Alburt Just The Facts! Winning Endgame Knowledge
In One Vol. with Krogius
CIRC 2000
408pp 11 clearly set out chapters. AN PB spine sunned o/w VG £8.50
Addison The Book of Extraordinary Chess Problems Crowood ‘89
115pp 120 diagrams giving some of the more unusual/crazy positions. DW AN
Anderson, G F Adventures of My Chessmen 1914 – 1923. Stroud 1924
160pp LN 2686. 120 problems mostly 2-, 3- & 4-movers. AN Insc. Bound in
red cloth in the style of the Christmas series. One corner bumped o/w VG
Anderson, G F Are There Any? Stroud 1958
149pp Claims to be the 1st book on kriegspiel problems. Intro by
Vincent Eaton. Introduction to the art with 44 examples. Green cloth boards
with gilt titles. Scarce item VG
Anderson, G F A Memorial Volume of Chess Problems of
V. L. Eaton Private pub.
79pp 161 positions, mostly 2-movers. 2 photos & short appreciation of
the man. Green cloth boards with gilt titles. Small format. Scarce item
Andrade, B. J. Andradiana 1st ed. Chess 1961
81pp 256 selected problems by the author, with his favourite quotations about
the problem art. Foreword by C. H. O’D Alexander. Maroon cloth boards with
gilt title on spine. VG
Andrews, H The Chess Problem with E. N. Frankenstein,
B. G. Laws & C. Planck 1st ed. (1887)
332pp 400 problems & solutions from these 4 great composers, grouped separately
for each, with career prizelist for each. LN 2476. Maroon cloth boards with
patterned endpapers. Clean copy. VG
Andrews, H The Chess Problem with E. N. Frankenstein,
B. G. Laws & C. Planck
Tynron 1989
332pp Revised facsimile edition of the 1886. 400 problems & solutions
from these 4 great composers. Includes an essay on the Problem Art. PB VG+
Akobia World Anthology of Chess Studies Vol 1:
4,232 Studies with Stalemate
Tblisi 1994
544pp 6p intro in English – the rest is languageless. AN VG- £10.00
Barnes, B Pick of the Best Chess Problems Elliot 1976
157pp 200 2-movers with comprehensive solutions. PB AN VG £4.00
Barnes, B Complete Mansfield Vol. 1 1911 – 1930
52pp 210 of Mansfield’s earliest compositions with solutions and comments.
5 photos. & signed letter from the author. PB AN VG+
Barnes, B Complete Mansfield Vol. 2 1931 – 1962
128pp 520 problems from the prime of his career with solutions and comments.
7 photographs. PB AN VG
Barnes, B Comins Mansfield MBE: Chess Problems of
a Grandmaster
BCPS 1976
38pp 200 two-movers with commentary and biographical notes. 8 family photos.
Scholarly foreword by E. I. Umnov. Limited edition of 750. PB AN VG
Barnes, B A. R. Gooderson – An English Progressive
– Selected Problems 1996
84pp 138 two-movers by one of the lesser-known but equally brilliant composers,
with solutions and commentaries. 4 photos & obituary by C. Vaughan.
Blackburne S. Terms & Themes of Chess Problems.
169pp Preface by A. F. Mackenzie. Printed by Will Lyons, Kentucky USA but
over-pasted by a Routledge, London sticker. 314 diagrams with solutions
and explanations. LN2543. Insc. Olive cloth covered boards bearing attractive
chess piece design. VG+
Blackburne S. Terms & Themes of Chess Problems.
Another copy but PB version with black tape on spine. VG £20.00
Bouwmeester Schaakstukken spleen U voor (The chess
pieces play for you)
Holland ‘55
155pp The original version of the following title, Golombek’s translation.
Introduction by Euwe. 76 chess studies with solutions on facing page. PB
somewhat rubbed but with attractive chess design on cover.
Bouwmeester Modern Endgame Studies for the Chess-player
1st ed.
Bell 1959
128pp Signed by Golombek the editor. 101 miniatures. DW in protective covering.
Some foxing on 1st 10 pp. o/w VG-
Dawson Five Classics of Fairy Chess Dover 1973
145pp An unaltered republication of 5 privately published pamphlets by Dawson
between 1935 – 1937. They were Caissa’s Wild Roses (1935);
C. M. Fox: His Problems
(1936); Caissa’s Wild Roses In Clusters
(1937); Ultimate Themes (1938) & Caissa’s Fairy Tales
(1947). SB Some insect damage to bottom of 1st 2 pp not visible
when closed o/w G
Dickens, A A Guide To Fairy Chess republication of
the original 2nd ed.
