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WECU Congress Rd. 5

Easter Morning dawned with overcast skies, but by mid-morning the sun had burned off the cloud cover and it was soon back up to a very pleasant 20 degrees. 

As players got their games under way, there were a few vacant spaces left by the late-comers. In the Open, there were two players in particular, on opposite sides of the room, waiting for their opponent to turn up – both had started their clocks and the one with White having made his move. It was some minutes before the Controller realised they should actually be playing each other – one had sat at the wrong table. No names – no pack drill. 

Just before the start of play, I managed (eventually) to gather together the four lady players together for a special group photograph. I had notified them of my intentions the previous afternoon, but one had had a bye and was not in the building, so I would try again in the morning. But getting them together in one place and to stay in one place, while I went off to find the fourth missing member, and having got her, only to find one of the other three had also gone missing. The phrase ” like herding cats” may sound cruel but it did cross my mind. However, success was achieved with a minute to spare. It was certainly worth the trouble. 

A Special Group Photograph


Standing: Megan Owens – a pupil at Millfield School, with numerous titles already to her name: already a veteran Wales Junior International, Wiltshire and WECU Girls titles, with many more surely to follow. 

Seated (l-r): Hazel Welch – current WECU Ladies Championship. 

Dinah Norman – former British Ladies Champion several times in a former existence as Dinah Dobson. 

Marian Cox – former Kilkenny Ladies Champion. 

I’m sworn not to mention which years. 

  WECU Open       Round 5  
  White       Black  
1 Berry, S. H. ½ ½ Turner, M. J.
2 McMichael R. J. 0 1 Krzyzanowski, P. 3
3 Bartlett, S. 2 0 1 Rudd, J.
4 Mackle, D. 2 1 0 Smith, A. P.
5 Owens, M. 2 0 1 Cumming, R. 2
6 Abbott M. V. 2 1 0 Bass, J. W. 2
7 Littlejohns, D. P. ½ ½ Dilleigh, S.
8 Stephenson, D. W. 1 0 Brusey, A. W. 1
bye Bolt, G. & Hamilton          

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