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E. Devon League Prizegiving & Match

The Exeter & Dist. League’s annual prizegiving was held on Tuesday 4th June at the Manor Hotel, Exmouth, by the kind invitation of the owners.

This year was marked by having all the cups available at the same time for presentation. This was due entirely to the efforts of League President, Brian Aldwin and Secretary Tim Paulden, who have invested considerable time and energy in getting all the existing trophies engraved up-to-date, plus the purchase of 2 new trophies to replace lost ones. The reduction in the number of leagues from 4 to 2, has been compensated for by having extra prizes  in the new divisions – the equivalent of grading prizes in a congress.

The first business of the evening was to present the 6 cups. Photographs below

This was followed by the now-traditional match between the league clubs situated on the coast (Exmouth, Sidmouth & Seaton) and those inland (Exeter, Exeter Juniors, Tiverton & the Met Office), nicknamed the Coast V Country match. After a couple of last minute tweaks, two 18 player teams of very similar strength were produced, and battle commenced.

The Coast went into a 9-5 at one stage, on the verge of victory, but the Country got 2.5 pts from the last 4 games to finish, to haul back 1 point of the deficit. The final scores were as follows:

Bd. Coast Grd Club Country Grd Club
1 J. K. Stephens 191 Exmouth 1 0 Dr. D. Regis 181 Exeter
2 K. J. Hurst 174 Sidmouth 1 0 Dr. T. Paulden 177 Exeter
3 Dr. D. A. Toms 161 Sidmouth 0 1 G. Body 162 Exeter
4 B. G. Gosling 154 Exmouth 1 0 J. Duckham 155 Tiverton
5 S. Martin 152 Sidmouth 0 1 I. S. Annetts 152 Tiverton
6 T. Bons 135e   ½ ½ W. Marjoram 146 Exeter
7 C. J. Scott 135 Exmouth 1 0 l. Ten Holter 100 Exeter
8 M. Belt 136 Exmouth 1 0 J. Knowles 128 Tiverton
9 R. H. Jones 128 Exmouth 0 1 E. Palmer 126 Exeter
10 A. Dowse 123 Seaton ½ ½ J. Waley 123 Exeter
11 G. Susevee 121 Sidmouth 1 0 G. J. Jenkins 118 Exeter
12 F. R. Hodge 108 Exmouth 1 0 R. Scholes 109 Exeter
13 Mrs. H. Welch 104 Seaton 0 1 R. Whittington 106 Exeter
14 S. Blake 100 Exmouth ½ ½ R. Player 100 Exeter
15 M. Haines   96 Seaton ½ ½ T. Finch   98 Exeter
16 T. Badlan   88 Exmouth ½ ½ A. Brinkley   85 Tiverton
17 G. Susevee   89 Sidmouth 1 0 J. Wheadon   83  
18 T. Murray   70   0 1 B. Aldwin 100 Exeter
  Totals 2265   10½   2249  

The games scores will shortly become avaiable on the League section of the Exeter Club website.

Unusually, a full set of trophies.

Ivor Annetts receiving the Championship trophy, the Cottew Cup; the 1st time Tiverton have ever won it.

The old 2nd Div. trophy, the Turner Cup, now used as a grading prize in Div. 1, won by Sidmouth City, captained by team captain, Kevin Hurst.

Seaton won Div. 2 (the Championship), the Polsloe Cup here collected by Hazel Welch.

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