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11th Seniors Congress – Local Press Coverage.

The Exeter-based Express & Echo covers most of East Devon, and every week includes a supplement specially dedicated to that area. This included coverage of last week’s Seniors Congress, seen below. They couldn’t resist the “Pawn Stars” pun, but the coverage is welcome, and the photograph excellent. Reporter:: Fran McElhone. Photographer:: Matt Minshull.

On the left in checkered shirt is regular attendee, Mike Wiltshire, who runs an insurance company in Dartford, Kent, but who has in-laws in Exmouth. He was recently appointed President of Chess Collectors International, a world-wide group of folk who specialise in collecting fine chess sets.

Next to him is another regular entrant of the Seniors, Dr. Robert Alphonsis Ryan, Irish by birth, he was formerly a GP in Derbyshire before retiring to Lyme Regis.

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