Aagaard, J Attacking Manual – Volume 1 Basic Principles Quality 2008
264pp Deals with activating pieces, momentum, strong & weak points etc.
Aagaard, J Attacking Manual – Volume 1 Basic Principles
2nd & expanded ed.
Quality 2010
320pp AN PB F £12.00
Abrahams, G Technique In Chess 1st ed. Bell 1961
216pp Classic Bell DW in protective cover. VG+ £8.00
Abrahams, J Brilliance In Chess 1st ed. Pitman 1977
143pp In numerous games & 157 diagrams, the author looks at moments of
brilliance, especially his own. DW VG
Adorjan, A Black Is Still OK! 1st ed. Batsford ‘04
224pp How to be more ambitious with Black. PB AN F- £8.00
Agur, E Bobby Fischer – A Study of His Approach
To Chess
Cadogan ‘92
276pp The author uses Fischer’s games to illustrate his themes, including
pawn structure, the g-pawn plan, active defence etc. PB AN VG
Alburt/Palatnik Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player NY 2000
335pp Teaching points from 80 games. Clearly set out for easy access, using
Russia’s once-secret training methods. PB AN VG+
Alburt, L Test & Improve Your Chess Cadogan ‘95
128pp Practical methods of self-improvement explained, with exercises &
tests etc. PB AN VG
Alexander C Chess 3rd ed. Pitman 1956
196pp DW VG £5.50
Alexander C Learn Chess: A New Way For All Vol. 2
Winning Methods with T.Beach
212pp Insc. PB G £4.00
Alexander C The Penguin Book of Chess Positions Penguin ‘76
171pp PB Some light marginalia o/w G £2.00
Alexander (Charles) Knight Moves – An Original Perspective
Of the Knight’s Potential For Movement.
CEI 1999
82pp AN PB F- £7.50
Ault, L. H. The Chess Tutor – Elements of Combinations Jenkins ‘75
329pp DW Ex-Lib Pages browning o/w G- £4.50
Averbakh, Y Chess Middlegames – Essential Knowledge
1st ed.
Cadogan ‘96
112pp PB AN VG+ £7.50
Averbakh, Y Chess Tactics For Advanced Players. retailed
in UK by Batsford
Berlin 1984
328pp 31 full games and many diagrammatic examples. DW AN VG £7.00
Avni, A Practical Chess Psychology Batsford ‘01
160pp Looks at many aspects of the psychological dimension. PB AN G £7.50
Avni, A Devious Chess – How To Bend The Rules
And Win
Batsford ‘06
144pp Professional psychologist applies his skills to the game.PB AN F £7.50
Baker, C Simple Winning Chess Everyman 99
144pp “A complete self-improvement course” PB AN F- £6.50
Barden, L How Good Is Your Chess? Dover 1976
112pp “Rate your skill by participating in 35 master games”. PB G+ £6.00
Beim, V Chess Recipes from the Grandmaster’s Kitchen
Gambit 2002
128pp Lessons in chess strategy & thinking methods PB AN F- £5.00
Bellin, R Test Your Positional Play with Ponzetto Batsford ‘85
192pp Explanation, then 30 tests with detailed explanations. Some v. small
pencil marginalia. PB AN Paper yellowing o/w G+
Blokh, M Combinational Motifs Moscow 2000
304pp 1206 positions grouped in themes. Minimal language in English, German &
Russian. PB AN VG
Bosch, J The Chess Combat Simulator – Test &
Improve Your Chess with 50 Instructive GM Games
NIC 2006
262pp PB AN 4 pages written on o/w VG £10.00
Bouwmeester Winning Chess Combinations Batsford ‘77
138pp Guide to the most common types of combination. PB VG £7.00
Bronstein, D The Modern Chess Self-Tutor Cadogan ‘96
148pp Discusses how strong players decide on their moves. PB AN F £8.00
Bronstein, D Chess In The Eighties 1st UK
Pergamon ‘82
115pp Discusses several themes inc. chess as an art form vs the need for a
team win. No games. F-
Buckley, M Practical Chess Analysis –A Systematic
Method for Analyzing. 1st ed.
