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Chipping Sodbury RapidPlay Results (8th Nov. 2014) 813

The Chipping Sodbury RapidPlay was held recently at the Old Grammar School. The winners were as follows:

Open Section: 1st James Cobb (228) Bristol& Clifton 5/6 pts. 2nd= Chris Beaumont (214) Bristol & Clifton & Jerry Humphries Downend & Fishponds 4½.

Major Section (U-155): 1st= Andrew Munn (150) & David Tipper (143) both Downend & Fishponds, and David Dugdale (151) Thornbury all 4½.

Minor Section: Dorota Pacion (117) S. Bristol 5½. 2nd=  Jack Walpole (90) & Richard Port (113)  both University and Kevin Langmaid (112) Yate & Sodbury all 4 pts. Dorota Pacian was the only female player in the tournament.

While the 15th Beacon Seniors tournament was played out during the week, the World Seniors Championship was due to finish on Wednesday at Katerini, Greece. Millionaire chess player, Terry Chapman, had organised a team of four English players, himself incuded, to have a concerted effort for one of them to win the title.

This was the 8th round game between two of the contingent.

White: Keith Arkell (2450). Black: Mark Hebden (2540).

King’s Indian Defence [E62]

1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.d4 0–0 5.g3 d6 6.Bg2 Nc6 7.0–0 Rb8 8.b3 a6 9.Nd5 Nh5 10.Bb2 e6 11.Nc3 b5 12.d5 Ne7 13.dxe6 fxe6 14.c5 dxc5 15.Qc2 Nc6 16.Rad1 Nd4 17.Nxd4 cxd4 18.e3 e5 19.exd4 exd4 20.Nd5 d3 21.Qc1 Bf5 22.Bxg7 Nxg7 23.Qxc7 Qxc7 24.Nxc7 White has now won a pawn and has a distinct advantage considering Black’s isolated pawn and inferior piece placement. 24…a5 25.Nd5 Rf7 26.Ne3 Rd7 27.Rd2 a4 28.Nxf5 Nxf5 29.Rfd1 axb3 30.axb3 Black must lose at least one of his 2 queenside pawns. 30…Rbd8 31.Bc6 Rd4 32.Bxb5 Now the other must fall as well. 32…g5 33.Rxd3 Kg7 34.Kg2 R8d6 35.Rxd4 Nxd4 36.Bc4 Kf6 37.b4 Ke5 38.Re1+ Kf6 39.b5 Nf5 40.Rb1 Rb6 41.Bd3 Nd6 42.Rb4 h6 43.h4 Nf7 44.Ra4 Ke5 45.hxg5 hxg5 46.Ra6 Rb8 47.Rg6 Kd4 48.Be2 Ke5 49.Bc4 1–0. Now Black’s last pawn must go, leaving him in a hopeless position. Arkell won again in the next round, putting him in the joint lead with 2 games to play, and Hebden and Nunn just behind. The chances of having an English World Seniors Champion look good.

In last week’s miniature problem White wins by 1.Qg7! from where it can go to either a7 or a1 to give mate, depending on which way the Black king goes.

This position comes at the end of a blitz game earlier this year. White is 2 pawns down but might have winning chances; if only he had more than a few seconds to think about it…

White to mate in 2

15th Royal Beacon Seniors Congress – Final Day

Before play started there were the usual opening remarks, and on this occasion the focus was on our Controller, Ewart Smith, whose last event this was. Ten years ago, he had come in at short notice when the event’s orinator, Steve Boniface, had died about 2 weeks before the 6th Seniors was due to start. Ewart has since done the last 10 events, in additon to the Paignton, Torbay, Dorset and other congresses around the westcountry. He had spent a couple of years gradually cutting down on this workload, and this the final curtain. When asked to show their appreciation the players all gave him a fulsome round of applause that was clearly genuinely felt. He responded modestly before saying, for what we estimated was about the 500th time, “Start White’s clock”, and the final round was off. It finished as follows:- 

  “Juniors”           Rd. 5    
1 J. Wells 182 (2½) 0   1 I. Heppell 174 (3)
2 R. Wynarczyk 173 (2½) 1   0 S. Bartlett 169 (2½)
3 S. K. Dean 167 (2½) ½   ½ S. Dilleigh 182 (3)
4 T. F. Thynne 161 (2) 1   0 R. Burton 152 (2)
5 A. Brown 185 (2½) ½   ½ I. Cross 147 (2½)
6 I. McAllan 170 (1½) 1   0 M. Roberts 145 (1)
7 D. R. Rogers 158 (1) ½   ½ D. Sheppard 147 (1)
8 I. Blencowe 130 (1½) ½   ½ C. Sellwood 156 (1)
  M. Maber 99 (1½) ½   ½ D. Orr 127 (1½)

 It was Heppell, who had a win/win finish to draw ahead of a distinguished pack. Local player Steve Dean did well to thwart Steve Dilleigh who had had a good season to date. Ian Blencowe, who was the whipping boy last year (not that he minded that one bit) he was clearly building up experience for the future, and he came away declaring this was his best congress result ever, and he plays a lot of congresses.

