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The Bremridge Cup – a brief history.

Devon’s premier team tournament, the Bremridge Cup was inaugurated in 1902, with a cup donated by the newly-created DCCA’s then secretary, the Rev. Henry Bremridge, and has been competed for ever since. 

For many decades the tournament was a battle between Plymouth and Exeter. This was not surprising as Plymouth had by far the largest population base from which to draw players (c. ¼ million) and the club was led from the front by the charismatic Ron Bruce. This was off-set by Exeter having the University and a number of establishments of higher education, all providing a shifting population of young talents passing through. 

From time to time, other clubs were allowed their moment in the sun, as, for example, when a young Gary Lane emerged in Paignton, a star collecting around him a small constellation of aspirants. The University were immensely strong in the ‘60s and ‘70s, while Barnstaple once had enough talents to form a strong team of 6, winning in 1991 and 1992. 

But by the 1990s things were waning. Ron and Rowena Bruce and their generation had passed away or moved on, and the Plymouth Club had no appetite at all for weekend chess. Exeter, too, failed to identify a strong leader who could forge the city’s talents into a regularly competitive team. The University club folded altogether as students were left more and more to their own devices. Gary Lane grew up, moved on, and the Paignton Club folded. Teignmouth, an ever-present club in the tournament seized their chance, claiming their only win in 2001. 

While everyone was delighted at this well-deserved success, the DCCA could see that the tournament was on the slide. In the centenary 2001-02 season, only two clubs had entered the Bremridge Cup and there were no clubs at all in the Mamhead Cup (Div. 2). In order to try and address this alarming decline, the Association agreed that clubs could become more pro-active in their search for strong players willing to commit their Saturday afternoons. 

In this recruitment drive Exmouth were first off the mark. Ken Derrick, a 200 grade player formerly from Bristol, was discovered living quietly in an East Devon village, hitherto unknown to mainstream Devon chess. Likewise with Mike Cox, who lived nearby. Trefor Thynne, a former Exmouth Champion who had been inactive in recent years was also invited to join the party. This surge attracted Ivor Annetts and Brian Hewson from the Tiverton area where there was no top level chess at that time. 

In no time at all, Exmouth, who had only very rarely entered the Bremridge in its 100 years, became Devon champions 6 times in the 8 years from 2002, seemingly before other clubs had twigged what the secret was. This was only the short-term effect; Trefor Thynne’s interest was thereby re-awakened, and he went on to form the Newton Abbot Club, while Annetts and Hewson started doing the same for Tiverton as Exmouth had done. The result being 3 strong teams where none had existed before. 

This renaissance came to head this season with 5 teams entering the 1st division. Exeter had entered early, but when the familiar problem arose of needing a captain to organise things, and it looked as if they would have to withdraw, the day was saved by Dave Regis who stepped in after Christmas.

So, with at least 4 teams at full strength, it was clear that every team was capable of beating the other 4. And so it proved. 

When the day of the final match arrived (Tiverton vs Exmouth), there were still three possible outcomes. (a) If Tiverton won 6-0 they would win the cup; (b) If Exmouth won or only drew 3-3, they would win the cup and if Tiverton won by 3½-2½ or slightly better, Newton Abbot would win. Trefor Thynne, as Newton Abbot captain and a (very) interested party came along to witness fair play and to present the Cup to either club. 

Things had not gone well for the Exmouth Club, whose absentees were strong and plentiful enough to form a Bremridge team on their own, whereas Brian Hewson drove for 4 hours from Kent to arrive minutes before kick-off time, mentally and physically exhausted but determined not to miss the occasion. Also, the sounds of music and merriment, wafting upstairs from the bar below throughout, seemed to affect the visitors more than their opponents, and when Tiverton got to 3½-1½ with a game to go, it was clear neither was going to win the cup, and Trefor Thynne took it back with him, to hold for a 4th successive year. After he left, Underwood scored a fine endgame win to make the final score a tantalising half point short of Exmouth’s required draw.

