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Paignton Congress 2011 Day 3

Having, at yesterday’s welcoming remarks, noted the good fortune of two fine days out of two, I certainly wasn’t going to be too smug about it as I guessed what was in store for today, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The day dawned with mist, fog, heavy rain and gale force winds, all compounded by the return to school, thus multiplying manyfold the amount of traffic on the roads before 9 a.m. During the morning at Oldway, a 30 foot tree was blown down, crushing a wire fence before it half covered a tennis court. Had it fallen the other way, it would certainly have crushed half a dozen cars parked nearby.

It was a relief to get in the hall and out of the foul weather. The morning session proceeded smoothly, my own game ending relatively quickly in an easy draw, taking my tournament grade to laughable 180.

This is how the section as a whole finished up after Rd. 2.

Results for Rd. 2 of the Morning Tournamant.

In the 3rd Round of the Premier, played in the afternoon, Arkell dropped a half point to Richard Almond who managed to force a perpetual check, this leaving Colin Crouch and Steve Berry the only two on a 3 point maximum, having beaten Dominic Mackle and Steve Dilleigh respectively. Level with Arkell on 2.5 are the Swede Henriksson and Alan Brown of Northampton.

N.B. Rd. 3 games available on

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