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Exmouth make a bad start to the new season.

Exmouth’s first match of the new season was against Tiverton in the Newman Cup, a RapidPlay match in which two 1 hour games are played against the same opponent with colours reversed for the 2nd game. With a total grade limit of 599,  Exmouth fielded a combination of their 2 strongest players and 2 untried but promising newcomers. Tiverton, on the other hand, fielded 4 players all about the same strength in spite of the differences in their rapidplay grades.

Exmouth’s experiment back-fired big style, as 3 of the 4 players failed to register anything, and only John Stephens’ 2 wins preserved a fig-leaf of credibility.

  TIVERTON Grd           EXMOUTH Grd
1 I. S. Annetts 151 0 0   1 1 J. K. Stephens 181
2 J. Morrison 147 1 1   0 0 M. V. Abbott 178
3 K. Atkins 134 1 1   0 0 J. Dzenis 120e
4 J. Duckham 121 1 1   0 0 O. E. Wensley 120e
  totals 553   6     2   599

Picture below shows Bd. 4 nearest the camera. 

Exmouth (r) vs Tiverton - start of play.

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