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WECU Congress Rd. 4

One tragi-comic incident took place this afternoon. A local player, who shall be nameless, remembered to switch off his mobile phone before sitting down to play, taking care to press the “off button”. However, as with most computers, one has to hold down the button for several seconds before it actually does what you want it to do. A quick jab on the button is not necessarily enough to de-activate said device. Now, this person had a married friend who was going to come down to the hotel with his wife and child, and was going to take photographs of him in play. To double check the arrangements, he phoned his chess-playing friend up. The phone goes off in his pocket and on losing the game this way, he goes off somewhere to be alone and curse his fortune. After he’s gone, the friend and his family turn up, wanting to know where Joe Bloggs is playing, blissfully unaware of what he had done. 

The results in the Open near the end of Rd. 4 are shown after these pictures:- 

Rd. 3: Meg Owens vs Alan Brusey.

Blind player, Stan Lovell and his patient guide-dog.

Rd. 4: Smith vs Berry.

Andrew Wright with his electronic cigarette.

Rd 4: Turner vs McMichael.

  WECU Open     Round 4
  White     Black
1 Turner, M. J. 1 0 McMichael, R.
2 Smith, A. 0 1 Berry, S
3 Krzyzanowski, P. 1 0 Abbott, M. V.
4 Rudd, J. ½ ½ Littlejohns, D.
5 Cumming, R. Unf. unf. Mackle, D.
6 Bass, J. ½ ½ Owens, M.
7 Bartlett, S. 1 0 Hamilton, S.
8 Dilleigh, S. ½ ½ Stephenson,
9 Brusey, A. W. ½ ½ Bolt, G.

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