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WECU Congress Rd. 3

Saturday, and another glorious morning dawns by the seaside – the Daily Express headlines the “Hottest Easter for 100 Years“, yet a gentle seas breeze keeps the temperature down to a very pleasant 20 degrees. Cloudless skies, the tide’s in and there are crowds on the beach below the Hotel. What could be better!

The players seem lulled into a soporific state of mind as they gather in the playing hall, up to the point where they settle down and push the first pawn. Humour and goodwill to fellow men, especially the one sitting on the other side of the board, are instantly evaporated – and that goes for the women, too. Dinah Norman was bewailing how, even in the Minor section, everyone presses for a win – not even the top seeds get an easy ride. Having just been pushed to the very last minute of extra time by Hazel Welch (115), I can vouch for that. I was staring defeat in the face for much of the time, but managed to pull off an outrageous swindle with seconds remaining.

Results of the morning’s bloodletting were as follows:-

  WECU Open     Round 3
  White     Black
1 Smith, A. ½ ½ Turner, M. J.
2 Berry, S. 1 0 Rudd, J.
3 McMichael, R. 1 0 Cumming, R.
4 Abbott, M. V. ½ ½ Littlejohns, D.
5 Mackle, D. ½ ½ Bartlett, S.
6 Bolt, G 0 1 Krzyzanowski, P.
7 Hamilton, S. ½ ½ Dilleigh, S.
8 Owens, M. 1 0 Brusey, A. W.
9 Price, C. R. 0 1 Bass,
bye Stephenson      

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