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Paignton Congress 2010 – Final Day.

From Thursday evening, have had a problem uploading pictures into the blog, which has proved impossible to solve in the short term and is b…….y annoying. Just when you have excellent sets of pictures to upload on a daily basis, the beast decides to play up. Feel like Basil Fawlty with his car on Gourmet Night. I’ve even tried whipping the computer repeatedly with a tree branch, but that hasn’t worked either.

Anyway, the final day, Saturday, as always, started at 9.30 a.m., unlike Rounds 1 – 6 which start at 2 p.m. With the 5 Round Morning event out of the way, this allows most folk to finish their games and be on their way home after lunchtime. Unfortunately, the overnight sole leader of the Challengers, a first-timer at Paignton, overlooked this fact and was timed out after 30 minutes. Luckily for him, he was not overtaken in the points tally and still figured in the 1st place tie.

Another tragi-comic event occurred during play, relating to the last round. As players from away vacate their digs, they tend to bring large bags of belongings into the hall for safekeeping. In one corner of the Ballroom, near the top boards in the Premier, about 10 bags were piled up. As the games built up in tension, a phone went off in one of them, but, short of rummaging through each one in turn and looking for name clues, it was difficult to ascertain which bag it was in. Eventually, Tyson Mordue, playing Keith Arkell on top board,  called out “Would someone turn off that b……. phone!” But, of course, no one came forward, for to do so would have meant instant disqualification. There may, of course, have been a phone in every bag, so all 10 bag-owners could assume the offender was one of the other 9.  The phone finally stopped ringing and peace broke out again.

Arkell had already won the Premier with a round to spare after 6 straight wins, and it would have been easy to settle for a quick draw. But (a) He was playing for pride as, for all his may 1st places, he’s only once before scored a maximum 7/7 at Paignton (b) he needed to bump up his rating and (c) he now only lives round the corner from the venue (in Winner Street would you believe)  so it wasn’t like he had a train to catch. The game was indeed drawn, but it was one of the last games to finish and went right down to a rook and scattering of pawns each – Arkell’s strong area, but Mordue played correctly and it ended with no advantage to either side.

Here’s the definitive list of prizewinners:

Section Winner Grd. Club/area Pts. Prize
                                     1st K. C. Arkell 2439    Paignton   6½  £600
                                     2nd R. Almond 2130 Hastings   5   £400
                                     3rd= N. Gill 2115 I.O.M.   4½   £50
  B. Jenks 2124 Wessex       “
  K. Jordan 2170 Dresden       “
  J. McKenna 2082 Cowley       “
  T. Mordue 2258 Braille C. A.       “
  M. Simons 2178 Southbourne       “
Grading prizes          
                      2119 -2040 J. Bass 2041 Richmond   4   £10
  D. Collier 2115 Bristol & Clifton       “
  A. Crombleholme 2105 Bushbury       “
  S. Dilleigh 2110 Horfield/Bristol       “
  P. Kemp 2106 Linton       “
  I. Lewyk 2110 Bradford       “
  A. Milnes 2075 Maidenhead      “
                              U-2040 E. Hurwitz 2011 Rose Foregrove   4½   £50
                      Slow Starter Dr. D. A. Toms 2033 Sidmouth/Exmouth   2   £20
48 players competed          
Challengers (U-180)          
                                      1st= C. Archer-Lock 177 Maidenhead   5   £130
  A. Footner 175 Yeovil       “
  B. W. R. Hewson 176 Exmouth       “
  M. Page 162 Insurance       “
  A. Price 157 Leamington       “
Grading prizes          
                           160 – 153 M. Bush 159 Wantage   4½   £25
  J. Nyman 159 Sutton       “
                                  U-153 J. C. Boyce 149 Horfield/Bristol   4½   £50
                   Slow Starters N. Dicker 156 Glastonbury       £5
  I. S. Annetts 155 Tiverton       “
  M. Keeve 166 Dresden       “
  W. Taylor 152 Sedgemoor       “
34 players competed          
Intermediate (U-150)          
                                        1st P. Smith 146 Hastings   5½   £350
                                      2nd= P. Hannan 148 Charlton   5   £100
  Mrs. Dinah Norman 139 Wokingham       “
  D. Walshaw 126 Jesmond       “
Grading prizes           
                             140-134 T. Greenaway 139 Torquay   4½   £50
  G. Rosser 129 Torquay   4½   £50
                     Slow Starters T. Crouch 133 King’s Head       £5
  R. Lowery 127 Patchway       “
  R. Waters 124 Taunton       “
38 players competed          
Minor (U-125)          
                                        1st C. Long 122 Truro   5½   £350
                                     2nd= Mrs. Christine Constable 102 Coulsdon   5   £150
  G. Naldrett 121 Insurance       “
Grading prizes          
                              117-111 D. Burt 115 Bournemouth  4½   £50
                                   U-111 P. Broderick 102 Shifnal  4½   £50
                   Slow Starters H. Brooks 124 Bolton      £5
  A. Fraser 113 Beckenham      £5
  R. Cox 88 Southampton      £5
31 players competed          
Morning American          
                                        1st N. Dennis 150 Maidenhead  7   £90
                                       2nd G. Harrison 137 Gosforth  5½   £60
                                      3rd= C. Oliver 122 Cheltenham  3½   £15
  O. Namouk 156 Hastings       “
5 Rd. Morning  (U-180)          
                                         1st R. Bryant 174 Chester  4½   £350
                                     2nd= A. Footner 175 Yeovil  4   £60
  E. Key 169 York       “
  B. O’Gorman 157 D.H.S.S.       “
  D. A. Patrick 160 Courier       “
  E. B. Sandercock 146 Chalfont St. Peters       “
Grading prizes          
                            152-136 D. Siddall 152 Austin Friars  3½   £50
                                 U-136 Mrs. Joan Gardner 121 Berkhamsted  2½   £25
  A. Collins 125 Cowley       “
                      Slow starter M. A. Roberts 139 Holmes Chapel  2½   £10
  H. Höcker 140 S. G. Karpov’s Enkel       “
44 players competed           
D. Bates Bursaries          
                     Ladies Prize Hazel Welch 115 Seaton  4½   £75
                          Disabled Philip Gordon 120 Braille C. A.  4½   £75
Special BCM Prize A. F. Footner      9  
(highest pts total) R. Bryant      9  

 N.B. All scores out of 7 except for the Boniface morning section.

Slow Starters lost their 1st two games.

 Total prize money  totalled around £5,500 and there are further prizes to be awarded  – e.g. Best Games (to be decided) and 10 book vouchers each worth £20, drawn by lot.

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