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WECU Inter-County Competition – Final Day (24.03.2012.)

Last Saturday was the final round of the inter-county competition, with Cornwall meeting Somerset at Exminster and Devon playing Gloucestershire at West Buckland. A feature of this season has been the way in which any team is capable of beating any other – nothing could be taken for granted. Somerset had clearly learned this lesson and were taking no chances, fielding a strong team that steamrollered the Cornish by 11-3, thus retaining the West of England Championship. Somerset winners were Jack Rudd, Ben Edgell, Patryk Krzyzanowski, Andrew Footner, David Painter-Kooiman, Mike Richardt, Chirs Purry, Gerry Jepps and Neville Senior, while Cornwall’s only winner was David Lucas.

After earlier heavy losses to Somerset and Hampshire, Devon recovered to record a comfortable win against Gloucestershire by 10½-5½; only their second win from four matches, but enough to edge them into 2nd place. Devon’s winners were Steve Homer, John Wheeler, John Stephens, Jeff Leung, Andrew Kinder, Paul Brooks and Nijad Rahimili, while Joey Stewart and John Lightowler won for Glos.

Full details and photographs are on the keverelchess website, while games will become available on chessdevon.

Here is the top game from the Cornwall-Somerset match .

White: Jeremy Menadue (197). Black: Jack Rudd (213).

English Opening – Anglo-Indian Def. [A24]

1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 e5 the commonest move here which tends to give Black attacking opportunities.3.g3 g6 4.Rb1 Bg7 5.Bg2 0–0 6.e3 c6 7.Nge2 d5 8.cxd5 cxd5 9.d4 e4 10.Qb3 Nc6 11.h4 Na5 12.Qc2 Bf5 13.Nf4 Rc8 14.b3 Nc6 15.Qd2 Re8 16.Bb2 Qd7 17.Na4 b6 18.Bf1 Although the white-square bishop moves to seek more open space on the queenside, doing so leaves White fatally weak in the king’s corner. 18…Bg4 19.Bb5 Bf3 20.Rg1 To castle  now would be dangerous in view of Black’s control of the white squares. 20…h6 21.Rc1 Rc7 22.Bxc6 Rxc6 23.Rxc6 Qxc6 24.Qc3 Qd7 25.Qd2 Rc8 White’s king and rook are completely locked in. 26.Bc3 Bf8 27.Qb2 Qb5 With White’s pieces tied up in the King’s corner Black now moves to attack on the other wing. 28.Ne2 Qd3 29.Qd2 Qb1+ 30.Nc1 If 30.Qd1 Qxa2 and …b5 is threatened. White is hamstrung. 30…Ba3 31.Nb2 If 31.Bb2 Rxc1+ 32.Bxc1 Bxc1 and there is a range of different mating attacks. 31…Rxc3 32.Qxc3 Bb4 0-1. If 33.Qxb4 Qxc1+ 34.Nd1 Qxd1#.

The last few places are filling up rapidly for the West of England Congress in Exmouth, starting a week on Friday. Enquiries and late entries to Andrew Footner on 01935-873610 or

In last week’s position, Black won quickly by 1.QxN+ KxQ 2.Rf1 mate.

Zugzwang is a German word used in chess situations where the player to move has no option but to worsen his own position, and this is an example. White to play and mate in 2.

White to mate in 2.

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