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“JB”’s Headstone Renovation Project – an Update.

My club colleague, Brian Gosling, tells me he has made a start at re-newing the headstone of “JB of Bridport”, the pioneering 19th century problem composer.

Brian has spent several years researching a book on John Brown’s life and chess work, which was published earlier this Autumn – (see covers below).

It was always Brian’s intention that any proceeds would be put towards the cost of renovating his headstone in the Churchyard of Holy Trinity Church, Bradpole, and he has already made a start in the process, as witnessed by his pictures here.

East Window, Holy Trinity Church, Bradpole. JB's grave next to drainpipe.


JB's headstone close-up; inscription is mostly illegible.


Making a start.


Cover of Brian's book on "JB".


The back cover bearing details of the publication.

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