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Devon Vs Glos Result (30.11.2013.)

Devon beat Gloucestershire in their match in West Buckland at the weekend, but not by the margin that their overall superior strength might have suggested, the score being 9½-6½. Here are the details – Devon names first.

1.D. Mackle 0-1 J. Stewart.

2.K. W. Derrick 0-1 N. Hosken.

3.A. Boyne 1-0 D. Lambourne.

4.J. K. Stephens 0-1 J. Jenkins.

5.S. J. Homer 1-0 M. Ashworth.

6.D. Regis 0-1 P. J. Meade.

7.A. W. Brusey ½-½ P. Dodwell.

8.J. Underwood 1-0 G. Taylor.

9.M. Shaw ½-½ A. Walker.

10.B. W. R. Hewson ½-½ B. Whitelaw.

11. T. F. Thynne 1-0 P. Baker.

12.P. Brooks 1-0 J. Carterer.

13.G. Body ½-½ A. Richards.

14.W. Ingham 1-0 R. Ashworth.

15.N. Rahimili ½-½ I. Blencowe

16.S. Martin 1-0 P. Bending.

Former Gloucestershire Captain and Bristol League President, Ken Derrick, plays for Devon these days, but provided a bright spot for his former county.

White: N. Hosken (191). Black: K. W.   Derrick (206).

Dutch Defence – Leningrad System.

Notes by Ken Derrick.

1.d4 d6 2.Nf3 g6 3.c4 Bg7 4.g3 f5 5.Bg2 Nf6 6.b3 0–0 7.Bb2 c6 8.0–0 Re8 9.Qc2 Nbd7 10.Nbd2 e5 11.dxe5 dxe5 12.e4 Challenging Black’s “Dutch” f5 pawn. 12…Nc5 12…fxe4 13.Nxe4 Nxe4 14.Qxe4 Nc5 seems to be a playable alternative. 13.Rad1 Qc7 14.Nh4 Nfxe4 15.Nxe4 Nxe4 16.Bxe4 fxe4 17.Qxe4 Bh3 18.Rfe1 Rad8 19.Nf3 Bf5 20.Qe3 Rxd1 21.Rxd1 Bg4 22.Re1 e4 Black had planned 22…Bxf3 23.Qxf3 Qa5 with good counterplay, but couldn’t bring himself to swap off his good bishop. The text accepts the loss of the e-pawn in the hope of benefitting from the weak white squares around the king. 23.Bxg7 Qxg7 24.Nd2 Bf5 25.f3 Bringing further pressure against the isolated pawn. 25…Qb2 26.a4? 26.Nxe4 was better. 26…Rd8? Too hasty – missing the chance to justify his 22nd move. If 26…Bh3! the e4 pawn cannot be taken. 27.Nxe4 Bxe4 28.Qxe4 Rf8 Black could not regain his pawn with 28…Qxb3 because he would lose his rook to 29.Qe6+ Kf8 (Or 29…Kh8 30.Qf6+) 30.Qe7+; 28…Rd2?? hands White a forced mate. 29.Qe3 Qf6 30.Kg2 Kg7 31.Qe5 Rf7 32.f4 Rd7 33.Kf3 Rd3+ 34.Re3 Rxe3+?? 35. Kxe3 1-0 Lack of time caused this oversight. The resulting K+P ending is an easy win for White.

Last week’s 2-mover was solved by 1.Ba7! threatening 2.RxR mate, and if 1…RxR then 2. PxR=Q mate.

In this position, White is 2 pieces down, but at least his forces are active. Can he force the issue before Black completes his piece development?