  Bremridge Cup       15.06.2013.  
Bd Tiverton Grd     Exmouth Grd
1 B. Edgell 199 1 0 J. K. F. Stephens 192
2 D. Littlejohns 180 ½ ½ A. Archer-Lock 192
3 M. Richardt 177 0 1 Dr. J. W. R. Underwood 171
4 B. W. R. Hewson 174 0 1 M. Shaw 166
5 S. Bartlett 164 1 0 B. G. E. Gosling 164
6 I. S. Annetts 152 1 0 R. H. Jones 130
    1,046   1,015


  Club P W D L F A Pts
1st= Newton Abbot 4 2 1 1 15 9 5
1st= Exmouth 4 2 1 1 14 10 5
1st= Tiverton 4 2 1 1 13 11 5
1st= Exeter 4 2 1 1 13 11 5
5th Teignmouth 4 0 0 4 5 19 0


Tiverton (l-r) seated: Dave Littlejohns; Brian Hewson; Ivor Annetts; 2nd row: Ben Edgell; Mike Richardt; Simon Bartlett.

Exmouth (l-r) seated: Meyrick Shaw; John Stephens; Bob Jones; standing: Jonathan Underwood; Brian Gosling; Adrian Archer-Lock.

Littlejohns v Archer-Lock wait for the "off".

Ready to lock horns! To get into the spirit of things, Bd. 2 played the Spanish Opening.

Shaw looks like he fancies his chances as his opponent's so tired.

E. Devon League Prizegiving & Match

The Exeter & Dist. League’s annual prizegiving was held on Tuesday 4th June at the Manor Hotel, Exmouth, by the kind invitation of the owners.

This year was marked by having all the cups available at the same time for presentation. This was due entirely to the efforts of League President, Brian Aldwin and Secretary Tim Paulden, who have invested considerable time and energy in getting all the existing trophies engraved up-to-date, plus the purchase of 2 new trophies to replace lost ones. The reduction in the number of leagues from 4 to 2, has been compensated for by having extra prizes  in the new divisions – the equivalent of grading prizes in a congress.

The first business of the evening was to present the 6 cups. Photographs below

This was followed by the now-traditional match between the league clubs situated on the coast (Exmouth, Sidmouth & Seaton) and those inland (Exeter, Exeter Juniors, Tiverton & the Met Office), nicknamed the Coast V Country match. After a couple of last minute tweaks, two 18 player teams of very similar strength were produced, and battle commenced.

The Coast went into a 9-5 at one stage, on the verge of victory, but the Country got 2.5 pts from the last 4 games to finish, to haul back 1 point of the deficit. The final scores were as follows:

Bd. Coast Grd Club Country Grd Club
1 J. K. Stephens 191 Exmouth 1 0 Dr. D. Regis 181 Exeter
2 K. J. Hurst 174 Sidmouth 1 0 Dr. T. Paulden 177 Exeter
3 Dr. D. A. Toms 161 Sidmouth 0 1 G. Body 162 Exeter
4 B. G. Gosling 154 Exmouth 1 0 J. Duckham 155 Tiverton
5 S. Martin 152 Sidmouth 0 1 I. S. Annetts 152 Tiverton
6 T. Bons 135e   ½ ½ W. Marjoram 146 Exeter
7 C. J. Scott 135 Exmouth 1 0 l. Ten Holter 100 Exeter
8 M. Belt 136 Exmouth 1 0 J. Knowles 128 Tiverton
9 R. H. Jones 128 Exmouth 0 1 E. Palmer 126 Exeter
10 A. Dowse 123 Seaton ½ ½ J. Waley 123 Exeter
11 G. Susevee 121 Sidmouth 1 0 G. J. Jenkins 118 Exeter
12 F. R. Hodge 108 Exmouth 1 0 R. Scholes 109 Exeter
13 Mrs. H. Welch 104 Seaton 0 1 R. Whittington 106 Exeter
14 S. Blake 100 Exmouth ½ ½ R. Player 100 Exeter
15 M. Haines   96 Seaton ½ ½ T. Finch   98 Exeter
16 T. Badlan   88 Exmouth ½ ½ A. Brinkley   85 Tiverton
17 G. Susevee   89 Sidmouth 1 0 J. Wheadon   83  
18 T. Murray   70   0 1 B. Aldwin 100 Exeter
  Totals 2265   10½   2249  

The games scores will shortly become avaiable on the League section of the Exeter Club website.