Thinkers ‘87
165pp Full & part games with diagrams. PB AN £4.50
Burgess, G The Mammoth Book Of Chess 1st
Robinson ‘97
537pp Tactics & Strategy; 900 illustrations; gms; tests etc PB AN VG+ £7.00
Burgess, G The Mammoth Book Of Chess fully revised &
updated ed.
Robinson ‘09
570pp Something for everyone. Signed by author PB AN F £8.00
Burgess, G Instructive Chess Puzzles Gambit 2011
160pp Improve Your Chess with 300 carefully selected puzzles. PB AN F £5.75
Capablanca Chess Fundamentals 3rd reprint Bell 1931
184pp A classic work. Red cloth boards. VG £7.75
Capablanca Chess Fundamentals
184pp Another copy Insc. DW spine faded & foxed o/w G £4.00
Capablanca Chess Fundamentals 18th printing Bell
Another copy PB VG £4.00
Charusin, V Tactician’s Handbook No. 1 Alekhine’s
Pickard 1997
95pp 164 explanatory games PB AN F £7.50
Cheng, R Practical Chess Exercises – 600 Lessons
from Tactics To Strategy
USA 2007
212pp PB AN F- £9.75
Coles, R. N. Chess – A Step-By-Step Book 1st
Museum ‘65
104pp Introduction via history of the “modern” game DW VG- £4.50
Cordingly, E. The Next Move Is …. Studies in Chess Combinations Bell 1944
88pp 250 diagram examples with solutions. Wartime standards VG- £6.00
Damsky, I Chess Brilliancy Everyman 02
224pp Examples taken from 250 games by the masters. PB AN VG+
Davies, N 10 Great Ways To Get Better as Chess Everyman 10
159pp Explains how some GMs got better. PB AN VG £8.00
De la Maza Rapid Chess Improvement – a study plan
for adult players
Everyman ‘04
126pp Study programme plus 42 exercises. PB AN VG+ £8.50
Dunnington, Blunders and How To Avoid Them Everyman ‘04
144pp PB AN F- £9.95
Dunnington Starting Out: Defensive Play Everyman ‘05
151pp PB AN F- £9.95
Dunnington Gambit Play – Sacrificing in the Opening Everyman 03
128pp 33 annotated games illustrating the theme. PB AN 1 short margin note
o/w VG+
Dvoretsky, M Secrets Of Chess Training Batsford ‘94
218pp BCF Book of the Year 1991 PB AN VG+ £12.00
Dvoretsky, M Secrets Of Chess Tactics Batsford ‘95
275pp PB AN VG £10.00
Dvoretsky, M Training For The Tournament Player Batsford ‘93
189pp PB AN VG+ £10.00
Dvoretsky, M Technique For The Tournament Player with
A. Yusupov
Batsford ‘95
240pp PB AN VG+ £12.00
Emms, J The Most Amazing Chess Moves Of All Time Gambit 2000
192pp 200 puzzle positions arising out of historic games PB AN VG+ £10.00
Estrin, Y The World Champions Teach Chess with I.
Romanov 1st UK ed.
Black 1988
208pp Top games from 13 OTB + 2 postal champions. PB AN VG+ £10.00
Euwe, M The Road To Chess Mastery with W. Meiden
1st UK ed.
Allen 1968
273pp 25 games annotated to demonstrate ways to improve. DW VG+ £10.00
Euwe, M Chess Master & Grandmaster with W.
Meiden 1st UK ed.
Allen 1978
367pp 25 illustrative games between masters & GMs. X-lib DW VG- £9.00
Euwe, M Chess Master v Chess Amateur with W. Meiden
1st UK ed.
Allen 1973
315pp Avoiding or making the most of amateurs’ errors. DW torn but in protective
covers o/w VG
Euwe, M The Middle Game – Book 1: Static Features
with H. Kramer
Bell 1972
292pp Insc. DW torn but in protective covers o/w VG £10.00
Euwe/ Kramer The Middle Game – Book 2: Dynamic &
Subjective Features.
Bell 1973
346pp DW in protective covers VG+ £13.50
Euwe Another copy with Insc. & DW nibbled in covers o/w VG £9.50
Euwe Another copy Insc. 1st ed. but no DW £8.50
Euwe, M The Development of Chess Style 1st
UK ed.
