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Coast vs Country Match 2010

This annual match originated in 2003 as the League celebrated its 50th year with a match between the clubs situated on the coast (Exmouth, Sidmouth and Seaton) and those sited inland (Tiverton and the various clubs in Exeter).

After a gap of one year, it was decided to make this Coast vs Country formula an annual event, at the Manor Hotel on Exmouth’s Beacon.

This year Ken Derrick took over as Coast team Captain, with Brian Aldwin assembling the Country team, aiming at 20 players each. In the  event, 2 players failed to show and after a little judicious shuffling of players it settled down as a 19-a-side match. On paper the teams were closely matched from top to bottom.

Play was preceded by the prizegiving, with Brian Aldwin doing the honours.

Exeter captain Tim Paulden receives the Div. 1 Cup from Brian Aldwin.

Alan Dowse receives the Div Cup on behalf of Seaton.



Sidmouth member Tom Badlan receives the Div 3 cup.

Les Porter of Seaton receives the Div. 4 trophy.

Once play got under way, it wasn’t long before the first results came in and there was never more than a point between the two teams. Eventually, with the top two games reaching a climax, the teams were tied at 8.5 each. On Bd. 2, Mark Abbott won his game to put the Coast team in an unbeatable position, but Derrick and Waters were involved in a breathless time scramble and the clock could have decided matters. Derrick, however, managed to make about 30 moves almost instantaneously and snaffling some vital pawns in the process. With seconds left on both clocks, a dead drawn position was reached, the draw making the score 10 – 9 in the Coast’s favour.


  Coast Grd. Club     Country Grd Club
1 K. Derrick 184 Sid ½ ½ S. Waters 170 Exe
2 M. V. Abbott 174 Exm 1 0 D. Regis 165 Exe
3 J. Underwood 165 Sea ½ ½ T. Paulden 160 Exe
4 B. G. Gosling 159 Sid 1 0 S. Pope 156 Exe
5 D. A. Toms 156 Sid 0 1 I. S. Annetts 156 Tiv
6 D. R. Rogers 149 Exm ½ ½ K. Atkins 145 Tiv
7 R. H. Jones 140 Exm 1 0 C. Southall 145 Exe
8 A. Dowse 130 Sea 0 1 C. Keen 135 Exe
9 R. Warburton 125 Sid 0 1 J. Waley 124 Exe
10 T. Badlan 122 Sid ½ ½ J. Maloney 121 Exe
11 M. Belt 119 Exm 1 0 J. Knowles 121 Tiv
12 P. Hills 117 Sid 0 1 R. Scholes 115 Exe
13 R. Curtis 105 Sea 1 0 G. J. Jenkins 103 Exe
14 L. Herzberg 104 Sid 0 1 B. Aldwin 100 Tiv
15 P. Leask 103 Sid 0 1 E. A. Maynard 99 Tiv
16 L. Porter 88 Sea 1 0 A. Brinkley 96 Tiv
17 R. Cubbon 70 Sid 0 1 W. Marjoram 100 Exe
18 B. Marsh Ug Sid 1 0 J. Royle Ug Exe
19 D. Arany-Bibby 50 Sid 1 0 J. Rayson 47  
  Total     10 9      

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