White to play and win quickly

Seaton Players Move Ahead

Have just taken delivery of the latest edition of East Devon Connect, a 24 page magazine published by the EDDC, designed to put a positive slant on community life within their area, in the wake of rate-capping, spending cuts etc. Exmouth, as the largest town in Devon under DCC control, can usually guarantee a good deal of  coverage, but this issue has a one page feature on Seaton, under the heading “Regenerating Seaton”. Interestingly, half the page consists of the photograph below, featuring two unnamed chess players using some newly acquired boards on the sea-front. No reference is made to them in the text beneath, however, and it would be easy to assume these are just 2 unwary members of the public, nabbed by the photographer as they passed by. Those in the know, however, will recognise them as Ken Alexander and Hazel Welch, both long-time members of the Seaton Chess Club.

Anyway, it’s refreshing to see chess being featured as a focal point of urban regeneration. Well done, Seaton!

Hazel Welch and Ken Alexander lock horns in Jubilee Gardens.


Tour of Britain - start of Stage 6 in Sidmouth - is featured on the cover.

Torbay Congress Results (23.11.2013.)

The Torbay Congress finished on Sunday evening with an overall win by local player Alan Brusey, who accepted the offer of a place in next year’s British Championship. The other prizewinners were as follows (all points out of 5):-

Open Section: 1st A. Brusey (Teignmouth). 4. 2nd= J. Stephens (Exmouth) & S. Homer (Newton Abbot) both 3½. Grading prizes:

(U-186) B. Macreamoinn. (U-174) M. Shaw (Exmouth) & T. Slade (Barnstaple) both 3.

Major Section (U-170): 1st= B. O’Gorman (DHSS); R. Greatorex (Llangollen) & D. Cordner (Cosham) all 4. Grading prizes (U-159): A. Dunn (Torquay) 3½. (U-149) C. Keen (Exeter) 3½.

Intermediate Section (U-140): 1st T. V. Greenaway (Torquay)   4½. 2nd= P. Brackner (Dorchester); M. Hill (Liskeard) & S. Woolgar (Hanham) all 3½. Grading prizes (U-130): K. Langmaid (Yate); R. Ludlow (Trowbridge) both 3½. (U-123) R. Whittington (Exeter) 3.

Minor Section (U-120): 1st=                    C. Gardiner (Newmarket): W. Pope (Liskeard): P. McConnell (St. Albans) & D. Saint (Patchway) all 4.  Grading prizes (U-108): E. Kelly (Exeter).  (U-101) D. Healey (Watford) & C. Bennett (Portsmouth); J. Carr (Berkhemsted).

This game came from the final round.

White: J. Stephens (190). Black: M. Shaw (172).

Alekhine’s Defence  [B03]

1.e4 Nf6 Alekhine’s idea was to lure White’s pawns forward before attacking them. 2.e5 Nd5 3.c4 Nb6 4.d4 d6 5.f4 The 4 Pawns Attack – the most uncompromising line. 5…g6

6.Nc3 Bg7 7.Be3 0–0 8.Nf3 Bf5 9.Bd3 Bxd3 10.Qxd3 Nc6 11.Qe2 e6 12.0–0 d5 13.b3 Ne7 14.Bf2 Qd7 15.c5 Nbc8 16.Qb5 Qxb5 17.Nxb5 a6 18.Nxc7 and the knight never shifts from c7. 18…Rb8 19.b4 Na7 20.b5 Rfc8 21.b6 Nac6 With all of Black’s pieces tied up, White can afford the luxury of a kingside attack. 22.g4 h5 23.h3 Bh6 24.Be3 Nb4 25.Ne1 Kh7 26.a3 Nbc6 27.Ra2 Na5 28.Raf2 Nc4 29.Bc1 Rg8 30.Nf3 Nc6 31.Rd1 Bf8 32.Ng5+ Kg7 33.f5 gxf5 34.gxf5 exf5 35.Rxf5 There is little Black can now do to stem White’s attack. 35…Nxd4 36.Rxf7+ Kh8 37.Rh7# 1–0

Last week’s game ended with the following sacrificial attack. 20.Rxg6+ Bxg6 21.Rxg6+ Kf7 22.Rf6+ Kg8 If 22…Ke8 23.Rxe6 23.Rxe6 Qh7 24.Qg5+ Kf7 25.Bxf5 Bringing a 3rd piece into the attack. 25…Qg7 26.Qh5+ Kg8 27.Rg6 Rfe8 28.Rxg7+ Kxg7 29.Qh7+ Kf8 30.Bg6 Nd8 31.Qh8+ 1–0

This week’s position is a simple 2-mover.

