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Yeovil Chess Congress – Results

Last weekend saw the completition of this year’s Yeovil Congress, masterminded by IM Jack Rudd.

When the brochure first came out, there was some debate about the fact that Jack had decided to make not only the Open section FIDE-rated, but the Major section also. It was felt in some quarters that the possible need to pay a hefty surcharge to FIDE for this “service”, over and above the normal entry fee, might put off many potential entrants. Jack, however, was determined to go ahead and take stock for the future in the light of this year’s experience.

In the event, the entry of 18 for the Open was well up to Yeovil’s average, though the Major was down to 14, somewhat lower than usual. However, a total of nine partial FIDE ratings were achieved, which was Jack’s original intention. In the light of this, his initial gut feeling is that he will continue with the ratings formula for next year.

Prizewinners (all totals out of 5):

Open Section: 1st Paul Cooksey 4½ (204 – Maidenhead).  2nd Bruce Jenks 4 (Lymington – 187). 3rd= Allan Pleasants (Weymouth – 185); Martyn Simons (Southbourne – 192) & Andrew Footner (Yeovil – 175) all on 3½.   Footner won the Grading Prize as this was larger than a third-share of 3rd prize.

British Championship QP – Cooksey.

Partial FIDE Ratings were achived by John Footner, Tristram de Piro and Selwyn Hamilton.

Major Section (U-165): 1st Julian Spradley 4½ (clear winner with a round to spare). 2nd Brendon O’Gorman 3½ (DHSS – 157); 3rd= Jim Fewkes (Yeovil – 146); Chris McKinley (Sedgemoor – 144); Martin Oliver (Cirencester – 153); Terry Stuttard (Taunton) all on 3.

Paretial FIDE ratings were achieved by Fewkes, McKinley, Stuttard, Steve Dean, Tim Chapman & Tim F. Woodward.

Minor Section (U-140): 1st= Rhys Bennett; Peter Dimond (Bath – 124); Michael Pope (St. Neots – 126); James Galloway (Patchway – 128) & Duncan Macarthur (Keynsham – 137) all 4 pts.

Grading prizes: Christine Constable & James Barnett both 3 pts.

Somerset Senior Champion: Andrew Footner.

Somerset U-18 Champion: Rhys Cumming.

Somerset U-16 &U-14 Championships: Martin Oliver.

Somerset U-12 & U-13 Championships: Nikita Ayvazyan.

Photographs will probably be available on Brendon O’Gorman’s Picasa picture gallery.

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