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Exmouth’s 2nd Win in Five Days Over Tiverton (03.03.2011.)

Exmouth met Tiverton for the 2nd time in 5 days on Wednesday evening, this time in the Exeter & District League Division 2, and away at Blundell’s School.

But again, the Tiverton side were a little lighter in overall strength than might have been expected, being the home team playing on their own clubnight, and both teams were somewhat short of the 600 grade maximum.

First game to finish was Knowles (W) v Jones, in which an early foray by the White queen resulted in its being harried, in turn leading to Black gaining space on the queenside and the initiative, after which material started to drop. 0-1 to the visitors.

Shortly after, Abbott (B) overcame Annetts to at least ensure avoiding defeat, especially in view of the fact that Hodge (W) on Bd. 4 had trapped and won his opponent’s queen as early as move 14 and was himself sure of getting something from the game. In the event, his extra material got trapped behind a phalanx of attacking pawns and was unable to break out effectively, so he offered a draw in order to secure the match win, which was readily accepted in view of his opponent’s large material deficit.

Meanwhile, on Bd. 2, the game Kennedy (W) vs Morrison was a complicated one with a lot of material on the board as time started to run out, so a draw was agreed, making the final score 1-3 to the visitors.

Bd.   Exeter League Div.2     02.03.2011.  
    Tiverton Grd.     Exmouth Grd.
1 W I. S. Annetts 155 0 1 M. V. Abbott 171
2 B J. V. Morrison 152 ½ ½ P. J. Kennedy 151
3 W J. Knowles 133 0 1 R. H. Jones 138
4 B D. F. Allen 111 ½ ½ F. R. Hodge 111
    600 max. 551 1 3   5671

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