White to play & mate in 2

47th Torbay Congress (17.11.13)

After 25 years of being held at Torquay’s Riviera Centre, circumstances forced a change of venue for this year, reverting to the Toorak Hotel, just over the road.

The Open Section was contested right up to the very last minute, with Alan Brusey and Steve Homer on top board, battling it out in a game of swinging fortunes in an otherwise empty room. In a complex endgame, it came down to Homer’s rook & knight facing a rook and 4 pawns. He managed to give up the knight for 3 pawns, but the 4th proved too much. In the end his flag fell in a lost position.

Alan Brusey thus won the Open and accepted the offer of a place in the 2014 British Championship in Wales.

The full list of prizewinners is as follows:-

Open Name Grd Club pts  
1st A. W. Brusey 181 Teignmouth 4 £250
2nd= J. K. Stephens 190 Exmouth £125
  S. J. Homer 188 Newton Abbot £125
U-186 B. Macreamoinn 178 Salisbury 3 £30
U-174 M. Shaw 172 Exmouth 3 £15
  T. Slade 162 Barnstaple 3 £15
1st= B. O’Gorman 154 DHSS 4 £74
  R. Greatorex 155 Llangollen 4 £74
  D. Cordner 168 Cosham 4 £74
U-159 A. Dunn 157 Torquay £30
U-149 C. E. Keen 140 Exeter £30
1st T. V. Greenaway 130 Torquay  
2nd= P. Brackner 135 Dorchester £28
  M. Hill 134 Liskeard £28
  S. Woolgar 130 Hanham £28
(U-130 K. Langmaid 123 Yate £28
  R Ludlow 124 Trowbridge £28
(U-123) R. Whittington 122 Exeter Juniors 3 £30
1st= C. Gardiner 113 Newmarket 4 £60
  W. Pope 107 Liseard 4 £60
  P. McConnell 107 St. Albans 4 £60
  D. Saint u/g Patchway 4 £60
(U-108) E. Kelly 105 Exeter Juniors   £30
(U-101) D. Healey 95 Watford   £10
  C. Bennett 100 Portsmouth   £10
  J. Carr 79 Berkhemsted   £10


The top 2 sections - Annetts V Wilby nearest.

Minor Section (l) & Intermediate

Bd. 1 in the Open - Brusey VS Homer. The game finished in an empty hall with a win for White, after many vicissitudes.

Stephens V Shaw - clubmates, but no other pairing options were available.


Thynne (r) got a winning position but failed to capitalise and Charlie Keen needed no encouragement to hit back and win.

Seniors Congress Prizelist and a game. (16.11.2013.)

The Torbay Congress started on Friday evening at the Toorak Hotel, Torquay and finishes tomorrow evening. Prizewinners will be listed here next week.

The World Championship is now well under way in Chennai, India, between the holder Vishy Anand and Norway’s Magnus Carlsen, but the first 2 games were fairly anodyne draws. The excitement will doubtless mount as time goes on.

The 14th Beacon Seniors Congress finished last Friday with the winners being as follows:- (all scores out of 5).

Seniors Section: 1st Jim Burnett (196 –  Doncaster) 4½. 2nd= Ken Norman (189 – Wokingham) & Raymond Gamble (165 – Derby) both 4. Grading prizes U-155: Ivor Annetts (152 – Tiverton) 3½ & Brian Gosling (151 – Exmouth) both 3½. U-120: 1st= Joseph Clapp (109 – Norton Radstock); Alan Fraser (102 – Beckenham) & Peter Carrick (91 – Bath) all 2½. Slow Starters: (0/2): 1st= Ronnie Burton (Weymouth); Mike Kaye (Dorchester) & Hazel Welch (Seaton) all 2. Best over 75 yrs:  1st Alan Sherriff (127 – Dartford) 2½.

