 0-1 C. Bellers; 11. J. Fewkes ½-½ P. Cooper; 12. G.Jepps 1-0 I. Stipcevic; 13. C. McKinley ½-½ F.McLeod; 14. S. Pickard 0-1 R.Marsh; 15. A. Champion ½-½ T. Davis; 16. R. Knight 1-0 S. Smith. Totals 8-8.

Glos names first in each pairing.

1. D. Lambourne ½-½ J. Menadue; 2. J. Jenkins 0-1 M. Hassall; 3. P.Meade 1-0 L. Retallack; 4. D. Vaughan ½-½ S. Bartlett; 5. P. Dodwell 0-1 J. Wilman; 6. P. Denison 1-0 G.Trudeau; 7.G. Taylor (154) 0-1 C. Sellwood; 8. M. Claypole ½-½ J. Nicholas; 9. M. Ashworth ½-½ D. J. Jenkins; 10. R. Dixon 0-1 C. Reeves; 11.A. Walker ½-½ C. Long; 12. P. Baker 1-0 D. R. Jenkins; 13. A. Richards ½-½ A. Barkhuysen; 14. P. Bending ½-½ P. Spargo; 15.I. Blencowe ½-½ D. Lucas; 16. double default. Totals 7-8.

Rudd’s game featured a finely-calculated ending by White.

White. J. Rudd (220). Black: J. Tambini (203).

Nimzowitsch Defence [B00]

1.e4 Nc6 2.d4 e5 3.dxe5 Nxe5 4.f4 Nc6 5.Bc4 Bb4+ 6.c3 Ba5 7.Nf3 Bb6 8.Na3 d6 9.Qe2 Qe7 10.Bd3 Nf6 11.Nc4 0–0 12.Nxb6 axb6 13.0–0 Re8 14.Re1 d5 15.e5 Ng4 16.h3 Qc5+ 17.Kf1 Nh6 18.Be3 Qf8 19.Qc2 g6 20.g4 f5 21.exf6 Qxf6 22.f5 Nf7 23.g5 Qd6 24.Bf4 Nfe5 25.Nxe5 Nxe5 26.Qh2 Qf8 27.Rxe5 Rxe5 28.Bxe5 Bxf5 29.Bxf5 Qxf5+ 30.Kg1 Qxg5+ 31.Qg3 Qxg3+ 32.Bxg3 c6 33.a3 Kf7 34.Rf1+ Ke6 35.Bh4 Ra4 36.Bg5 Re4 37.Kf2 Kf5 38.Bd2 g5 39.Kg3+ Kg6 40.Re1 Rxe1 41.Bxe1 Kf5 42.Kf3 h5 43.a4 g4+ 44.hxg4+ hxg4+ 45.Ke3 Ke6 46.Bg3 Kd7 47.Kd4 Ke6 48.b4 Kd7 49.a5 c5+ 50.Kxd5 Kc8 51.Ke6 cxb4 52.cxb4 bxa5 53.bxa5 b5 54.a6 If 54.axb6 Kb7 ensuring a draw. 54…b4 55.Kd5 b3 56.Kc6 b2 57.a7 1–0.

Last week’s position ended with Black’s unanswerable combination 1…Qh1+ 2.Bxh1 Nh2+ 3.Ke1 Rg1+.

Here’s an ending from Wenman’s little book “100 Remarkable Endings” in which the great American master, Marshall loses in 14 moves to Alapin (W). What remarkable 2 move combination did White play to force the win?

White to play and win.

Somerset & Hants Lose in Semi-Finals (09.06.2012.)

The Westcountry’s two remaining teams in the Inter-County Championship were both eliminated in the Semi-Finals on Saturday. In the Open Section, Somerset were edged out by Middlesex 7½-8½ with a remarkable set of individual results. Of the 16 games, Somerset won the top 8 boards by 6½-1½, but could only muster 2 draws on boards 9 – 16.

In the Minor Counties competition, Hampshire lost 7-9 to Hertfordshire, their only winners being Mike Yeo, Dominic Tunks and Andy Manning.

Time now to look forward to next season’s matches, which have been scheduled as follows:

Sun. 16th Sept. 2012: Inter-County Jamboree at Taunton.

Sat 20th Oct. 2012 – Rd. 1: Glos v Cornwall: Devon v Dorset & Somerset v Hants.

Sat. 1st Dec. 2012 – Rd. 2: Devon v Cornwall; Hants v Glos & Dorset v Somerset.

Sat. 19th Jan 2013 – Rd. 3: Hants v Devon; Glos v Somerset & Cornwall bye.

Sat. 9th Feb 2013 – Rd. 4: Cornwall v Hants; Somerset v Devon; Glos bye.       

Sat. 9th March 2013 – Rd. 5: Devon v Glos; Dorset v Hants & Cornwall v Somerset.

In spite of their recent Quarter-Final loss to Surrey, Devon were first to register a win with this miniature. The moral is that if one is going to stray from the beaten track of known theory, one should be all the better prepared.

White: Dr. D. A.Toms (153). Black: M. Turowski (141).

Scandinavian Defence [B01].

1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 3.Nc3 Qe5+ 3…Qa5 is almost always played here. 4.Qe2 As White was already a half hour behind on the clock having arrived at the venue late, he was happy to speed up the simplifying process. 4…Qf6? Unsurprisingly, there is no game on record where this move has been made – it has little to commend it. 5.Nf3 Bg4? White is unsure what’s going on here, but is happy to play along and see where it leads 6.Qb5+ Bd7 Another golden rule broken – unnecessarily moving the same piece twice in the opening. 6…Qc6 allows 7.Ne5 Qxb5 8.Nxb5 Na6 9.Nxg4 winning a piece. 7.Qxb7 Bc6??  8.Qc8# 1–0.

Last week’s problem was solved by 1.Rh2+! Kf3. 2.Rf2 mate.

This position arose earlier this year in a game between Stuart Conquest (W) and Bath’s David Buckley. Both players have lost only a pawn each, but Black’s defence is in a terrible tangle. How did Conquest take full advantage?

White to play and win quickly.