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Torbay vs Exeter League Match (31.10.2009.)

The match between the Torbay and Exeter Leagues on Sunday was originally intended to have been over 40 boards, but a combination of player availability and swine flu restricted it to 32-a-side. The teams were well-matched in strength and the early results found the teams tied at 10-all, but the last 12 games to finish went mostly to the home side,  winning by 18½ – 13½..

This was the game on top board.

White: Andy Dunn (181). Black: Brian Hewson (184).

Scandinavian Defence [B01]

1.e4 d5 2.Nc3 d4 3.Nce2 c5 4.Ng3 Nc6 5.Nf3 g6 6.Bc4 Qd6 7.d3 h6 8.e5 White gambits a key pawn in the hope of counter play with his pieces. 8…Nxe5 9.Ne4 Qc7 10.Bf4 Bg7 11.Bb5+ Kf8 (if 11…Bd7 12.Bxd7+ Kxd7 and the King is forced to join the fray in the centre). 12.0–0 Nxf3+ (Not 12…Bg4 13.Nxe5 Bxd1 14.Nxg6+ fxg6 15.Bxc7 Rc8 16.Bf4 Bg4 (not 16…Bxc2 17.Rac1 winning the bishop). 13.Qxf3 e5 14.Bg3 Be6 15.Bc4 Bxc4 16.dxc4 Ne7 17.Nf6 Rd8 (if 17…Nf5 18.Bxe5! Qxe5 19.Nd7+) 18.Rfe1 Qc6 19.Bxe5 Qxf3 20.gxf3 g5 (If Black had played 20…Nc6 White had a forced mate, thus 21.Bd6+ Rxd6 22.Re8#) 21.Nh5 Bxe5 22.Rxe5 b6 23.Rae1 Ng6 24.Rd5 Re8 25.Kf1 Rxe1+ 26.Kxe1 Ke7 27.Kd2 Rd8 28.Rxd8 Kxd8 29.Ng7 Now it is Black’s knight that does the telling damage. 29…Ne5 30.Nf5 Nxc4+ 31.Kd3 Nxb2+ 32.Ke4 Nc4 33.Nxh6 Ke7 34.Kf5 Na3 35.Kxg5 Nxc2 and White’s flag fell with one move to make, but Black’s advanced d- pawn cannot be stopped. 0–1

Somerset’s team has been strengthened this season by the arrival at Bath University of Chris Dorrington, who was British U-12 joint champion a decade ago, and now graded 221 has pushed Jack Rudd down a place in the team. In their recent 1st round match against Hampshire, they won the top six games 5-1 but lost further down the order and the match finished 8-all. The start was delayed by an hour as Somerset forgot to take their equipment.

Cornwall defaulted their match against Glos, so it was a jittery start to the new inter-county season.

Last week’s problem by Denys Bonner was solved by 1.Qxf6! which deserves its exclamation mark, if not two. There is no immediate threat, but every Black move permits a mate. e.g. If 1…exf6 2.Re8 mate because the knight is now pinned. If 1…gxf6 2.Ne6 mate as the King can no longer flee to the g-file. If 1…Rxf6 2.hxg7 mate, and if 1…Kg7 2.Qxg7 mate as the rook is now pinned. The work of a master composer, but this week’s 2-mover is a little easier.