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Westcountry Junior Team Event

Last Saturday, Devon hosted a junior chess team event at Tiverton, with teams representing Devon, Wiltshire, Somerset and South Wales taking part in 3 age groups – U-9s over 12 boards and 3 rounds; U-11s over 20 boards and 3 roundsĀ and U-14s over 10 boards and 3 rounds.

The results were as follows:

U9: 1st Wiltshire (31); 2nd S. Wales (29.5); 3rd Devon (11.5)

U-11: 1st S. Wales (39.5); 2nd Devon (34.5) 3rd Wiltshire (16)

U-14: 1st S. Wales (22); 2nd Somerset (17.5); 3rd Devon (12.5); 4th Wiltshire (8).

No further details are available at the moment.

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