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New Grades (2011 – 2012)

The new grading list was published to coincide with the start of the British Championships on Monday.

Here is Exmouth’s section of it. Most of the higher grades are slightly down and the lower grades tend to be slightly up. The outstanding feature is the arrival of Oliver Wensley with a grade of 164. His last known grade was 97 at the age of 12, almost 20 years ago. He was introduced to competitions with an estimated grade of 120, in the assumption that, even with any further experience, he had improved since his pre-teen years. By Christmas this had been upgraded to an estimate of 130, but he continued to go from strength to strength and his grade is now confirmed at 164.

However, even this may be surpassed in September, if and when a new potential member turns up, as he promised. No names just yet.

Ref Name Cat. Standard Previous Cat. Rapid Previous
129415F Abbott, Mark V A 170 177 E 167 165
242270A Badlan, Tom W B 110 122      
173289E Belt, Malcolm C 120 118      
285020F Dzenis, Juris D 139        
111446D Gosling, Brian G.E. A 150 156     158
112584K Hewson, Brian W.R. C 178 176      
140874E Hodge, Fred R. D 118 111 E 107 113
266234G Hurst, Kevin J. C 186        
233570A Jamieson, Ian M. B 163 171      
113895K Jones, Robert H. A 130 138 E 147 154
164040K Kennedy, Philip J. A 147 151      
116002D Murray, J. Stephen C 151 143      
118154D Rogers, David R. A 138 150      
155629A Stephens, John K.F. B 173 181 E 176  
242384E Toms, David A. A 153 159      
242283K Underwood, Jonathan D 172 172      
285021H Wensley, Oliver E D 164        

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