Unusually, a full set of trophies.

Ivor Annetts receiving the Championship trophy, the Cottew Cup; the 1st time Tiverton have ever won it.

The old 2nd Div. trophy, the Turner Cup, now used as a grading prize in Div. 1, won by Sidmouth City, captained by team captain, Kevin Hurst.

Seaton won Div. 2 (the Championship), the Polsloe Cup here collected by Hazel Welch.

Exmouth Win Devon’s Newman Cup (RapidPlay)

The Newman Cup is DCCA’s RapidPlay trophy. As in recent years, the only entries were Exmouth, Tiverton and Seaton, playing each other at home and away. Last Wednesday evening was Exmouth’s last match, entertaining Seaton at their Age Concern Day Centre in New Street. Having beaten and drawn  against Tiverton, and beaten Seaton away, and knowing that Seaton had beaten Tiverton in their first encounter, the title was Exmouth’s to lose. Not that anything was to be taken for granted as Seaton were able to field a much stronger team for this 2nd match.

In fact, after losing the toss and having Black on Bds. 1 & 3 Seaton won the first round. With colours reversed the crucial moment came after Stephens and Wensley won on Bds 1 & 2. Jones was locked into a rook and pawn ending against the dangerous M. Adams (Martyn, not Mickey). With two minutes left each, the play was getting wild, and although Jones had what was probably a winning position – with best play -  anything could go wrong, and knowing that a draw would ensure at least a drawn match, and with it, the title, offered a draw which was quickly accepted. Another factor in his offer, was that Blake was winning on Bd. 4. but in the last few seconds the win evaporated, and the match was, in fact, drawn.

Exmouth thus finished this tournament with a win and draw against both opponents.

  Newman Cup                
  Exmouth Grd Rd. 1 Rd. 2   Rd. 1 Rd. 2 Seaton Grd
1 J. K. F. Stephens 184 1 1   0 0 S. K. Dean 152
2 O. E. Wensley 136 0 1   1 0 K. Alexander 129
3 R. H. Jones 148 ½ ½   ½ ½ M. Adams 127
4 S. Blake   96 0 0   1 1 A. Dowse 110
    564     518
        4     4    

Coast v Country Match 2012

The Exeter & District League’s annual “Coast vs Country” match took place on Tuesday 12th June at the Manor Hotel, Exmouth, by the kind invitation of the Management. This event started in 2003 as a celebration of the League’s 50 years’ existence and has been held ever since. The Coast team comprises players from the clubs of Exmouth, Sidmouth and Seaton, while players from Exeter and Tiverton make up the Country team. There is always a problem equalising the numbers in both teams and there has to be a bit of flexibility, with one or two players helping out the opposition, but the matches are usually very closely fought.

This year, the recipe was complicated somewhat, by a late influx of juniors, and after the teams were evened out, the even later withdrawal of John Morrison, left 11 yr old Guy Susevee without an opponent. Nevertheless, he ended up having probably more chess than anyone else in the room, as the early finishers gave him several friendly games.

Looking at the team lists on paper beforehand, the Coast team were bracing themselves for a sizeable loss, as they were outgraded by 6 points per board, on average, but it didn’t work out like that, with the Coast eventually winning by one of the bigger margins in the series 11.5 – 6.5.  9 year-old Reese Whittington set the ball rolling by beating his opponent in 8 moves, and it went on from there.

The final details were as follows:

