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100th British – Prizegiving.

With all play finishing by the Friday evening, the prizegiving ceremony took place promptly at 09.30 the next morning.

The Chairman of the Torbay Coucil, Cllr. Julien Parrott, and the Lib. Dem. MP for Torbay, Adrian Saunders, were in the platform party and both had encouraging words for the assembled audience, and after a few words from the ECF President, Roger Edwards, they handed out the many trophies beautifully arrayed on the front table.

As is traditional, the final words came from the newly-crowned British Champion, David Howell, who had secured the prize with a round to spare. The 22 year-old’s relaxed and modest demeanour throughout the fortnight and making this closing speech, a nerve-wracking prospect for most, was all the more remarkable for the full circumstances. His father, who had taught him the game since the age of 5 and worked hard to get him to many events both at home and abroad, died three months ago. and David, who is reading philosophy and English at Cardiff University, was allowed to defer his 2nd Year exams until the middle of August. This meant that while others were preparing like mad for their next opponent, David was having to prepare like mad for his exams, finishing assignments and revising. However, he did not let this side-track him, as he was determined to win for his father’s sake. The remarkable victory was dedicated to him.

David with proud Mum & sister.

Granny & Uncle wanted to be included - and why not - this one's for the family!

Sarah Hegarty was declared Ladies' Champion, seen here with all their glittering prizes.

If the main trophies seen here look especially sparkling, that’s because they are. Over recent years they have looked increasingly fragile and time-worn, but they have had a fundamental make-over; polishing, fixing bits from dropping off etc., with the result that’s all too plain to see.

Sara Hegarty, 1999 Girls' U-10 Champion, finally gets to the top of the tree.

Akshaya Kalaiyala tied with Sarah for the British Ladies Championship but missed the trophy on tie-break. However, her time will surely come.

Multiple prizewinner Akshaya Kalaiyala; U-12 Champion / U-18 Girls' Champion & English Womens' Champion (jt)

Mark Hebden; Grand Prix winners and 2nd= in the Championship.

4th= were (l-r) Lalic (checking the cheque is for the right amount - £250); Arkell, Wells, Zhou & Gormally.

Yang-fan Zhou - British U-21 Champion.

1st in the Major Open, Matthew Dignam recieves his prize/s.

Matthew Dignam with the Dundee Trophy and a bound copy of the 2012 BCM.

Stewart Reuben with the Boxall Salver for services to the Congress.

Joint winners of the Seniors' Championship; Paul Timson, Graham Chesters, David Friedgood & Roger Emerson.

Seniors' Ladies Champions (jt.) Dinah Norman & Gillian Moore, with a small piece of history - an actual trophy (the Gibraltar Cup).

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