In the seniors section, it was William G.  Adaway who took the honours. He retired to Dorset from the Home Counties 2 years ago, not having even thought about the game of his youth for 40 years. Then one day he walked past a hotel in Bridport High St. and by chance his eye caught sight of a notice beside the entrance saying the chess club met there. He was thus lured inside, and that was it -the chess virus was re-vitalised, and he has clearly lost little of his former skill. He admits his openings are rusty and several times he reached the middle game in difficulties, but then his old abilities kicked in. Perhaps opponents should be aware he was graded c. 200 in the early 1970s and has a draw on record against GM Bill Hartston in the 1972 Islington Open. Local player David Toms has undergone a series of illnesses in recent years, but is now back to a reasonable, stable state of health, and this showed itself in his 4 wins.

  Seniors 65+         Rd. 5    
1 W. Adaway 186 (3½) 1   0 A. Price 155 (3½)
2 D. A. Toms 151 (3) 1   0 A. Barton 170 (3)
3 R. Everson 164 (3) 1   0 J. Footner 145 (3)
4 B. Gosling 153 (2½) 1   0 M. Page 164 (3)
5 A. Footner 187 (2½) ½   ½ R. Gamble 161 (2½)
6 I. S. Annetts 162 (2) 1   0 K. Langmaid 112 (2½)
7 R. Hurn 125 (1) 0   1 D. Openshaw 155 (2)
8 J. Reinhardt 155 (2) ½   ½ A. Sherriff 153 (2)
9 A. Fraser 105 (2) 0   1 P. Morton 152 (2)
10 R. Scowen 152 (2) 1   0 R. Waters 112 (2)
11 O. Namouk 140 (2) 1   0 P. Lucas 96 (2)
12 P. Errington 134 (2) ½   ½ M. Kaye 91 (2)
13 H. Welch 96 (2) 0   1 B. Sandercock 80 (2)
14 P. Carrick 94 (1) 0   1 R. Smith 127 (2)
15 T. Maloney 70 (½) ½   ½ J. Clapp 122 (1½)
16 F. Day 96 (1) 0   1 N. F. Tidy 135 (1)
17 J. Robertson 130 (1) 0   1 R. Cox 80 (1)
18 D. Burt 112 (1) 1   0 R. Curtis 106 (½)
19 P. Gordon 118 (2) 1   0 J. Shaddick 142 (2)

 Prizes were awarded to 30 of the 58 players, as follows:-

Prize List

Seniors 65+ :

  1st     William Adaway        186     Bridport          4½/5

  2nd     Robert Everson        164     Dartford         4

Grading prizes:

U-155:  1st      Dr. David Toms        151     Sidmouth       4

U-140:  1st=   Philip Gordon            118     Braille CA

                       Barry Sandercock     130     Chalfont

                       Richard Smith           127     Barnstaple all 3 pts.

 U-115: 1st=    Mike Kaye                   91     Weymouth

                       Kevin Langmaid        112     Yateboth        2½ pts.

 Slow starter (0/2)

            `          Peter Carrick               94     Bath

                       Peter Lucas                96     Sussex

                       Norman Tidy             135     Teignmouth all 2 pts 

Special book prizes were awarded to everyone reaching 3 points or more, yet not qualifying for the above list. 

Ivor Annetts 162 Tiverton   Peter Morton 152 Hammersmith
Alan Barton 170 St. Leonards   Omer Namouk 140 Hastings
Andrew Footner 187 Yeovil   David Openshaw 155 Cavendish
John Footner 145 Telford   Martin Page 163 Insurance
Ray Gamble 161 Derby   Andrew Price 155 Leamington
Brian Gosling 153 E. Budleigh   Roger Scowen 152 Middx

 “Juniors” 50 – 64:

1st                   Ian Heppell                174                 Wimbledon    4 pts

2nd=                Steve Dilleigh            182                 Horfield both 3½

Ray Wynarczyk         173                 Newcastle upon Tyne

 Grading prize:

U-165:                       Trefor Thynne              161                 Newton Abbot 3pts 

Slow starter (½/0)     Ian Cross                   147                 Harrow           3 pts 

Book prizes to :         Alan Brown                185                 Northampton

Steve Dean                167                 Seaton 

Bd. J1: Steve Dean (W) did well to draw with Steve Dilleigh who would have been fancying reaching 4 pts.

Ian Heppell (about to move) finished Win Win to emerge from a pack on 2/3 pts to come clear 1st. In the background Simn Bartlett is about to blunder in the opening, losing quickly.

Rogers vs Sheppard (nearest) and McAllan vs Roberts.

Bd. S1 The joint leaders, Adaway (W) and Price, meet in the top Seniors game.

Two White wins in prospect here for Gosling and Everson.

Footner, A vs Gamble and Annetts vs Langmaid.

General view of the Seniors section - Reinhardt vs Sherriff nearest.

Norman Tidy will need more books than that to get up to Reg Cox's height, but at least they were level on points (2/5).