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Seaton Players Move Ahead

Have just taken delivery of the latest edition of East Devon Connect, a 24 page magazine published by the EDDC, designed to put a positive slant on community life within their area, in the wake of rate-capping, spending cuts etc. Exmouth, as the largest town in Devon under DCC control, can usually guarantee a good deal of  coverage, but this issue has a one page feature on Seaton, under the heading “Regenerating Seaton”. Interestingly, half the page consists of the photograph below, featuring two unnamed chess players using some newly acquired boards on the sea-front. No reference is made to them in the text beneath, however, and it would be easy to assume these are just 2 unwary members of the public, nabbed by the photographer as they passed by. Those in the know, however, will recognise them as Ken Alexander and Hazel Welch, both long-time members of the Seaton Chess Club.

Anyway, it’s refreshing to see chess being featured as a focal point of urban regeneration. Well done, Seaton!

Hazel Welch and Ken Alexander lock horns in Jubilee Gardens.


Tour of Britain - start of Stage 6 in Sidmouth - is featured on the cover.

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