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Graham Hesse Dies

President of the Teignmouth Chess Club, Graham Hesse (85) passed away at his Dawlish home over the Christmas period.

Graham Hesse as Mayor of Dawlish in 2002.


He was born in Bournemouth before the family moved to Exeter in 1936. After completing his education and trying various jobs, he settled in the Bristol area and became a Research Assistant at the University of Bristol Department of Anaesthetics, based at Bristol Royal Infirmary, eventually being promoted to Chief Physics Technician on the University staff. He retired in 1982 and went to live in Dawlish.

He was always very active in local politics, somewhat left of centre. The combination of career and politics had left no time for chess, but he had been infected by the virus at an early age, passed on by his father, and retirement allowed him to take it up again, fitting in visits to the Teignmouth Club, where he became President.

His father was L. E. (Ted) Hesse, a founding father of the Exeter & District Chess League in 1953. Ted was its inaugural Deputy President, and soon raised to the Presidency a few years later. He was a member of the old Civil Service Club in Exeter, along with such young tyroes as Ray Shepherd, Bill Frost, Eric Soper and E. W. Bailey, to name but a few.

Here are a couple of pictures of Ted Hesse in action.

Ted Hesse (extreme right) at the 2nd Exeter League AGM.

Ted Hesse (left) at the League AGM in May 1961

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