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WECU Congress Rd. 1

As players and officials started to congregate in the playing hall, it became clear that the Congress Secretary’s change of e-mail address after publication of the brochure, was going to cause some last minute problems. Grandmaster Master, Matthew Turner, was there early, claiming to have entered by e-mail some weeks earlier, which, of course, never arrived. This was counter-balanced by two players who had entered, not turning up, which may have the same explanation  – an e-mailed withdrawal not having got through.

Soon everyone settled down in their place and were welcomed by the Mayor of Exmouth, Cllr. Darryl Nicholas. A rewarding hush then settled on the room as play got under way.

The new favourite, Matthew Turner was paired against fellow Somerset player, Patryk Krzyzanowski, who recently won the Teignmouth RapidPlay and unexpectedly beat Turner in a game earlier this season.

At the end of the morning’s play, the results were as follows:

  WECU Open     Round 1
  White     Black
1 Krzyzanowski, P 0 1 Turner, M.
2 Berry, S 1 0 Brusey A.
3 McMichael, R. ½ ½ Rudd, J.
4 Mackle, D. ½ ½ Bass, J.
5 Smith, A. 1 0 Stephenson, D.
6 Price, C. 0 1 Cumming, R.
7 Bolt, G. 1 0 Bartlett, S.
8 Dilleigh, S. ½ ½ Owens, M.
9 Hamilton, S. 0 1 Abbott, M. V.
bye Littlejohns      

The Mayor of Exmouth welcomes all players.

The Mayor suggests a good move for Grandmaster Matthew Turner.

The Mayor watches 10 yr old, Theo Slade, in action.

Secretary, Andrew Footner, (centre) wonders whether there's anything else to do.

WECU Ladies Champion, Hazel Welch.

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