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Winning Start for Exmouth in Div. 1 – the Bremridge Cup.

Exmouth’s first match in Devon’s premiership was at home against Newton Abbot. There had been problems about finding a venue, but the newly-refurbished Writing Room at the Manor Hotel proved ideal.

Steve Martin’s was the first game to finish. He has the habit of turning up, winning in little over an hour, before going back home immediately. No-one’s complaining, as this immediately puts pressure on the opposition. Then Jonathan Underwood got a draw against the dangerous junior, John Fraser, followed by another win, this time for Chris Scott who made no mistakes and took full advantage of a couple of slight misjudgments by his opponent. This was balanced by a loss by John Stephens who had Black, and failed to get satisfactory counter-play against Mackle’s opening.

This left Bds. 5 & 6 to decide the outcome. Gosling had had something of a harum-scarum game, losing a piece but winning 2 significant pawns by way of compensation. In the end he was able to force a perpetual check with his queen. 3 points in the bag. However, Oliver Wensley’s position looked pretty watertight, and was never in danger of losing, unless he blundered. He offered a draw, but knowing that to accept would mean losing the match Kinder declined. A few moves later he consulted with his captain before accepting the draw, possibly in order to avoid the prospect of a 4-2 loss or to get back home at a respectable hour.

The games scores will shortly be sent to the chessdevon website.

  Bremridge Cup       31.01.2015  
Bd. Exmouth Grd     Newton Abbot Grd
1 J. K. Stephens 194 0 1 D. Mackle 203
2 J. Underwood 179 ½ ½ J. Fraser 181
3 S. Martin 171 1 0 M. Hui 150
4 C. J. Scott 157 1 0 T. F. Thynne 161
5 B. G. Gosling 153 ½ ½ P. Brooks 154
6 O. E. Wensley 149 ½ ½ A. Kinder 149
  Totals 1,003   995


Bds 1 & 2: John Stephens and Jonathan Underwood.

Bds 3 & 4. The two home winners, Chris Scott and Steve Martin (facing left)

Last to finish and both draws. Oliver Wensley and Brian Gosling (facing left)

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