  Coast Grd       Country Grd  
1 Stephens J. K. 175 Exmouth ½ ½ Hewson, B. W. 186 Tiverton
2 Abbott M. V. 170 Exmouth 1 0 Annetts, I.S. 156 Tiverton
3 Wensley, O. E. 165 Exmouth ½ ½ Keen, C 155 Exeter
4 Shaw, M 160 Exmouth 0 1 Duckham, J 155 Tiverton
5 Gosling, B. G. 159 Exmouth ½ ½ Dobber, P 149 Exeter
6 Belt, M 131 Exmouth 1 0 Marjoram, W. 148 Exeter
7 Scott, C. J. 130 Exmouth ½ ½ Atkins, K. P. 148 Tiverton
8 Jones, R. H. 131 Exmouth ½ ½ Body, G 147 Exeter
9 Palmer, E 125 Exmouth 1 0 Waley, J 132 Exeter
10 Hodge, F. R. 122 Exmouth 0 1 Amos, J 130 Exeter
11 Badlan, T 104 Exmouth 1 0 Knowles,J 125 Tiverton
12 Ebanks, O 105 Exmouth 0 1 Maloney, J 120 Exeter
13 Blake, S 100 Exmouth 1 0 Scholes, R 114 Exeter
14 Porter, L 88 Seaton 0 1 Thomson, D 114 Exeter
15 Haines, M 88 Seaton 1 0 Maynard, A 100 Tiverton
16 Trott, T 92 Ex. Juniors 1 0 Aldwin, B 98 Tiverton
17 Whittington, R. 85 Ex. Juniors 1 0 Murray, T 80  
18 Susevee, Greg 84 Sidmouth 1 0 Finch, T. 64  
19 Susevee, Guy 88 Sidmouth          
  totals 2214   11½   2321  
  average 123       average 129  















In recent years this event has been combined with the presentation of trophies to teams who have won their leagues during the season. This year it was decided to hold that back until the AGM in September. However, one presentation was made; this was by Devon’s match captain, Brian Hewson, to his Player of the Year, Mark Abbott, who had won all his 5 games for the county during the season. As neither would be at Devon’s AGM on the following Friday, it seemed appropriate to take this opportunity.


Mark Abbott (r) - Devon's Player of the Year 2012.

Bds 6 (nearest) to 1.

Bds. 11 (nearest) - 16.

Bds 17 & 18.

Hodge vs Amos & Palmer vs Waley.

Top game: Stephens vs Hewson.

Coast team's top players.

Annual Prizegiving & Coast vs Country Match

Thirty-six league players of varying strength gathered at the Manor Hotel, Exmouth for the annual prizegiving, to be followed by an 18 board match between the clubs of  the coastal towns against those situated inland.

First of all, John Stephens accepted the Division I Cup on behalf of the Exmouth Club, having won it the week before (see account). Jonathan Waley, as captain of the Exeter team  was presented with the Div. II cup, followed by John Knowles who won Div III with the Tiverton Ravens. (See photographs below)

The match followed immediately and it wasn’t long before the Coast team established a small lead of 1 or 2 points as the results started to come in, with a good number of draws. Eventually, the Coast had a 2 point lead with 3 games still in progress, though Abbott and Rogers had their backs to the wall in losing endgames. So with one game still in play, the scores were level, and Obie Ebanks, a new arrival at the Exmouth Club, had a small advantage against schoolboy S. Keat, but was having to face a strong attack, when Keat’s flag fell but neither noticed in the excitement. With Keat’s clock 3 minutes past flag-fall, Ebanks forced the win of a rook and the game was up. Keat resigned not having realised he’d already technically lost minutes earlier, though, of course, the win has to be claimed.

Full details:-

Bd. Coast Team Grd     Country Team Grd
  1 John Stephens 181 ½ ½ Tin Paulden 174
  2 Mark Abbott 177 0 1 Dave Regis 166
  3 David Toms 159 ½ ½ Sean Pope 159
  4 Ray Shepherd 129 ½ ½ Peiter Dobber 158
  5 Dave Rogers 150 0 1 Chris Southall 138
  6 Steve Murray 143 ½ ½ Jon Waley 132
  7 Giles Body 132 1 0 John Knowles 133
  8 Oliver Wensley 130e 1 0 Charlie Keen 131
  9 Alan Dowse 132 0 1 Will Marjoram 120
10 Bob Jones 138 0 1 John Maloney 120
11 Tom Badlan 120 1 0 Dave Nagy   80
12 Hazel Welch 115 ½ ½ Richard Scholes 108
13 Robert Ryan 114 ½ ½ Geoff Jenkins 100
14 Fred Hodge 111 ½ ½ Louis Ten-Holter 99e
15 Roy Curtis 101 ½ ½ Tomas Trott 96e
16 Obie Ebanks 100e 1 0 Sam Keat 90e
17 Les Porter 93 1 0 Chris Ebanks 95e
18 Dave Aramy-Bibby 78 ½ ½ Alan Brinkley 89


John Stephens (Exmouth) receives the Div. 1 cup from Brian Aldwin.

