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100th British – Rd. 7

The round started with Howell in a clear lead, a half point ahead of Hebden and Gordon followed by 9 on 4.5. By this stage, the cream has risen to the top with 9 of the top 10 players having GM titles or norms and most of the chasing pack have titles. Outstanding in this respect is the exception, local player and current Devon Champion (his only title), Dominic Mackle, riding high among the GMs with a score of 4.5.

Carr to Carr transfer: Matt, live boards techie, presents the Rd.6 Game of the Day prize to Neil. Pure coincidence.

Bd. 1: Howell kicks off against Hebden.

Bd. 2: Gordon v Williams.

Bd. 3: Hawkins v Ghasi.

Bd. 4: Lalic v Kosten.

Bd. 5: Wells v Arkell.

Top 5 bds. with spectators lined up.

Bds. 8 & 9; Rudd v Gormally & Meszaros v Flear.

It was a Black Day indeed for the top boards – not a White win to be seen anywhere. Howell maintained his half point lead, but Williams, Ghasi and Arkell hauled themselves into 2nd = on 5.5. Defending champion, Gawain Jones, made progress with a win over Chapman to reach 5 pts.

Bd White       Black  
1 Howell ½ ½ Hebden 5
2 Gordon 5 0 1 Williams
3 Hawkins 0 1 Ghasi
4 Lalic ½ ½ Kosten
5 Wells 0 1 Arkell
6 Zhou ½ ½ Mackle

Nette Robinson – Chess Artist:

Nette (short for Annette) Robinson, is an artist who is putting on an exhibition of her chess-based work at the venue.

Originally from Essex, she graduated from Chichester University in Art & Music before taking a post-graduate diploma in jazz from Chichester College. She is a saxophonist and vocalist, having fronted several British jazz groups, most notably Michael Garrick’s Lyric Ensemble.

Given her two skills, she started a series of paintings of jazz legends, but a couple of years ago, she experienced a damascene moment when, from nowhere, she felt the urge to get involved in chess – to learn the moves and history of the game, and naturally enough, to portray this in paint.

She has joined in with this commemorations, and produced a picture based on the deciding move in the deciding game in the 1st Championship between Napier and Atkins. (see below). Other picires are monochrome portraits of key figures in chess; Fischer, Alekhine, Capablanca et. al but the most colourful ones represent positions in key games. These are reminiscent of the later works of Mondrian, Van Doesburg and the de Stijl Group, which is very much where she’s coming from. See what you think.

Explanation below.

See above.


Explanation below,

See above


The commemorative picture.