Bell 1968
152pp 44 games from Greco to Spassky to illustrate their current style. DW
nibbled o/w VG
Euwe, M The Logical Approach To Chess with M.
Blaine & J. Rumble 1st ed.
Pitman 1958
217pp Insc. signed by the author Jack Rumble to a friend. DW VG £12.00
Evans, L New Ideas In Chess Pitman 1960
196pp DW torn but in protective covers o/w VG £8.00
Fabrego, L True Lies In Chess Quality ‘07
164pp Identifies the fundamentals of positions (the truth). PB AN G+ £10.00
Fine, R The Middle Game In Chess 1st
Hollis 1953
442pp 14 chapters with many examples & diagrams. DW chipped VG £10.00
Fischer, R. J. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess 1st
UK ed.
Gower ‘72
334pp An early example of “programmed learning”, popular at the time. Pages
are intentially not sequential. DW VG+
Flear, G Tactimania – Find The Winning Combination Quality 2011
263pp 13 themed & graded sections from positions limited to Mr. &
Mrs. Flear’s own games. SB AN F+
Flesch, J Planning In Chess Batsford ‘83
82pp PB AN G+ £4.50
Franco, Z The Art Of Attacking Chess: 33 Inspirational &
Instructive Masterpieces
Gambit 2008
255pp SB AN F £9.00
Franco, Z Winning Chess Explained: How chess games
are won & lost in practice
Gambit 2006
191pp SB AN F £8.00
Gallagher, J 101 Attacking Ideas In Chess: Aggressive
concepts from a GM’s arsenal
Gambit 2000
128pp PB AN VG £8.50
Gallagher, J 365 Ways To Checkmate: Gambit 2004
208pp A series of diagrams each with a reader’s challenge. SB AN VG+ £8.00
Gaprindhavili Critical Moments In Chess Batsford ‘10
271pp Identifying them in 250 games PB AN Ex-Lib but a clean copy. £8.50
Gelfer, I Positional Chess Handbook Dover 2001
212pp Examples in ascending order of difficulty. SB AN VG+ £8.00
Geller, Y The Application of Chess Theory reprint Cadogan ‘94
263pp 100 annotated games showing the practical benefits of a sound understanding
of opening strategy. PB AN Brown stain to top corner of page edges but not
visible internally o/w G
Giddins, S 101 Chess Questions Answered Gambit 2008
127pp The author poses common questions and responds with games or positions
to illustrate the answer. PB AN F
Gillam, A. J. Simple Checkmates 1st cased
Batsford ‘91
128pp 433 diagrams with mates pending. AN G+ £4.50
Gillam, A. J. Simple Chess Tactics 1st cased
Batsford ‘90
128pp 438 diagrams with good moves waiting to be discovered. AN VG £5.00
Gligoric, S Shall We Play Fischerandom Chess? 1st
Batsford ‘02
144pp Examines Fischer’s idea with 8 example games. PB AN VG £4.50
Goldman, W New Ideas In Old Settings Chess
77pp SB G+ £3.00
Golombek, H Chess with H. Phillips 1st
Witherby ‘59
434pp DW clean copy VG+ £6.50
Golz & Keres Chess Combination As A Fine Art Crowood ‘89
255pp Drawn on articles by Kurt Richter PB VG+ £8.25
Greif, M 200 Classic Chess Puzzles Sterling ‘93
143pp Positions designed to help spotting quick mates. PB F £4.75
Griffiths, P Better Chess For Club Players EP 1982
117pp 18 games by club players analysed. PB G+ £4.75
Grivas, E Chess College 3: Technique Gambit 2006
111pp Uses c.100 games to illustrate his points. SB AN F £7.50
Grover, K. Chess with T. Wiswell. 1st
UK ed. after having had 10 US editions.
Redman 1951
109pp DW G+ £4.50
Gufeld, E Chess Strategy with N. Kalienchenko Batsford ‘03
272pp Examines every stage of the game, and every diagram comes with questions
to be answered. PB AN VG+
Gulko, B Lessons With A Grandmaster with Dr. J.
