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Rudd Title Celebrations (03.11.2009.)

ON MONDAY, Roger Neat of Halwill Junction organised an eight-man invitation all-play-all rapidplay tournament to commemorate both the chess career of John Parker, late of North Devon, and Jack Rudd’s success at Liverpool in gaining the title of International Master.

Players competed at three levels; as individuals, then as members of teams from either the host town of Bideford (Rudd, Neat, Wayne Batt and Peter Sandon) or Exmouth (Brian Gosling, Ivor Annetts, Bob Jones and Malcolm Belt). Additionally, each team of four was subdivided into two pairs, competing for an extra prize.

Predictably, Rudd came first, winning all his seven games; Gosling was second and Jones third. The pairing of Gosling and Jones came equal first with that of Rudd and Neat with 10 points each, but it was honours even as the Bideford four drew with Exmouth. No-one left empty-handed, however, as Dr Neat generously provided prizes for all involved.

Rudd won several games quickly with his easy attacking flair, but was a little mere stretched in his second round game, as his King was chased back and forth.

White: B G Gosling (141). Black: J Rudd (219).
Torre Attack [A46]
IA4 Nf6 2.Nf3 e6 3.Bf4 White’s favourite system. 3…c5 4.c3 Nc6 5.e3 Be7 6.Bd3 b6 7.Qe2 Bbl 8.Nbd2 d6 9.Rdl Qd7 I0.dxc5 bxc5 11.e4 0-0 12.0-0 Raba 13.Nc4 e5 14.Bg3 Qc7 15.Bb1 keep an eye on the 2 bishops on the b-file; they both play a crucial role in the game. 15 … Rfd8 16.Ne3 M 17.Nd5 Nxd5 18.exd5 Ne7 If a club player is to stand any chance against a master, one must seize any half chance that presents itself So… 19.Bxh7+ Kxh7 20.Ng5+ Kg6 (if 20 … Kg8 21.Qh5 with mate to follow, or if 20 … Kh6 21.Nxf7+ winning a rook.) 21.f4 Nxd5 22.f5+ offering a 2nd piece in order to tempt the king further out. 22…Kxg5 23.Qd2+ Kh5 24.Bxe5 chucking a third piece at it. 24 … dxe5 25.g4+ Kh4 forced. If only White could now nail it. 26.Qf2+ Kg5 27.h4+ Kh6 28.g5+ Kh7 29.g6+ Kh8 30.Qe2 Nf6 keeping the Queen out. 31.gxf7 Qc6 White cannot now prevent exchanges, which after his earlier profligacy will leave White seriously deficient in material. 0-1

The next big event in the area is the 44th Dorset Congress which, after several years at the Rembrandt Hotel, moves to a new venue at the Prince Regent Hotel on the Weymouth seafront. This starts on Friday October 24 at 7pm – details obtainable from Frank Kingdon on 01305 812237 or e-mail

Last week’s problem was solved by the unlikely-looking 1.Qf7! after which each White knight threatens mate on the 5th rank. In this week’s somewhat easier 2-mover, White must remember that Black has no move, while not loosening his. grip on the position.

Western Morning News 4 October 2008

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