Dover 1971
66pp Preface by T. R. Dawson. A comprehensive introduction to the art. Large
format. SB
Dickens 100 Classics of the Chessboard with Ebert.1st
Pergamon 83
217pp Range of types: 2 & 3-movers, historic & weird. SB AN VG £6.25
Dickens 100 Classics of the Chessboard with H.
Cadogan ‘95
Another copy PB VG £5.00
Euwe, M Schaak Met Verstand (Chess with Reason)
with M. Blaine & J. F. Rumble.
Tijstroom ‘51
182pp Studies with 246 diagrams. Insc. “With very best wishes from the authors
– J. F. S. Rumble”. PB G
FIDE Fide Album No. 1 – 1956 – 1958 Zagreb 1961
187pp The 1st of a project to record the best of the previous 3
years problems & studies, here numbering 661 examples with solutions.
The 1st of a collectable series. Tri-lingual. SB with cloth spine &
corners. Covers well-handled but internally clean. AN G+
FIDE FIDE Album 1914 – 1944 / I Zagreb 1971
179pp 725 all 2-movers (248 from 1914 – 1928 plus 449 from 1929 – 1944). Tri-lingual
minimal text. PB VG
FIDE FIDE Album 1914-1944 / II Zagreb 1972
304pp 838 3-movers; 396 4+ movers & 43 extras. Introduction by Mansfield.
The 2nd part of the project, with matching covers. VG
FIDE FIDE Album No. 3 1914 – 1944 Zagreb 1975
199pp After the success of the 1st 2 Albums, the 3rd
volume covered the years 1914 – 1944, with 803 of the best helpmates, self-mates
etc from that period. Minimal language. AN HB VG+
Gosling John Brown – The Forgotten Chess Composer?
1st ed.
Matador ‘11
209pp The author has assembled as much biographical facts as are known and
50 of his problems. PB AN F+
Greuf, M 200 Classic Chess Puzzles Sterling ‘93
143pp Mates in 2, 3, or 4 moves. PB VG £4.00
Harley, B Mate In Two Moves – The Two-Move Chess
Problem Made Easy
Bell 1947
216pp G £4.75
Harley, B Mate In Two Moves – The Two-Move Chess
Problem Made Easy
Dover 1970
216pp An exact republication of the 1931 original SB VG £6.00
Harley, B Mate In Two Moves – The Two-Move Chess
Problem Made Easy
Dover 1970
Another copy. Covers creased G- £3.50
Harley, B Mate In Three Moves – A Treatise on the
Three-Move Problem. 1st ed.
Chatto 1943
198pp Intro by Alain C. White. LN 2863 DW worn. Paper yellowing. o/w G £4.50
Harley, B The Modern Two-Move Chess Problem – Problems
by Mansfield 1st
Museum ‘58
157pp Introductory primer to the art of composing & solving 2-movers.
Insc. DW VG
Healey, P A Collection of 200 Chess Problems composed
by Frank Healey During The Years 1848 to 1904
Stroud 1908 1st ed.
225pp Compiled by the son of the composer (1828 – 1906). LN 2407 Olive cloth
boards split on spine, with gilt chess design. Title page is tender but
the rest is clean and sound. G
Herbstman, A Schaakpartij en Compositie (Chess Games &
Composition) (1948)
55pp 1st Dutch translation from Russian. LN 2732. Loose erratum
page. DW frayed but intact. G
Hochberg, B Award-Winning Chess Problems Sterling ’05
95pp 124 two-movers with hints & solutions. PB VG £5.50
Hoffman Problemschach – 407 Aufgaben & Studien
(407 Problems & Studies)
Berlin 1985
  252pp DW VG £7.50
Howard, K How To Solve Chess Problems Dover 1961
171pp Corrected & revised version of the 1945 original. PB AN VG £7.50
Howard, K Classic Chess Problems by Pioneer Composers
1st ed.
Dover 1970
109pp 155 positions in sections, each based on 1 composer. SB AN VG- £8.00
Jones, R. H. The Two-Move Chess Problems of Godfrey
48pp 76 problems with solutions and explanations. Biographical end-piece
by Barry Barnes IM. Comb-bound. F+
Kasparian Domination in 2,545 Endgame Studies Progress 80
542pp English trans. from the Russian. Classic work from a master. DW AN.
Foxing to page edges & endpapers o/w VG-

The 2 volume set below is a matching pair of a rare edition,
mentioned specifically in the Oxford Companion as “authoritative”. Card
covers are reinforced by red book-binder’s tape on spine, keeping titles
visible and covers intact. Where exposed to air, paper is starting to brown
due to age. The two volumes deserve to be kept as a pair.