R. Sneed Everyman
298pp Conversation between GM Gulko and student Sneed, with questions asked
and answered using many diagrams. PB AN F
Gulko, B Lessons With A Grandmaster II with Dr.
J. R. Sneed Everyman
301pp Taking the coaching a stage further in the same way. PB AN F £11.75
Hansen, L. B. How Chess Games Are Won & Lost Gambit 2008
255pp “In search of excellence in the five stages of a chess game”.
Harding T. D. Why You Lose At Chess Batsford ‘82
120pp PB AN G+ £4.75
Harding T. D. The New Chess Computer Book Pergamon 87
312pp PB AN VG+ £6.00
Hartston, W How To Cheat At Chess – Everything you
wanted to know about chess but were afraid to ask.
96pp A sideways look at the game by a great humorist, with cartoons by the
great Bill Tidy. PB VG
Healy, J Coffee House Chess Tactics – An astonishing
trip into the world of competitive chess.
NIC 2010
135pp Having been rescued by chess from a life of crime, as related in his
autobiography, he now draws on his games PB AN F
Karpov & Gik Chess Kaleidoscope 1st ed.
168pp Covers a variety of topics plus 15 of his games annotated in detail.
Typescript with diagrams. HB AN F
Kasparov Kasparov Teaches Chess Batsford 86
124pp PB AN pages yellowing o/w G £4.25
Karneges, W The Six Power Moves of Chess – The Missing
Key To Finding Good Moves From Any Position!
Lingo 2009
264pp PB AN VG+ £10.00
Keene, R Winning Moves Batsford ‘91
111pp 240 positions from actual games where the reader is challenged to find
the killing move, with solutions. PB AN G+
Keene, R Discover Your Chess Strength 1st
US ed.
Holt 1992
144pp Award yourself points while playing through 12 top games. PB AN Marginalia
on 1 page o/w VG
Keene, R Winning Chess Batsford ‘95
144pp Self-rating tests to do before going on to face the GMs. PB AN VG
Keene, R Winning Moves 2 Batsford ‘96
96pp 250+ diagrams from real games and a self-marking system. PB AN G+ £5.00
Keene, R (ed.) Learn From The Grandmasters Batsford ‘75
120pp 10 GMs contribute & annotate 2 of their outstanding games. inc.
Tal, Korchnoi, Larsen, Browne Timman et al. PB VG
Keene & Levy How To Beat Your Chess Computer Batsford ‘91
104pp Levy represented mankind against computer programmers in the 70s &
80s. HB AN paper yellowing o/w VG
King, D How To Win At Chess – 10 Golden Rules
To Follow
Cadogan ‘95
127pp SB AN VG+ £7.00
Kmoch, H Pawn Power In Chess 2nd printing McKay 1964
304pp 182 diagrams & c. 160 full or part illustrative games. G+ £8.00
Kmoch, H Pawn Power In Chess USA 1990
272pp PB AN VG £9.25
Kongsted, C Beat The Grandmasters – Can You Rise To
The Challenge?
Gambit 2005
176pp 351 positions from real GM games in which you must find the winning
move. Solutions with self-rating system to check progress. PB AN VG
Korn, W The Brilliant Touch in Chess Dover 1966
240 fascinating positions commented on by the author. SB VG- £7.00
Kopec, D Winning The Won Game – Lessons From The
Albert Brilliancy Prizes with L. Ftacnik.
Batsford ‘04
208pp 64 games annotated to exemplify their theme. SB AN VG+ £6.75
Kotov, A Think Like A Grandmaster 1st
Batsford ‘71
200pp One of the modern classics. DW VG £8.00
Kotov, A Another copy Batsford ‘75
SB VG £7.00
Kotov, A Play Like A Grandmaster Batsford ‘84
221pp Follow to his highly successful “Think Like… PB AN VG- £6.50
Kotov, A Train Like A Grandmaster 1st
Batsford ‘81
124pp 3rd in his series. SB AN VG £6.50
Kotov, A Chess Tactics 1st ed. Batsford ‘83
147pp PB AN paper starting to yellow o/w VG £6.50
Kostyev, A From Beginner To Expert In 40 Lessons Batsford ‘86
147pp PB AN pages starting to yellow o/w VG £6.25
Krogius, N Psychology In Chess RHM 1976
243pp PB pages edges spotting o/w G+ £4.75
Kurzdorfer, P The Tao Book of Chess – 200 Principles
to Transform Your Game & Your Life.
