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Teignmouth RapidPlay Tournament (13.04.2013.)

Under grey and lowering skies that deposited rain all day long, 69 players assembled at Trinity School,Teignmouth for their annual RapidPlay event. This number was a little down on average, probably due to the proximity on the calendar of other events. However, the faithful were treated to some rewarding activity.

There were 21 contesting the Open with some seriously strong players in the mix. In the event, Patryk Krzyzanowski, fresh from coming 1st= in the West of England Open a fortnight earlier, cruised through the first 5 rounds with a maximum score, enabling him to take a quick draw in the final round to be sure of clear 1st place, although he was given a stern examination in the penultimate round by local schoolboy,  John Fraser. John Stephens and Richard Webster were a point behind in joint 2nd.

If the Open was something of a procession, the same cannot be said of the Major, where a host of players fought it out in the final round for a share of 1st place. However, it was Clive Pemberton, who had started with a couple of draws and was thus off the pace throughout, who stole through with a win, as all the others could only draw, and took it by a half point.

The event was organised by Ray Chubb and the Arbiter was John Ariss.

The full prize list was as follows:

Section Pos. Name /6 Grd. Club
Open 1st P. Krzyzanowski 5 196 Yeovil
  2nd= J. K. Stephens 186 Exmouth
    R. Webster 196 Ashfield
U-170 1st F. Pitman 4    
U-150 1st J. Fraser   134 Torquay
(U-140) 1st C. Pemberton 5 136 S. Birmingham
  2nd= M. Adams 127 Seaton
    B. Wilkinson 137 S. Hams
    M. Quinn 133 Plymouth
    D. Mcarthur   Keynsham
    N. Derrick 130 Bristol
U-120 1st A. Tatam 113 Plymouth
U-100 1st V. Ramesh 4   78  
U-16 1st Zoe Strong     99 Clevedon
U-14 1st T. McLaren   124 Cheltenham
Team 1st= Seaton      


General view of the action

A tough test for Krzyzanowski (facing) against John Fraser in Rd. 5.

Final round gets under way.

Jt. Runner-up John Stephens (in red) starts his last game.

Top boards in the Major, but Pembleton overtook them all.

Krzyzanowski regains the Walker Cup and a new permanent one to keep.

Flaunting his two £5 notes, John Stephens was level with Richard Webster.

Clive Pemberton crept in on the blind side to win the Major.

Major runners-up: Macarthur; Derrick; Quinn; Tatam & Adams.

U-100 grading prize winner, V. Ramesh.

U-16 winner, Zoe Strong (Clevedon) with Organiser, Ray Chubb.


U-14 winner, Tom McLaren.

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