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Devon’s Inter-Area Jamboree NOT Cancelled.

Devon’s annual Inter-Area Jamboree has found it difficult this year to attract the four teams from the 4 quarters of the county – North, South, East & West.  First of all, the North had to drop out, and then, in spite of great efforts to recruit 12 players, the East could only identify half that number and reluctantly had to pull out as well.

Due to a misunderstanding it was thought that as a result the whole event had been cancelled, but I am reliably informed that it will proceed as a straight match between South & West, rather than on a Jamboree basis. With the West team kindly acting as hosts, this will take place on Sunday 22nd January, the day after Devon’s match with Hampshire at Wincanton. This may have been a factor in making players in the East and North reluctant to turn out on consecutive days, with long journeys involved each time.

Even Devon county captain, Brian Hewson, with all the forward notice and careful planning he is noted for, is finding it hard to assemble a team strong enough to match that which Hampshire is likely to field on the 21st. as a growing number of his strongest players are unavailable. As he works down his list of contacts, even I am moving up the order of  possible contenders. Yes – it’s that bad!

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