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Exmouth Club’s Winning Streak (25.03.2012.)

Following the fortuitous win against Tiverton in the DCCA RapidPlay league, thus securing the trophy with the away match against Seaton still to be played, Exmouth seem to have hit a winning streak. In defence of their Exeter & District League Div. 1 trophy, they have made a perfect start, following up their win against the Met. Office with another against Exeter by an even more convincing margin. These game points may prove useful in a tie-break situation at the end of the season.

  Exeter League Div. 1       21.03.2012  
  Exmouth Grd     Exeter  Grd
1 John K. Stephens 173 1 0 Simon Waters 167
2 Oliver E. Wensley 164 1 0 Sean Pope 149
3 Meyrick Shaw 150e ½ ½ Peit Dobber 150
4 Tony G. Hart 145e 1 0 Jonathan Waley 132
  totals 632 ½   598


On Saturday, they had a trip to Newton Abbot to play their Div. 2 match. The home team may have felt somewhat stretched as they were committed to playing an 8 board match at the same time, though they didn’t stint on this team, being just 5 points short of the permitted maximum.

On Bd. 1, they had the Torquay schoolboy, Jeff Leung, a rapidly rising star, though perhaps his weakness is playing too quickly and not extracting the maximum advantages from some of the positions he gets. Although excellent at rapidplay, Stephens does take his time in the crucial middlegame stages, and in this case won the day. The crucial game was on Bd. 4, the last game to finish, where Shaw’s strong nerves in the run up to the time control with his flag hanging in a complicated position were commendable! 

  Mamhead Cup 640 max     24.03.2012  
  Newton Abbot Grd     Exmouth Grd
1 Jeff Leung 165 0 1 John K. Stephens 173
2 Alex Billings 157 1 0 Brian G. Gosling 150
3 Andrew Kinder 162 ½ ½ Tony G. Hart 145e
4 John E. Allen 150 0 1 Meyrick Shaw 150e
  totals 634   618

 This result leaves that league like this…..

  Mamhead Cup 1 2 3 4 5 Tot
1 Barnstaple 1 2 1 4
2 Exmouth 2 1 0 3
3 Newton Abbot 1 0 0 1 2
4 Teignmouth 0 1 2 3
5 Tiverton 1 2 1 4
  As at 25.03.’12            

With all matches played, Newton will finish bottom. If Exmouth beat Barnstaple to reach 5 points, and that’s a big if, the key match will be Tiverton vs Teignmouth, with Tiverton probably favourites to reach 6 points – though anything is possible, of course. After all, who would have put money on Newton Abbot coming last?!

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