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Club A. G. M. 2010.

Held the A.G.M. last night in the new premises at Age Concern, New St., Exmouth.

The agenda was fairly routine and most discussion centred around possible ways of raising the profile of the club within the immediate community as a way of ¬†increasing the membership and attendance at the club on a Wednesday night. It was agreed that measures already taken this season should be continued with perhaps more rigour and to explore the idea of getting some chess played in a public venue, as was the case with the early days of the Walton’s Knockout Competition (see Club History). What is needed is a sympathetic owner/manager of a suitable establishment that the public can easily access.

Not wishing to be too downbeat, it was recalled that the club had retained both the Devon Team RapidPlay in October (Thomas Cup), and the Mamhead Cup (Devon Div. II). Mark Abbott had won the Club Championship, winning every one of his 10 games.

Former club champion and DCCA President, Phil Trussler, disrupts the photo opportunity.


Intruder ejected, Mark Abbott, new Club Champion, poses with trophy.

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