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Kaz Comes Clean (12.12.13.)

 The 5th London Chess Classic is on at Olympia all this week, with many of the world’s strongest players participating or simply hanging around, seeing who they can bump into.

Take Garry Kasparov, for instance, seen here left. He’s not here to play, but luckily he bumped into the Devon veteran player, Ivor Annetts of Tiverton, (seen here right) which gave Garry the chance to thank Ivor for all the help and encouragement he’d given him when young. He had to confess that without Ivor’s unfailing support and advice throughout the early years, he might not have gone on to win  all those World Championships. At least, that’s what Ivor tells me! You be the judge!

Kasparov meets Ivor The Terrible

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