“Junior” Section (50-somethings):

1st= Simon Bartlett (174 – Newquay) & Alan Brown (186 – Northampton) both 3½. Grading Prize U-165: Dave Rogers (149 – Exmouth) 3.

The following game was played in the final round and lifted the winner into the prizelist.

White: I. S. Annetts. Black: P. Wood.

French Defence – Advance Variation  [C02].

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5 4.c3 Nc6 5.Nf3 Nge7 6.Na3 cxd4 7.cxd4 Nf5 8.Nc2 Be7 9.Bd3 0–0 10.g4 The idea is to sacrifice this pawn for an attack. 10…Nh4 11.Nxh4 Bxh4 12.g5 Bxg5 13.Qh5 h6 13…g6 wins a piece. 14.Qxg5 14.Rg1 Bxc1 15.Rxc1 f5 16.Qxh6 White had actually seen all this before and had used less than 5 minutes with Black having used 45. 16…Qe7? In Sveshnikov v Farago, Hastings, 1984, Black played 16…Rf7 which computer analysis puts as approximately level, whereas the text move loses. 17.Ke2 As often in the French, Black’s QB & QR are untouched when needed. 17…Bd7 18.Rg3 White’s attack is overwhelming. 18…Be8 19.Rcg1 White is now all poised and ready for the “big push”. 19…g6 which takes us to this week’s position. Can you work out the winning sequence of moves that took White to ultimate victory?

In last week’s position, Dave Collier played 1.Re8+! and Black has to lose either his rook or queen.

White to play and win.

Mamhead Cup – Div. 2 Exmouth vs Tiverton (09.11.2013.)

Exmouth’s first match of the season was a home encounter vs Tiverton. It involves 4 players whose grades total U-640, and on this occasion the teams could hardly have been more closely matched.

Exmouth lost the toss, and it went downhill from there on. First, Simon Bartlett, who has been having an excellent spell in recent months, overcame his opponent in 26 moves. Steve Murray lost a piece on move 15 and Duckham gradually got a stranglehold on the position, not allowing his opponent any counter-play. This left Abbott and Gosling trying to rescue the match without having any positional or material advantages, much too tall an order given the strength of the opposition. Eventually, both did well to hang on for a draw at about the 50-move mark.

  Devon Div. 2       Mamhead Cup  
  Exmouth Grd     Tiverton Grd
1 Meyrick Shaw 172 0 1 Simon Bartlett 174
2 Mark Abbott 165 ½ ½ Brian Hewson 165
3 Brian Gosling 151 ½ ½ Ivor Annetts 152
4 Steve Murray 148 0 1 Jon Duckham 146
  Totals 636 1 3   637


Bartlett - Shaw (nearest)

The Tiverton team (facing)

Heads down for a battle of wits.

Royal Beacon Seniors – A Likely Winner (09.11.13.)

The Beacon Seniors Congress finished yesterday afternoon. Jim Burnett of Doncaster was a new face on the local scene and looked impregnable early on and a likely winner. Here are his first 2 games.

White: R. Scowen (159). Black: J. Burnett (196).

