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100th British – Rd. 2

There were no great suprises in yesterday’s 1st Rd. Among the titled players, just Glenn Flear and Richard Palliser dropped a half point, but that will probably be of little significance at the end of the day.

There will be Game of the Day awards in the shape of £20 cheques, to be determined by Andrew Martin and presented at the start of each subsequent round. The Rd. 1 prize goes to Gawain Jones for his game vs Reid (see on-line). Unfortunately, he was late for the presentation at 2.30, but pleased to find it on his table when he did arrive.

Gawain Jones looking pleased at his Best Game prize.

Stephen Gordon & Dom Mackle both wondering what the next move should be in this line.


Rudd already looking impatient, waiting for move 2.

General view of the playing hall.

Westcountry players Alan Brusey (l) and Stephen Dilleigh.

Local players Keith Arkell (l) & Steve Homer.


Junior Coaching:

As in recent years, coaching is available for all juniors, free at the point of need, but funded by a very generous bequest by the late John Robinson. This year, it is being held by two senior players; Sheila Jackson, former British Ladies Champion (1975 / ‘78 / ‘80 & ‘81) and   Vaidnyanathan Ravikumar. They may be found at the far end of  the auditorium. Ask in the Office for details of times and availability.

Sheila Jackson with pupils.


Happy in their work!