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Paignton Congress Results (15.09.2012.)

Last week’s Paignton Congress enjoyed some of the best weather of the summer which put all players in a good mood. The favourite, Grandmaster Keith Arkell, won the Premier Section for the 18th time in his career, but there were many other prizewinners all the way down the order.

Premier: 1st K. Arkell 6/7 pts. 2nd= R. Bates (Hackney); D. Ledger (Bedford) & D. Mackle (N. Abbot) all 5 pts.

Challengers: 1st= C. Costello & A. Footner (Yeovil). 3rd= R. Thompson (N. Abbot) & Y. Tello (Wimbledon). Grading prizes: U-162: T. F. Thynne (5). U-155: A. Price (Leamington) 4½.

Best slow starters: A. Hibbitt (Grendel) & Jackson (Coulsdon) both 3½.

I’ll give all the other winners next week.

The key game in Arkell’s campaign was this Rd. 6 win, which allowed him to coast home with a short draw in the final round to become clear 1st and take home a cheque for £600. Notice how, as in Rd. 1 published last week, he makes full use of his bishop pair to force fatal weaknesses in Black’s position.

White: K. C. Arkell (234). Black: Zaki Harari. (193)

Queen’s Gambit Accepted. [D20]

1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4 3.e4 e5 4.Nf3 exd4 5.Qxd4 White is happy to exchange queens early on, keeping things simple and knowing his endgame technique will probably win the day. 5…Qxd4 6.Nxd4 Nf6 7.Nc3 a6 8.Bxc4 Bb4 9.f3 0–0 10.Bf4 b5 11.Be2 c5 12.Nc2 Bxc3+ 13.bxc3 Be6 14.Kf2 Nbd7 15.Rhc1 Nb6 16.Ne3 c4 17.Nc2 Na4 18.Nd4 Rac8 19.Bd1 Nc5 20.Bc2 Rfd8 21.Rd1 h6 22.Be3 Bd7 23.Rd2 Kf8 24.Rad1 Ke8 25.g4 Ng8 26.Nf5 Bxf5 27.gxf5 Rxd2+ 28.Rxd2 Nf6 29.e5 Nfd7 30.f4 Ke7 31.Kf3 Rc6 32.Rd1 making as if to move it to g1. 32…Rc7 33.Rd6 But no, the rook moves forward instead. 33…a5 34.a3 Rb7 35.Rc6 Nb3 36.Be4 Rb8 37.Bd5 a4 38.Rc7 Kd8 39.Ra7 f6 40.e6 1–0 The advanced pawn must win the game.

The next congress for the Bristol League will be held 3rd–5th January 2013 in the city centre Bristol Hilton Hotel, a big change from the Filton Leisure Centre.

The solution to last week’s letter “P” problem was 1.Nc8 threatening 2.Nb6 mate or Ne7 mate, and Black cannot prevent both.

Black’s position here is clearly hopeless, but how can White administer the coup de grace in just 2 moves?

White to mate in 2.

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