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WECU Congress Rd. 2

The second round got under way after a few announcements.

(a) There was a general round of applause for the recent achievements of two of the juniors present: Theo Slade (recently selected for the English U-11 Squad) and Meg Owens who became the WECU U-18 Girls Champion at Swindon in February.

(b) Reference was made to the plight of Alf Bullock of Dorset who is terminally ill in a nursing home. He had played in every WECU Congress and Seniors Congress held at the Hotel since 1999, 20 events in total. His friend Dave Burt had provided a card for anyone to sign, which he would take to Alf early next week.

The pairings in the Open were as follows: (results will be filled in a.s.a.p.)

  WECU Open     Round 2
  White     Black
1 Turner, M. J. 1 0 Bolt, G.
2 Cumming, R. ½ ½ Berry, S.
3 Dilleigh, S 0 1 Smith, A.
4 Rudd, J. 1 0 Owens, Meg.
5 Bass, J. W. 0 1 McMichael, R.
6 Littlejohns, D. ½ ½ Mackle, D.
7 Stephenson, D. 0 1 Krzyzanowski, P.
8 Brusey, A. W. ½ ½ Hamilton, S.
9 Bartlett, S. 1 0 Price, C. R.
bye Abbott      

 By the end of Rd. 2, of the 80+ players in total, only 4 were left of 2/2. These were Turner & Smith inthe Open, and P. Errington and P. Dimond in the Minor.

Matthew Turner on his way to a Rd. 2 win against Bolt.

Rudd vs Meg Owens, with Smith considering his 1st move.

Top 3 boards in the Minor - Theo Slade, Hazel Welch & Dave Burt all with White..

Top 3 boards in the Major.

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