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Paignton Congress 2011 Day 7

As those who are familiar with Oldway will know, the Torbay Registry Office is housed in an adjacent room in the mansion. Its grandiose architecture  makes it one of the most popular wedding venues in the county and Saturdays are the most popular day, notwithstanding any odd chess congress that might be trying to share the venue. Today there were ten weddings booked in, and a conveyor belt approach was necessary. When any one group was in the Registrar’s room going through the ceremony, the previous group was outside on the steps having their photographs taken while the next group was assembling in the marbled foyer below, the nervous laughter of bridesmaids intruding on the concentration of the players nearest the door. Tattooed arms and smokers were everywhere…  and that was only the girls, many tottering around on steepling heels. This morning, there must have been some sort of delay in the early fixtures, for by mid-morning a tight queue had formed and three wedding parties had gathered in the entrance hall, intermixing and eyeing up the dresses and fashions of the other groups.

Meanwhile, in the Ballroom everyone had remembered the earlier start (9.30 a.m. – not 2 p.m.) and amid excitement of a different kind, the prizes were being sorted.

At the top of the Ron Bruce Premier, Torbay residents were paired on top table, Keith Arkell and Dominic Mackle. The former is noted for his long endgames in which he is able to nurse the tiniest of advantages to an eventual win. This has always been one of his great strengths. Recently, however, he seems to have been unaccountably infused with a touch of whimsy and has been playing sharp, snappy games involving weird openings and Queen sacrifices, (no, honestly!), and he has been having successes with it.  Today he played 1…b5, the Polish Defence, and finished with a queen & knight each, and the interplay of his two pieces brought off a nice, and relatively quick finish, leaving him in clear 1st place, and back-to-back tournament wins.

Arkell (r) & Mackle analyse their game watched by 4X Paignton winner, Peter Griffiths.

In the Rowena Bruce Challengers, local junior Robert Thompson was hoping to avoid the final  round disaster he had in yesterday’s Morning event, in which he lost in time trouble and missed out on a prize. However, he managed to do it once again, losing the game, but at least he could only be caught and finished 1st=, pocketing a cheque for £217 instead of the £350 he seemed sure of at the outset.

In the Minor, congress veteran, Dave Burt, was on fire throughout the week and finished clear first, and it was nice to see three lady players all in the prizelist in this section.

Here is a summary chart of all the winners. 

Premier   Grade   Pts. Prize
1st Keith Arkell 2409 Paignton 6 £600
2nd Steve Berry 2310 Wimbledon £400
3rd= Colin Crouch 2365 Harrow 5 £75
  Johan Henriksson 2289 Stockholm
  Dave Ledger 2228 Bedford
  Francis Rayner 2148 Hastings
GP U-2130 Ian Clark 2071 Wimbourne £13
  Alan Crombleholme 2104 Dudley
  Dominic Mackle 2065 Newton Abbot
  John Wheeler 2120 Cosham
U-2060 Dave Regis 2015 Exeter £50
Slow starter Ken Gregory 2059 Cosham £20
Challengers (U-180)          
1st= Robert Thompson 178 Newton Abbot £217
  John Waterfield 173 Clifton
  Richard Webster 172 W. Bridgford
GP U-168 Colin Costello 167 Carlisle 5 £50
U-157 Andrew Price 152 Leamington £50
Slow starter Mel Young 159 Hastings £20
Intermediate (U-150)          
1st= Nigel Dicker 139 Glastonbury £217
  Mark Stone 134 Petts Wood
  Ray Kearsley 145 Wimbledon
GP U-140 Matthew Wilson 136 Wigston 5 £50
U-133 Peter Grant-Ross 133 Kings Head £12
  John Springall 127 Teddington
  David Walshaw 132 Jesmond
  Faye Ainscow 132 Kings Head
Slow starter Philip Gordon 127 BCA £35
Minor (U-125)          
1st Dave Burt 121 Poole £350
2nd= Edward Carnie 121 Eccleshall 5 £60
  Joseph Farrell 119 Metropolitan
  Malcolm Turner 117 Brixham
  Rod Burroughs 103 Sheffield
  Roger Waters   Taunton
GP U-114 Doreen Helbig 109 Keynsham 4 £17
  Christine Constable 111 Coulsdon
  Caroline Robson 110 Enfield
U-106 Nathan Mills 102 Brixham 4 £50
Slow starter Vincent Brady 102 Metropolitan £20
American (U-180)          
1st= Geoff Harrison 141 Gosforth £75
  Richard Desmedt 155 Wombwell
3rd Norman Andrews 136 York £30
5-Rd. A.M. (U-180)          
1st= D. Siddall 162 Austin Friars £275
  R. Bryant 178 Chester
3rd= J. Wells 179 N. Norfolk 4 £50
  H-B Muele 165 Dresden
GP U-155 Ray Gamble 152 Spondon £17
  D. Openshaw 155 Cavendish
  P. Smith 150 Hastings
U-138 M. Walker 129 Mutual £10
  J. Reinhardt 138 Dresden
  M. R. Stone 134 Petts Wood
  B. Miles 116 Coulsdon
  R. Hale 116 Beckenham
Slow starter P. Foley 135 Upminster £20

N.B. All scores out of 7 except the morning event.

N.B. Rd. 7 games may be accessed here:-


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