French Defence [C02]

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5 4.c3 Nc6 5.Nf3 Bd7 6.Be2 Nge7 7.0–0 Ng6 8.b3 Be7 9.Ba3? There is no possibility of winning a pawn as White’s own important e-pawn would also fall. So it puts the bishop out of the game. 9…0–0 10.Bd3 b6 11.Re1 Rc8 12.Nbd2 f5 13.exf6 Rxf6 14.Bxg6? Swapping off his most active piece. 14…Rxg6 15.Ne5 Nxe5 16.dxe5 Bc6 17.f3 Qc7 18.Nf1 All White’s pieces are now at the edge of the board and none of them posing any threat. 18…Rf8 19.Kf2 Rg5 20.Qd3 Rxe5 Opening the way for Black’s queen, bishops & central pawn to flex their muscles. 21.Rxe5 Qxe5 22.Re1 Qf6 23.Bb2 e5 24.Qe2 Bd6 25.c4 d4 Creating a passed pawn and finally giving the “French bishop” room to breathe. 26.Nd2 Qh4+ 27.Kg1 e4 28.Nxe4 Bxh2+ 28…Qxh2+ 29.Kf1 Bxe4 30.Qxe4 Bg3 31.Rc1 Qh1+ 32.Ke2 Qxg2+ 33.Kd1 Qxf3+ 34.Qxf3 Rxf3 leaving White without a move on the board. 29.Kf1 Bf4 30.Nf2 Re8 31.Qd1 Be3 32.Nh3 Bxf3 0–1.

White: J. Burnett (196). Black: B. Gosling (151).


1.d4 g6 2.Nf3 Bg7 3.c4 d6 4.g3 e5 5.Bg2 Nd7 6.e4 Ne7 7.0–0 exd4 8.Nxd4 0–0 9.Nc3 a6 10.Re1 Ne5 11.Bf1 c6 12.h3 Qb6 13.Nb3 Be6 14.Be3 Qc7 15.Nd2 b5 16.cxb5 axb5 17.Qc2 Rfc8 18.b3 b4 19.Na4 c5 20.Rac1 A speculative sacrifice follows. 20…Rxa4 21.bxa4 Qd7 22.Bb5 N5c6 23.h4 Bc3 24.f3 Qc7 25.Kg2 Nd4 26.Bxd4 cxd4 27.Red1 d5 28.Nb3 Qe5 29.Bd3 dxe4 30.fxe4 Be1 A great idea that doesn’t quite work. White must give up his queen, but having won the earlier exchange, he gets plenty of compensation for it. 31.Qxc8+ Nxc8 32.Rxe1 Bxb3 33.Rxc8+ Kg7 34.axb3 2 rooks would be equal to a queen in most positions, but with the bishop thrown in as well, the Black queen cuts a lonely figure. 34…Qe6 35.Rc4 g5 36.hxg5 Qg4 37.Rxd4 Qxg5 38.Re2 Qc5 39.Rd5 Qb6 40.Bc4 h6 41.Rf5 1–0

In last week’s position, Black won by 1…Rd1+ and White must take it or lose his queen, but then faces 2…Nf2+ forking king and queen.

Here is another Dave Collier win, this time in the British Championship. White to move and win immediately.

White to play and win immediately.

Royal Beacon Seniors Congress – 5th & Final Day

The draw for the final round is as follows:-

  Seniors – Rd. 5          
  White       Black  
1 Norman, K. I. (3½)  ½ ½  Burnett, J. (4)
2 Gosling, B. G. (3)  ½  ½ Pickersgill, A. (3)
3 Gamble, R. (3)  1 Jones, R. H. (3)
4 Thynne, T. F. (3)  ½  ½ Price, A. (3)
5 Shaddick, J. (3)  0 Everson, R (2½)
6 Page, M. (2½)  ½  ½ Hewson, B. W. (2½)
7 Scowen, R. (2½)  ½  ½ Hibbitt, A. (2½)
8 Annetts, I. S. (2½)  1 Wood, P. (2½)
9 Morton, P. (2)  ½  ½ Wiltshire, M. (2½)
10 McAllan, I. (2)  1 Waters, R. (2)
11 Orr, D. (2)  ½  ½ Clapp, J. (2)
12 Fraser, A. (2)  ½  ½ Sherriff, A. (2)
13 Carrick, P. (2)  ½  ½ Tidy, N. F. (2)
14 Robertson, J. (1½)  ½  ½ Hurn, R. (1½)
15 Taylor, M (1½)  1 Lucas, P. (1½)
16 Jones, S. (1½)  0 Namouk, O. (1½)
17 Gorodi, J. G. (1)  0 Kaye, M. (1)
18 Toms, D. A. (1)  1 Ryan, R. A. (1)
19 Welch, H. (1)  1 0 Moloney, T. (1)
20 Purry, N. (½)  1 Cox, R. (0)
21 Roberts, M (1½)  0 Gordon, P. (1)
  “Juniors”  Rd. 5          
1 Heppell, I. (2½)  ½  ½ Brown, A. (3)
2 Brusey, A. W. (2½)  ½  ½ Rogers, D. R. (2½)
3 Blencowe, I. (½)  0 Bartlett, S. (2½)
4 Burton, R (1½)  ½  ½ Dean, S. (2)
5 Wells, J. (2)  ½  ½ Sellwood, C. (1½)

