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Paignton Congress 2011 Day 5

The morning tournament has grown considerably in recent years, mainly because of the Committee’s efforts to encourage entries to it. For many years, the afternoon sections were full and the building generally packed to capacity, while for five hours of the morning and early afternoon a small huddle of enthusiasts were almost lost in the capacious hall. If the overall entry was to continue growing, the morning was the obvious place to accommodate any “overspill”. The prize fund was increased and the grading ceiling raised, with the result that this year nearly 50 players contest this quite strong section (Under-180).

Playing in the morning-only suits some people, who then have the rest of the day to enjoy some relaxing holiday activity, a visit to Paignton Zoo perhaps, or a ride on one of the steam railways in the area, while others seem unable to get enough chess and play both morning and afternoon, not to mention participating in any evening events that may be available.  The latter group present an extra consideration for the arbiters when they do the pairings, as they try to avoid pairing two players in an afternoon section if they already played each other in the morning tournament.

A feature of this morning’s play was that there were 10 wins for Black compared with only 6 for White, which echoes my own expereince in this section this week; triuphant with Black – shot down in flames as White. At stumps, Siddall, Bryant and Robert Thompson lead the field with 3.5/4, followed by Trefor Thynne and Ronnie Burton on 3. Details as follows:

N.B. Rd. 5 games available here

At the start of play in the premier, Berry led with 4/4 a half point ahead of Arkle in clear 2nd. They were clearly destined to meet in Round 5, and the rest were as follows:

Premier Rd. 5 draw.

Arkell vs Berry and Crouch vs Rosen (nearest).

Boards 3 - 5: From foreground: Burnett vs Henriksson; Hodgson vs Mackle & Almond vs Brown.

Play in the Intermediate: Richard Towers of Exeter (r) making a comeback to active chess after an absence of many years, plays Dave Rogers of Exmouth, a congress ever-present.

Paignton has always had an appeal to blind players and this year there are 4, each with their own particular boards and methods of recording moves. On the right here, Reg Cox and Garth Andrews take on unsighted opponents.

At the end of Round 5, the results of the top 2 sections were as follows:-

Premier Rd. 5 results

Challengers Rd. 5 results

As if all this was not enough for some, 23 players entered the evening Blitz tournament, organised annually by Richard Nash of Barnstaple. As usual, the total entry fee was returned to the players as prizes. These were the beneficiaries.

  Player   Pts rating Prize  
1st K. C. Arkell Paignton 5 2409 £25.00  
2nd M. Webb Bradford 4 2079 £15.00  
3rd= R. Thompson Newton Abbot   £2.50  
  S. Burke Ashfield   2038 £2.50  
  J. Henriksson Stockholm   2287 £2.50  
  R. Almond Hastings   2122 £2.50  
  23 entries          

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