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Exeter Simultaneous

Starting to panic about the East Devon team for the WECU Jamboree on Sunday, needing two low graded players, I went up to the Exeter Club last night in the hope of dragooning a couple of players. Failed totally in that respect, but found it was the evening of their annual pre-season warm-up, when the new Club Champion takes on the rest of the membership in a simultaneous match, in this case Graham Bolt.
I was invited to take part, and in order not to have wasted the trip up from Exmouth I joined in and made the numbers up to 10.
Once under way, Graham raced around the boards, never spending more than 10 seconds per move at any one game, and twice declining proffered draws for the sake of the hope of some exciting play, before going on to lose both games. However, he paid the price as he lost 6 games, drew one and won 3 , as follows:-

Bd Opponent Grd    
1 R. H. Jones 130 1 0
2 Sean Pope 149 1 0
3 Charles Keen 155 1 0
4 B. Page-Thomas u/g 0 1
5 Ben Newman u/g ½ ½
6 Terry Earnshaw u/g 0 1
7 Richard Scholes 114 0 1
8 Piet Dobber 149 1 0
9 Giles Body 150 1 0
10 J. Amos u/g 1 0

Not that he was troubled in any way about his fortunes – as everyone had had a good time.

Meanwhile, I still need two players for Sunday.

Graham Bolt - Exeter Champion 2010 - 11

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