Jonathan Waley receives the Div. II cup.

John Knowles is truly delighted with his Div. III trophy.

Paulden and Stephens reprise their encounter of the previous week.

Hodge vs Ten-Holter (nearest)

General view.

General view#2

E. Devon Congress – Final Day

The final day began with the sole leader, Steve Homer, having to take a half-point bye in the morning, which allowed Jack Rudd and Mark Taylor to draw level. Rudd and Homer were drawn together on top board, while Taylor floated down to play Kryzanowski. The fact that Rudd, in addition to his 29 point grading superirity, also had the white pieces gave him a big advantage. He soon had a crushing Q-side attack that forced Homer’s resignation, and guaranteed Rudd at least a share of 1st prize. Taylor’s game was much closer and longer, but eventually he built up a strong attack down the g-file that forced his opponent to give up material in order to avoid mate. However, another chance arose soon after and Taylor had levelled with Rudd. Thus they shared the prizemoney (£170 each), but Rudd got the Steve Boniface Cup on tie-break using sum of opponents’ scores. However, Rudd had long since departed the hall and will have to wait for another opportunity to get his hands on it, possibly the West of England Congress over the Easter weekend.

Dominic Mackle had a fairly comfortable game against Dr. Adam Woodruff and his win took him to clear 3rd.

In the Major Section Jamie Morgan of Exeter came clear 1st. Although he lives in the city, he has yet to visit their club. He was born in Guernsey and learned his chess in the far west of Cornwall, and should now prove an asset to East Devon chess.

The Minor proved a triumph for Christine Constable, who, with her husband John, runs the bookstall and provided all the equipment. It was the first clear 1st in her chess career, and it is a moot point as to whether she is the first lady player to win outright any section at this event. Someone should consult the record books. Unfortunately, the trophy hadn’t been returned by its previous winner, (no names – no pack drill) so she, too, will have to wait until Easter to receive it.

The full details were:-

East Devon Congress   4th – 6th March 2011  
Open   Grd Club Pts/5 Prize
  1st= J. Rudd 210 Bideford £170
  M. V. Taylor 181 Crowthorne £170
3rd D. Mackle 194 Newton Abbot 4 £80
GP: U-177 A. W. Brusey 175 Newton Abbot £30
U-163 A. Waters   Rainham 3 £30
Major  (U-155)          
1st J. Morgan 144 Exeter £160
2nd J. Nielsen 142 Wimborne 4 £100
  3rd= G. Body 140 Exeter £14
  R. Desmedt 149 Wombwell £14
  J. G. Gorodi 150 Newton Abbot £14
  T. Greenaway 139 Torquay £14
  A. Waldock 143 Guildford £14
GP: U-145 A. Farthing 144 Worcester 3 £15
  R. Wilby 133 Plymouth 3 £15
U-133 C. Keen 131 Exeter 3 £15
Minor  (U-125)          
1st C. Constable 102 Coulsdon £160
2nd J. Wallman 108 Isle of Wight 4 £100
 3rd= S. Ross u/g Shifnal £14
  T. Slade 103 N. Cornwall £14
  M. Hill 124 Liskeard £14
  J. Carr 101 Portsmouth £14
  R. Scholes 108 Exeter £14
GP:  U-111 K. Sherlock 102 Yeovil £30
U-102 G. Jenkins   95 Exeter £30
Team Prize          
1st Exeter        
2nd South Hams        
 3rd= Barnstaple        

 Although the event passed pleasantly enough, there remains to question of falling numbers – a drop of c. 15 per year over the past few years is unsustainable without some adjustments to the formula. The Committee will be considering the possiblities – whether it be a new cheaper venue, an increase in entry fees, cutting out the Friday evening round, the formation of a Friends of the Congress fund, similar to Paignton, or a more rigorous “selling” of the event, if that is possible. They are not alone in this – many events are having to take stock in the wake of falling numbers.

Meanwhile, here are some scenes from the final round:- 

Rudd vs Homer gets under way on Bd. 1.

Mackle with Black managed to beat Woodruff and come clear 3rd

Christine Constable on her way to a personal best.