£50 the pair
Kasparian 2,500 Finales Tomo I Buenos Aires 1st
ed. 1961
331pp Authoritative work by the master. 1,292 studies. PB AN
Kasparian 2,500 Finales Tomo II Buenos Aires 1st
ed. 1963
315pp Authoritative work by the master. Finishes 3 studies short. PB AN

Kok Wege Zur Endspielstudie. – Bauern Endspiele
Schwarze Damen In Zugzwang (Road to Endgame Study – Pawn Endings & Black
Queens in Zugzwang)
Koblenz ’92
  174pp 251 diagrams. 2 books in one. DW AN VG+ £10.00
Laws, B. G. The Two-Move Chess Problem Bell 1931
116pp Brown pictorial limp cloth. “The Club Series.” Not in LN (1st Ed. was
1890.). Insc. Back cover has slightly ruckled with damp o/w G
Laws, B. G. Chess Problems & How To Solve Them
1st ed.
Leeds 1923
152pp Blue pictorial limp cloth. Chapters on various categories. LN 2681 Some
neat marginalia o/w G+
Lebeck Mate In Two! Originally USA 1987. This
ed. by Tournament Chess
28pp Large format. 300 2-movers in an early attempt at desk-top publishing.
Korn American Chess Art – 250 Portraits of
Endgame Study 1st ed.
Pitman 1975
384pp DW rubbed but in protective cover. o/w internally VG+ £15.00
Korn American Chess Art – 250 Portraits of
Endgame Study 1st ed.
Pitman 1975
Another copy minus DW o/w VG+ £12.00
Lommer H. M. 1357 End-Game Studies – The Best Chess
Compositions 1935 – 1973
Pitman 1975
234pp AN DW F- £15.00
Lommer, H. M. 1234 Modern End-Game Studies with M. Sutherland Dover 1968
358pp An unabridged & corrected republication of the 1938 original. SB
Lossa 200 Schachrätsel (200 Chess Puzzles) Beyer 1984
152pp Small format PB AN VG+ £5.00
Mansfield Chessboard Delights – Selected From the
Sunday Telegraph 1964 – 74
116 positions & commentaries from his weekly column. PB VG £4.00
Nagler, A Schweizer Problemkomponisten (Swiss Problems) Triengen ‘51
100pp 68 problems by Swiss composers assembled by a leading Swiss composer &
organiser. Good photo portrait. LN 2961. Insc. Small format HB with paper
cover. VG
Nunn Solving In Style 1st ed. Allen 1985
238pp The master runs through the range of problems. DW AN Ex Lib o/w VG+ £12.00
Pandolfini Pandolfini’s Endgame Course: Basic Endgame
Techniques Explained
Fireside ‘88
319pp 239 lessons, 1 per page, with diagram & explanation. PB AN F £9.00
Paros, Dr. G Soviet Chess Compositions 1945 – 1947
(no date c. 1948)
64pp 200 problems & studies in various categories. Text & titles
in English. LN2931. AN Navy cloth boards F-
Prokes Kniha Sachovych Studii (Book of Chess
Prague 1951
230pp 623 diagrams Foreword by Pachman. Insc. AN VG £9.50
Raynor, J Chess Problems: Their Composition &
Solution. 5th Reprint
London ‘35
100pp Brown limp cloth covers. 108 diagrams. G+ £9.50
Reinfeld Reinfeld On The End-Game in Chess Dover 1957
177pp Unabridged republication of the
Pitman 1940 original. SB VG
Rice, Lipton & Barnes The Two-move Chess Problem: Tradition
and Development: Some essays on selected two-move themes.
Faber 1966 1st ed.
206pp 355 diagrams / examples illustrating the concepts of Flights, Half-pin,
Cross-check etc. DW with rubbed patch o/w G+
Rice, Lipton Chess Problems: Introduction To An Art
with R. C. O. Matthews 1st ed.
Faber 1963
295pp 364 problems. Foreword by C. H. O’D Alexander. DW VG+ £12.00
Rice, J Chess Wizardry: The New ABC of Chess Problems Batsford ‘96
352pp 460 of the best ever compositions with explanations of the various themes.
Roycroft Test Tube Chess – A Comprehensive Introduction
to Endgame Study
Faber 1972
370pp 433 diagrams DW AN F- £14.00
Roycroft Test Tube Chess – A Comprehensive Introduction
to Endgame Study
Faber 1972
Another copy DW Ex Lib G £7.00
Russ, C Miniature Chess Problems From Many Countries
1st ed. 1981
262pp 400 Compositions with Solutions and Comments. Errata slip. Blue cloth
boards with silver titles & design. VG.
