1851 The Chess Tournament – London Bohn
LN5179 A 1st edition of the world’s first congress, organised as chess’s
contribution to the Great Exhibition of that year. All games plus some
from provincial matches played after the main event, and much background
information about the organisation.
This copy has been re-backed
retaining original cloth and gilt chessboard design on front cover. o/w
377pp G £150.00
1851 The Chess Tournament – London Batsford ‘86
LN5179 A facsimile reprint of the 1852 original landmark. DW 377pp VG+ £15.00
1883 London International Chess Tournament BCM
242 annotated games in a facsimile of the 1883 original. 1st
Zukertort, 2nd Steinitz, 3rd Blackburne ahead of Chigorin, Winawer Bird
et al. Plus descriptions of the event. PB
308pp VG+ £10.00
1886 London (1st Blackburne & 28 gms) &
Nottingham (1st Burn ahead of Zukertort & Bird & 91 gms).
Gillam 2007
Plus contemporary reports. No. 66 in Chess Player’s Rare Tournaments
series in his inimitable format. Figurine AN PB
60pp f+ £9.00
1895/6 St. Petersburg by James Mason & W. H.
K. Pollock. Hardinge Simpole
36 annotated games. 1st Lasker 2nd Steinitz, 3rd Pillsbury 4th
Tchigorin. New World Champion Lasker proves his pedigree. Facsimile
edition of the 1896 original. PB
64pp f+ £10.00
1894 Buffalo 1901 & 1894 Chess Tournaments
by James Hilbert
Caissa 1996
Notes from contemporary sources. At Buffalo 1901 Pillsbury won ahead
of Delmar, Napier, Howell, Marshall, and Karpinski in a double-round
event. At Buffalo 1894 Showalter edged Pillsbury out by half a point,
followed by Albin and Farnsworth also in a double-round format. Both
tournaments are previously unpublished. Also given are all the serious
games contested between Pillsbury and Marshall and an article on
blindfold play by Pillsbury. Good material on U.S. chess history of that
era. 18 photos and drawings.
NB: This copy bears the amusing
chess-themed Ex Libris plate of James J. Barrett of Buffalo, who was one
of the world’s great chess bibliophiles. He died in 2005 and his vast
collection was auctioned in Buffalo on 18th June that year. AN
cloth boards in the Caissa Editions usual style. F
95pp f £20.00
1899 London International Chess Tournament Hardinge
1st Lasker; 2nd Janowski; 3rd Pillsbury. 200 games annotated by
Hoffer. Facsimile of the original. PB
232pp f £12.00
1896 Budapest by John C. Owen Caissa
84 games with notes by Maroczy, Charousek, & other contemporary
masters. 1st= Chigorin & Charousek followed by Pillsbury,
Schlechter/Janowsky, Winawer/Walbrodt, Tarrasch, Albin/Maroczy,  et al.
Includes the Chigorin-Charousek tie-break match. Photos & career records
of the contestants. AN
205pp f+ £20.00
1900 Paris 1900 ed. by Jimmy Adams. 2nd ed.
Chess Player
166 annotated games. 1st Lasker; 2nd Pillsbury; 3rd= Maroczy &
Marshall. Coincided with the World Exposition. SB. Typescript.
176pp f £12.00
1901/04 Games From Monte Carlo Vol. 1 Wenman -
1st ed.
76 diagrams & 50 gms from the 1901 – 02 – 03 & 04 tournaments.

Small format. Spine faded o/w G

87pp G £9.50
1906 Ostende by Tony Gillam Caissa
76363 games. This complex and great tournament appeared a century
after it occurred. Schlechter won by a small margin in a complicated
series of qualifying sections. Lasker, Schlechter, Burn, et al
contributed annotations. Also, photos of most of the players plus photos
of the great “Kursall” on the Ostende boardwalk, plus a photo with the
autographs of all the tournament contestants. AN
445pp £35.00
1907 Karlsbad International Tournament by
Marco & Schlecter
210 games with diagrams & superb notes in a style combining wit,
depth and accuracy. An English translation of this original famous
tournament book in German by Marco & Schlechter. This edition has the
advantages of enhancements, such as the addition of 15 photos of many of
the players, along with corrections and additional analysis using Rybka.
One of the strongest tournaments of that era, with only Lasker, Tarrasch
& Burn missing from the list of the World’s best. The young Rubinstein
won ahead of Maroczy. This was Chigorin’s last tournament, though he
still showed flashes of brilliance.
AN Red cloth boards in the usual
Caissa Editions style.
475pp f+ £35.00

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