The youngest competitor, 10 yr old Theo Slade, won a Grading Prize.

Mark V. Taylor looking after the Cup for Jack Rudd.

Exeter resident, Jamie Morgan, winner of the Major Plate.

Christine Constable looking pleased with her win in the Minor - very pleased!

36th E. Devon Congress – Day 2

After 3 rounds of the congress, only one player is left with a maximum score in the Open; Stephen Homer of Exminster. There are four players a half point behind – these are Alan Brusey, Steve Dilleigh, Mark Taylor and Jack Rudd, the latter two having drawn against each other in Rd. 3.  Tomorrow’s winner must surely come from this group.

All five have a Devon connection in common: Brusey and Rudd live in the county, while Dilleigh was brought up in Plymouth and Taylor was a student at Exeter University.

36th E. Devon Congress

The 36th East Devon Congress got under way at the appointed time of 7 p.m. tonight with a few words of welcome from the Secretary, Alan Maynard. The overall entry was 15 down on last year, which was, in turn, 15 down on 2009, a worrying trend for the Committee to consider at their post-congress meeting. Strangely, while the Open and Major sections held up well, it was numbers in the Minor Section that were down. By and large, most of the players here were familiar faces, the usual suspects, one might say; if the congress is to continue in its present form, it must attract many more newcomers.

Paul Helbig  of Bristol returned to defend the trophy he won last year, hopes dented by the unexpected appearance of  IM Jack Rudd, hot foot from the Brighton International that finished mid-week, and clear favourite here. Other contenders for a prize in the Open include John Wheeler, Graham Bolt and Dominic Mackle.

General view of the playing hall.

Open Section: Rd. 1 Bd. 1 Rudd vs Woodruff.

Dave Rapkins (formerly Exmouth) greets Alan Brusey, former Devon Champion.

Tim Paulden, (rt: Exeter League Secretary) welcomes Oliver Wensley, ungraded newcomer.

Ray Chubb, Secretary of the Torbay Congress, gets started.

10 yr old Theo Slade of North Cornwall gets in some practice before his England U-11 team trials next month in Liverpool.

West’s Winning Ways In Devon Jamboree (16.01.2011.)

This annual event is scheduled for a Sunday in January, when teams of 12 players are invited from each of quarter of Devon. It usually involves three teams, but this year all areas were able to raise a side, and they met at Exeter, at the Isca Centre, a comfortably appointed indoor bowls and bridge club, recently built on the site of the old County Show Ground. The North team is drawn from the membership of Tiverton and Barnstaple, South comes from the various clubs in Torbay, while the East comprises clubs in the Exeter & District League and the West comes from the membership of the large Plymouth Club. The overall population base of each area is approximately equal at 250,000, so to that extent it tends to make for a close contest.    

Players are matched according to the Hutton Pairing system, which ensures that although the teams are mixed up, the formula guarantees that, for example where 4 teams are involved, four players from any one team will play each of the other teams, and of those four, 2 will have the white pieces and the other two being black. And, where there is an even number of teams, all players will be matched with someone on the same board number as themselves. It’s complicated, but it works and it’s fair.    

Before the start, the organiser, Alan Maynard, was the only person to have seen all the team lists and ventured that the winners would be either East or West, but no-one was fooled by that prophesy as anything can happen in this kind of match – and usually does.    

Certainly, the East started well, winning two of their 1st 3 games, while the West lost their 1st games, but from then on there was never more than a point between them. In the end, it came down to the very last game to finish, David Toms of the East against Richard Pollock of the West, Toms needing to win for East to share 1st place. In the early endgame, Toms had blundered away a bishop, having seen the trap in earlier analysis, but had two extra pawns for it. It came down to a bishop + 3 vs 5 pawns. Toms fought gamely to give himself a chance, and indeed both queened a pawn. But Pollock was able to force them both off immediately and was left with a solitary pawn free to get his 3rd queen. So the matter was settled by the last pawn in the last game to finish - it was that close.   

