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Paignton Congress Day 5

Paignton 2012 has pioneered the English Chess Federation’s new Membership Scheme, which has been two or three years in the making and finally came into force on 1st September, with Paignton starting the very next day. It is perhaps a little too complicated to fully explain here, but most players seem to have taken it on board, and new members are signing up in droves every day.

To some extent, it has been the brainchild of the ECF’s Executive Director, Andrew Farthing; at least, he has been the midwife present at the birth. He had planned to play at Paignton and had paid his entry fee, but the past few weeks, with the birth immanent, have taken their toll on Andrew, and although he has taken the holiday, he feels his constitution is not up to a strenuous 7-round event like this. But he has been around the place most days, enjoying the ambience.

Andrew was brought up in Cheltenham, home to, among other things, a chess club with a rich history. He was born there in 1964 and attended Cheltenham Grammar School. He first went to the town chess club at the age of 11, a shy, quiet child entering a smoke-filled room of elderly gentlemen, too involved in their own game to pay him any heed. Eventually, one old cove came up, put him at ease and had a game with him, even letting him get away with a draw. That man, he was to learn later, was none other than Dr. Jim Aitken,  many times Scottish and West of England Champion.

Andrew went  up to Oxford University to read Modern Languages. On going down, he put all that to one side and joined Lloyds Bank, where he rapidly worked his way up through the ranks, eventually being able to retire at the age of 48 to devote himself to voluntary work such as, though not exclusively, the ECF.

He is due to step down in October when he will have completed 2 years in office. The new Membership Scheme, putting the ECF on a sounder financial footing, in the wake of the withdrawal of the annual government grant, will be his legacy. After retirement he will be able to get back to playing chess in c. 15 congresses  and 130 games per year.

Andrew relaxing on the South Terrace.

Backed by the magnificent south facade.

 In the afternoon, Arkell held Berry with Black to remain clear 1st, while Harari’s good run continued to put him in clear 3rd. Here are the full details. 

Bd   Paignton     Premier  
    Rd. 5        
1 (3½) S. Berry ½ ½ K. C. Arkell (4)
2 (3) R. A. Bates 0 1 Z. Harari (2½)
3 (2) S. P. Dilleigh ½ ½ D. Mackle (2½)
4 (2) D. Ledger 1 0 M. J. Simons (2)
5 (2) D. B. Rosen 1 0 J. Burnett (2)
6 (2) R. A. Barton ½ ½ J. F. Wheeler (2)
7 (1½) D. A. Cutmore ½ ½ D. O. Collier (1½)
8 (1½) A. M. Stone 1 0 M. Healey (1½)
9 (1½) P. R. Kemp 1 0 G. Bolt (1½)
10 (1½) J. Hodgson ½ ½ J. C. Wells (1½)
11 (1½) A. M. Brown 1 0 C. Archer-Lock (1½)
12 (1½) J. P. McKenna 1 0 A. Pickersgill (1½)
13 (1½) A. Crombleholme 1 0 J. W. Waterfield (1½)
14 (1½) I. Lewyk ½ ½ R. J. Webster (1½)
15 (1½) D. Littlejohns ½ ½ T. Spanton (1½)
16 (1½) K. D. Gregory ½ ½ A. Archer-Lock (1½)
17 (1) N. Mahoney 0 1 J. W. Bass (½)
18 (1) M. J. Cutmore 1 0 J. E. Hickman (½)
19 (1) A. W. Brusey ½ ½ C. Herda (½)
20 (½) S. J. Burke 0 1 J. Coburn (½)
21 (0) G. P. Taylor 1 0 M. Shaw (½)
22 (½) bye   1 P. L. Cheshire (0)

Access the games here ▼

Devon CCA A.G.M. 2012

The Devon Association held its postponed AGM at the Met Office, Exeter on Friday 15th June.

(1) ECF Membership Scheme:

The main focus of interest  lay in how the Association should approach the ECF’s new Membership Scheme, due to replace its Game Fee system on 1st September 2012. Under this new regime, players are urged to enter at one of 4 levels; i.e. (a) Bronze level (costing £12 net per person per annum) which would cover the grading of all games played in clubs, leagues and county matches. (b) Silver level, (costing £18 net per person per annum) would include all these plus games played in congresses. (c) Gold level (£26 net) would include FIDE-rated event, like the Paignton Premier, and (d) Platinum level (£60) for those wishing to go the extra mile in their support for the work of the ECF.