 It will be noticed that in spite of the number of unexpected results throughout the week, the accelerated Swiss pairing sytem used has brought the top 2 players to the top in the final round  - clear 1st and clear 2nd.

As is usual in the circumstances, there was a multiplicity of short draws as players sought to make an early start home. The exception being those still with a chance of getting into the prizelist. Of these, Raymond Gamble and Ivor Annetts got the sharp wins that were rewarded. The “Juniors” was even tighter than usual with just a single point separating 7 of the 10 players. Arguably, the outstanding performance was that of Dave Rogers (149), who played the 4 top-graded opponents and drew with them all.

The final prizelist was as follows:-

  Seniors Grd   Pts Prize
1st J. Burnett 196 Doncaster £100
2nd= K. I. Norman 189 Wokingham 4 £25
  R. Gamble 165 Derby 4 £25
GP U-155 I. S. Annetts 152 Tiverton £25
  B. G. Gosling 151 Exmouth £25
U-120 J. Clapp 109 N. Radstock £20
  A. Fraser 102 Beckenham £20
  P. Carrick   91 Bath £20
Slow R. Burton 154 Weymouth 2 £10
Starter M. Kaye   96 Dorchester 2 £10
  H. Welch 103 Seaton 2 £10
75+  1st A. Sherriff 127 Dartford £20
1st= S. Bartlett 174 Newquay £50
  A. Brown 186 Northampton £50
GP U-165 D. R. Rogers 149 Exmouth 3 £20

Ropyal Beacon Seniors Day 4

The draw for Rd. 4 was as follows:-

Normally, in the final 2 rounds of a congress when opponents in every game are on a equal score, the games become longer and are more likely to end in a draw. But being a Seniors event, the normal rules don’t apply. Looking at the day’s results, with only 3 games still to finish,  it was hard to spot a draw anywhere. Except in the “Junior” section, that is, but then again, they’re not seniors!

  Seniors – Rd. 4          
  White       Black  
1 Burnett, J. (3)  1  0  Shaddick, J. (3)
2 Hewson, B. W. (2½)     Norman, K. I. (2½)
3 Pickersgill, A. (1½)  1 Morton, P. (2)
4 Jones, R. H. (2)  1  0 McAllan, I. (2)
5 Sherriff, A. (2)  0  1  Thynne, T. (2)
6 Waters, R. (2)  0  1 Gamble, R (2)
7 Clapp, J. (2)  0  1 Price, A. (2)
8 Fraser, A (2)  0  1 Gosling, B (2)
9 Everson, R (1½)  1  0  Robertson, J (1½)
10 Hibbitt, A. (1½)  1  0 Taylor, M. (1½)
11 Namouk, O (1½)     Scowen, R. (1½)
12 Wiltshire, M. (1½)  1  0  Roberts, M. (1½)
13 Page, M. (1½)  1  0 Jones, S (1½)
14 Hurn, R. (1½)     Annetts, I. S. (1½)
15 Wood, P (1½)  1  0  Toms, D. A (1)
16 Moloney, T (1)  0  1  Orr, D (1)
17 Tidy, N. F. (1)  1  0  Welch, H. (1)
18 Lucas, P. (½)  1  0  Purry, N. (½)
19 Ryan, R. A. (½)  ½  ½ Kaye, M. (½)
20 Cox, R. (0)  0  1 Gorodi, J. G. (0)
21 Gordon, P. (1)  0  1 Carrick, P. (1)
  “Juniors”  Rd. 4          
1 Brown, A (2½)     Brusey, A. W. (2)
2 Rogers, D. R. (2)  ½  ½ Heppell, I (2)
3 Bartlett, S. (2)  ½  ½ Wells, J. (1½)
4 Sellwood, C. (1)  ½  ½ Burton, R (1)
5 Dean, S. (1)     Blencowe, I (½)