Summary Chart.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Total Pos.
East 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 ½ ½ 0 1 6 2nd
North 1 1 ½ 1 0 1 0 ½ 0 0 0 0 5 4th
South 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 ½ ½ ½ 1 1 3rd
West 1 1 ½ 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 7.5 1st


Bd   WHITE Grd     BLACK Grd  
1 E1 J. Stephens 181 0 1 J. Duckham 165 N1
2 S1 A. Clarke 164 0 1 D. Twine 170 W1
3 N2 S. Bartlett 162 1 1 W. Ingham 164 S2
4 W2 R. Pollock 164 1 0 D. A. Toms 159 E2
5 E3 P. J. Kennedy 151 1 0 A. Billings 148 S3
6 N3 S. Clarke 155 ½ ½ M. Stinton-B 149 W3
7 S4 R. Wilby 133 0 1 I. Annetts 155 N4
8 S4 E. J. Smith 143 1 0 B. Gosling 156 E4
9 S5 J. E. Allen 140 1 0 J. Morrison 152 N5
10 E5 J. S. Murray 143 1 0 K. Bloodworth 122 W5
11 N6 J. Knowles 133 1 0 G. Body 140 E6
12 W6 A. Tatam 127 1 0 J. W. Clarke 129 S6
13 E7 R. H. Jones 138 1 0 R. Dooley 114 N7
14 S7 N. F. Tidy 129 0 1 R. Greenhalgh 117 W7
15 N8 S. T-Tracey 114 ½ ½ F. Sugden 127 S8
16 W8 C. Peach 114 0 1 O. Wensley 120 E8
17 E9 J. Dzenis 120 ½ ½ K. Hindon 124 S9
18 N9 B. Aldwin 111 0 1 J. Ariss 111 S9
19 W10 D. Scantlebury 112 1 0 B. Connor 88 N10
20 S10 G. Bramley 110 ½ ½ H. Welch 115 E10
21 S11 J. Doidge 106 1 0 J. Wheadon 88 N11
22 E11 F. R. Hodge 111 0 1 J. Dean 109 W11
23 N12 A. Barclay 35 0 1 W. Fairbairn 101 E12
24 W12 C. Zisimides 97 0 1 N. Mills 93 S12

The Top 4 Boards Get the Show on the Road.


Kennedy vs Billings on Bd. 5 Make Their Opening Moves


All 4 Whites Here Won their Games; Allen, Murray, Knowles & Tatam.


General view of the action - John Duckham in the foreground



The last and decisive game to finish - Pollock vs Toms


Organiser Alan Maynard (r) presents the trophy to Tony Tatam, Captain of the West team.



Exmouth 1-3 Tiverton in Div. 3

Exmouth’s 2nd match of the season and 1st at home was in Devon’s 3rd Division, the Schofield Cup, where their opponents again were Tiverton. In short they lost again by a similar margin to the 1st encounter in the Newman Cup.

  Exmouth Grd.     Tiverton  Grd.
1 B. G. E. Gosling 156 0 1 I. S. Annetts 155
2 R. H. Jones 138 0 1 J. Morrison 152
3 J. Dzenis 120e 0 1 J. Knowles 133
4 O. E. Wensley 120e 1 0 E. A. Maynard 104
    534 1 3   544

Jones was the first to fall, blown away in 20 moves by a brilliant sacrificial attack. In the position below, Morrison (W) ignores the attack on his queen and plays 16.Nxe6.  Probably Black’s best reply was 16…Qb6 (not spotted), covering the fork on c7 and leaving White with 2 pieces en pris. Black, in fact, played 16…Qxc3, causing White momentary panic before he found 17.Bxb5! threatening mate and there is little Black can do.

White to play and win.

Oliver Wensley temporarily restored parity when his opponent had a senior moment in the following position. After a game in which both sides were level throughout, White played 36.Rf3?? thinking he was threating a back rank mate but missing the fact that his bishop is dropping.

White to move

 Juris Dzenis got his Queen trapped in the centre and struggled on gamefully but Knowles was too canny to let things slip. At the very end, Brian Gosling found himself as White in this position, but desperately short of time. He played 30.Nd5? which releases the Black Queen to come to d3 forking rook and knight. In fact, 30.Qxa4 would have almost forced the exchange of queens and left him with 2 connected, passed pawns, enough to win the game, all other things being equal.

White to play and either win or lose.

Annetts plays 2...Bf5

Maynard vs Wensley gets under way on Bd. 4