No one is obliged to enter the scheme at all, but non-members will be charged a punitive £2.00 per game graded, so non-members playing more than 6 games per year would be out of pocket. It makes financial sense, therefore, for active players to become Members. However, to leave this purely up to individuals (the laissez-faire option) invites an administrative nightmare at best, and chaos at worst, as already over-worked unpaid officials everywhere would have to sort out what to do in cases where Members play non-Members, and after identifying them, how much money to claim off whom, and how and when etc. etc.

It was agreed unanimously that all Devon-affiliated clubs should incorporate the £12 Bronze level membership fee into their annual subscriptions, so that all club members are automatically ECF Members, thus eliminating all the above paperwork and hassle. This is not quite so much as it sounds at first, as clubs will not have to pay Game Fee as they have in the past.

So, to be a member of a Devon club is to be a ECF Member (Bronze level). It will be up to individual clubs to compile a list of its own members and fill in an ECF-generated form giving all the members’ details they require and paying the moneys due.

Congress organisers will have to devise their own way of ensuring whether entrants need to upgrade to Silver membership. Some may automatically incorporate the extra £6 into their entry fee, and be prepared to refund this to any player able to demonstrate their prior Silver Membership.

(2) Paignton Congress: The other item of interest and concern lay with the future of the Paignton Congress. Its Secretary, Alan Crickmore, had been in contact with the MD of the Akkeron Group, the company who had been negiotiating with Torbay Council for the purchase of the Oldway Mansion and estate, and had learned that the project had moved on apace. The developers will be ready to move their men in soon after this year’s Congress. In contrast to what they had said earlier, they plan to tackle the mansion itself first, turning it into a hotel, with rooms in the main building and the Rotunda. Thus, there will definitely not be a Paignton Congress in 2013. The new owners have indicated that the Ballroom will be available for Congress again in 2014, but whether their hire charge will be sustainable remains to be seen. Without being defeatist we may have to be prepared to find that this year’s Congress is the last.

(1) Competitions & Prizegiving:

The team competitions were very much the Tiverton and Newton Abbot show, as evidenced by the photographs below, with Exmouth putting up a good challenge in those sections they entered.

  Bremridge Div. 1 1 2 3 4 5 F A Tot.
1 Newton Abbot 2 2 2 2 18½ 8
2 Tiverton 0 2 2 2 13 11 6
3 Exmouth 0 0 2 2 12 12 4
4 Exeter 0 0 0 1 10 14 1
5 Teignmouth 0 0 0 1 17½ 1


  Mamhead Div. 2 1 2 3 4 5 F A Tot.
1 Tiverton 2 1 2 1 10½ 6
2 Exmouth 0 2 1 2 9 7 5
3 Barnstaple 1 0 2 1 4
4 Teignmouth 0 1 0 2 6 10 3
5 Newton Abbot 1 0 1 0 7 9 2


  Schofield Div. 3 1 1a 2 2a 3 3a F A Tot.
1 Newton Abbot 2 1 2 2 11 5 7
2 Teignmouth 0 1 1 1 3
3 Tiverton 0 0 1 1 2


  Moyle Div. 4 1 2 3 4 F A Tot.
1 Tiverton 2 2 2 8 4 6
2 Newton Abbot 0 1 2 6 6 3
3 Exeter 0 1 2 3
4 Teignmouth 0 0 0 0


  RapidPlay 1 1a 2 2a 3 3a F A Tot.
1 Exmouth 1 2 2 2 18 14 7
2 Tiverton 0 1 2 1 4
3 Seaton 0 0 1 0 1


  Individual Champions Club  
1 Open John Stephens Exmouth  
2 Intermediate Oliver Wensley Exmouth  
3 Minor Tony Tatam Plymouth  
    Ken Alexander Tiverton  
4 Ladies Jacqui Barber-Lafon Newton Abbot  


General Secretary Alan Maynard presents the Bremridge Cup to Trefor Thynne of Newton Abbot.

Trefor Thynne presents the Mamhead Cup (Div.2) to Alan Maynard of the Tiverton Club.

The Schofield Cup (Div. 3) went to Newton Abbot.

The Bloodworth Shield for junior teams went to Torquay Boys' Grammar School.