Russ, C Miniature Chess Problems From Many Countries Unwin 1987
262pp 400 compositions with solutions & comments PB AN VG+ £9.00
Smullyan, R The Chess Mysteries Of Sherlock Holmes NY 1st ed 1979
171pp “50 elegant, witty & unique chess problems”. PB AN VG £9.00
Smullyan, R The Chess Mysteries of the Arabian Knights
– 50 New Problems of Chess Detection.
Hutchinson ‘83
170pp Explores the paradoxes of retrograde analysis in a novel way. PB VG £9.00
Speckmann Das Logische Schachproblem Rau 1980
123pp 156 diagrams PB AN VG+ £8.00
Speckmann Fremdlinge auf dem Schachbrett (Strangers
on the Chessboard)
123pp Self-published with errata slip. 144 miniature “fairies” PB AN VG+ £6.00
Speckmann Schachmatt mit acht Steinen (Checkmate
wth 8 pieces)
  142pp Self-published 220 problems PB AN VG+ £6.00
Speckmann Schachmatt in 4 und mehr Zugen (Checkmate
in 4 or more moves)
  242pp Self-published 44 miniatures PB AN VG+ £9.00
Speckmann Schachminiaturen mit schwarzer Dame –
Probleme und Studien
Beyer 1988
146pp 189 positions all with Black’s queen on board. PB AN VG+ £7.50
Sport Új Magyar Sakk Feladvány Antologia (Anthology
of new Hungarian chess problems)
Budapest ‘79
346pp 516 problems with diagrams & solutions. Mini biographies & photos
of the composers. Black cloth covered boards VG+
Sutherland 1234 Modern End-Game Studies with H. M.
Dover 1968
358pp Unabridged & corrected republication of the 1938 original, with
appendix containing 24 additional studies. 6pp of errata with full explanations.
Taverner, T Chess Problems Made Easy – How to Construct &
Solve. c. 1920
Daily News
92pp 250 positions & diagrams. LN2656. Some foxing o/w G- £5.00
Wallis, E 777 “Chess Miniatures In Three” Wallis (’08)
272pp Intro by P. H. Williams & a Hints to Solvers article by A. Neave
Bradshaw, both tri-lingual. Set in alphabetical order of composer, from
Abbott to Wynne. LN 2590. Narrow format. Bookplate showing the coat of arms
of the original owner Dermot MacGregor Morrah (1896 – 1974) Writer, poet &
royal biographer, whose full story may be found in the Oxford Dictionary
of National Biography. Endpapers starting to brown o/w G
White A. C. The White Rooks in Chess Strategy 1974 Hippocrene
210pp A facsimile ed. of the original The White Rooks of 1910 &
No. 10 in Alain White’s famous (& v. expensive) Christmas Series. 270
problems by 114 composers. PB AN VG+
White A. C. Classic Chess Exercises 1973 Hippocrene
223pp Facsimile of the 1915 original entitled Tasks & Echoes,
No. 20 in the Xmas Series. 300 problems from 150+ composers. PB AN VG+
White A. C. The White King in Chess Strategy 1973 Hippocrene
212pp A facsimile ed. of the original The White King of 1914 &
No. 19 in Alain White’s famous (& v. expensive) Christmas Series. 296
problems by 161 composers. PB AN VG+
White A. C. D. J. Densmore and The Densmore Memorial
Tourney 1918
239pp A photocopy of the original of 1920 & No. 26 in Alain White’s famous
Christmas Series. However, it has been nicely bound in green boards and
endpapers. Biography of Densmore and 50 of his problems, followed by 85
from the Memorial Tourney. AN VG
White, A. C. Sam Loyd and his Chess Problems. Dover 1962
471pp An unabridged but corrected republication of the 1913 original, No.
16 in White’s famous Christmas Series. White’s great admiration for and
early acquaintance with Loyd (1841-1911) made this a labour of love. 718
of his problems plus 4 by his brother Tom and 26 by brother Isaac, SB VG
Whitworth, T. Mattison’s Chess Endgame Studies BCM 1987
79pp 60 Studies. BCM Quarterly No. 23. Intro by A. Hildband. PB AN VG+ £8.00
Williams, P. H. The Modern Chess Problem 2nd
ed. revised with new preface. (1912)
252pp Introduction to the art with 100 problems with diagrams & solutions.
LN2567. Maroon cloth covered boards & chessboard design. VG+
Wood B. H. One Hundred Victorian Chess Problems Wayland 72
128pp All taken from the Illustrated London News between 1850 -90
and very much of their time. DW VG+
Wood B. H. One Hundred Victorian Chess Problems Wayland 72
Another copy minus DW £7.00

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