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Exmouth 1-3 Tiverton in Div. 3

Exmouth’s 2nd match of the season and 1st at home was in Devon’s 3rd Division, the Schofield Cup, where their opponents again were Tiverton. In short they lost again by a similar margin to the 1st encounter in the Newman Cup.

  Exmouth Grd.     Tiverton  Grd.
1 B. G. E. Gosling 156 0 1 I. S. Annetts 155
2 R. H. Jones 138 0 1 J. Morrison 152
3 J. Dzenis 120e 0 1 J. Knowles 133
4 O. E. Wensley 120e 1 0 E. A. Maynard 104
    534 1 3   544

Jones was the first to fall, blown away in 20 moves by a brilliant sacrificial attack. In the position below, Morrison (W) ignores the attack on his queen and plays 16.Nxe6.  Probably Black’s best reply was 16…Qb6 (not spotted), covering the fork on c7 and leaving White with 2 pieces en pris. Black, in fact, played 16…Qxc3, causing White momentary panic before he found 17.Bxb5! threatening mate and there is little Black can do.

White to play and win.

Oliver Wensley temporarily restored parity when his opponent had a senior moment in the following position. After a game in which both sides were level throughout, White played 36.Rf3?? thinking he was threating a back rank mate but missing the fact that his bishop is dropping.

White to move

 Juris Dzenis got his Queen trapped in the centre and struggled on gamefully but Knowles was too canny to let things slip. At the very end, Brian Gosling found himself as White in this position, but desperately short of time. He played 30.Nd5? which releases the Black Queen to come to d3 forking rook and knight. In fact, 30.Qxa4 would have almost forced the exchange of queens and left him with 2 connected, passed pawns, enough to win the game, all other things being equal.

White to play and either win or lose.

Annetts plays 2...Bf5

Maynard vs Wensley gets under way on Bd. 4

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