Royal Beacon Seniors Congress Day 3

The draw for Rd. 3 has something of a weird look about it, a feature not uncommon for this Seniors event over the years. We see Seniors England International, Ken Norman, floating up to play the joint leader, Roger Waters (grade 111), while British U-150 Champion, John Gorodi, is languishing at the bottom with “null points”. In the middle of the draw there appear to be several contests that look unequal on paper but  could easily provide us with more shocks. Nothing can be taken for granted in a seniors event. However, it has to be said that top seed Jim Burnett (196) is unlikely to provide any shocks – except to his opponent. It’s his first visit to the event and he looks to be very solid and in good attacking form. so far, anyway…..

  Seniors – Rd. 3          
  White       Black  
1 Thynne, T. F. (2)  0  1 Burnett, J. (2)
2 Shaddick, J. (2)  1  0 Hibbitt, A. (1½)
3 Norman, K. I. (1½)  1  0 Waters, R (2)
4 Hewson, B. W. (1½)  1  0 Wood, P (1½)
5 McAllan, I. (1½)  ½  ½ Wiltshire, M. (1)
6 Scowen, R. (1)  ½  ½ Sherriff, A. (1½)
7 Roberts, M. (1½)  0 Pickersgill, A. (1)
8 Clapp, J. (1½)  ½  ½ Taylor, M. A. (1)
9 Price, A. (1½)  ½  ½ Namouk, O. (1)
10 Gamble, R (1)  1  0 Tidy, N. F. (1)
11 Toms, D (1)  0  1 Fraser, A (1)
12 Morton, P. (1)  1 Carrick, P. (1)
13 Jones, S (1)  ½  ½ Hurn, R. (1)
14 Jones, R. H. (1)  1 Maloney, T (1)
15 Orr, D (1)  0  1 Page, M. (½)
16 Purry, N. (½)  0  1 Everson, R (½)
17 Annetts, I. S. (½)  1 Ryan, Dr. R. (½)
18 Gorodi, J. G. (0)  0  1 Robertson, J (½)
19 Kaye, M (0)  ½  ½ Lucas, P. (0)
20 Welch, H. (0)  1  0 Cox, R. (0)
21 Gosling, B (1)     Gordon, P. (1)
  “Juniors”  Rd. 3          
1 Rogers, D. R. (1½)  ½  ½ Brown, A (2)
2 Heppell, I. (1)  1  0 Wells, J (1½)
3 Brusey, A. W. (1)  1  0 Dean, S. (1)
4 Sellwood, C. (1)  0  1 Bartlett, S. (1)
5 Blencowe, I (½)  0  1 Burton, R (0)


Today's Bd. 1 encounter is Trefor Thynne vs Jim Burnett

Ian Heppell; last to arrive and first to finish, having beaten Jonathan Wells.

To facilitate his orientation, Philip Gordon retains the same table nearest the exit door throughout, which means that his opponent today, Brian Gosling, has moved from top to bottom board in successive rounds.

Alan Brusey makes his move against Steve Dean in the "Juniors" section.