Adams 2004
242pp A guide to chess and to the game of life. PB AN VG £4.50
Lamford, P Improve Your Game – 100 Chess Puzzles Deutsch ‘99
127pp PB AN VG £3.95
Lane, G Find the Winning Move Batsford 04
176pp 400+ diagrammed positions in 16 chapters. PB AN VG+ £8.00
Lasker, Ed. Chess For Fun & Chess For Blood Dover 1962
224pp SB VG+ £4.75
Lasker, Ed. Chess Batsford ‘73
468pp VG £7.50
Lasker Eduard Chess Strategy 1st ed. Bell 1915
282pp 48 games. G £12.00
Lasker, Ed. Chess Strategy Dover 1959
282pp Insc. “To Rowena” (Bruce) SB G £7.50
Lasker, Em Lasker’s Chess Primer 1st ed. London 1934
110pp LN 1598 DW spilt o/w G VG- £12.00
Lasker, Em Lasker’s Manual Of Chess Dover 1960
349pp Republication of the original 1932 2nd ed. £5.50
LeMoir, D How To Become A Deadly Chess Tactician
– Bewilder & Defeat Your Opponents!
Gambit 2002
240pp Themed examples with following tests. PB AN VG+ £9.50
LeMoir, D How To Be Lucky In Chess – encourage your
opponent to self-destruct
Gambit 2001
176pp PB AN VG £9.50
Levitt, J. Secrets Of Spectacular Chess 2nd
Everyman 08
287pp Covers games, studies & problems. PB AN F- £9.50
Levitt, J Genius In Chess – Discover & Develop
Your Chess Talent
Batsford ‘97
Levy, D Learn Chess From The World Champions 1st
Pergamon 79
206pp VG+ £7.25
Levy, D How Computers Play Chess with M. Newborn USA 1991
246pp SB AN VG+ £7.50
Levy, D The Chess Computer Handbook Batsford 84
128pp PB AN VG £4.00
Linder, I Faszinierendes Schach (Fascinating Chess)
1st German ed. of Russian 1981 original
Berlin 1986
285pp AN DW VG+ £5.00
Lipnitsky, I Questions of Modern Chess Theory – A Soviet
Quality 2008
230pp A lost masterpiece of Soviet literature from 1956. PB AN F £12.00
Littlewood, J How To Play The Middle Games In Chess Batsford ‘00
176pp 300+ instructive examples PB AN VG+ £6.75
Livshitz, A Test Your Chess IQ – Grandmaster Challenge
2nd ed.
Cadogan ‘93
133pp 6 diagrams per page with solutions on rear. SB AN VG £9.00
Livshitz, A Test Your Chess IQ – Book 1 2nd
Pergamon ‘88
124pp 6 diagrams per page with solutions on rear. SB AN VG+ £8.25
Love, J Tactical Ideas In Chess Bell 1981
150pp Explanation of tactics plus 10 illustrative gms. Insc. PB AN VG £4.25
McDonald, N. Mastering Checkmates Batsford 03
160pp Many examples and 120 exercises. PB AN VG £7.75
McDonald, N. Chess: The Art of Logical Thinking from
the 1st move to the last.
Batsford 04
256pp 30 thematic games. PB AN F £6.50
Marin, M Learn From The Legends – Chess Champions
At Their Best
Quality 2004
312pp 65 illustrative game fragments + 7 complete games. SB AN F £10.00
Matanovic ed Anthology Of Chess Combinations 3 Chess
575pp Informator style languageless approach to 2,709 diagrams in thematic
sections. DW AN F
Matanovic ed Anthology of Chess Combinations Chess
423pp Informator style languageless approach to 2,001 diagrams in thematic
sections. DW AN F
Matanovic ed Encyclopaedia of Chess Middlegames – Combinations. Batsford ‘80
352pp Informator style languageless approach to 1,817 diagrams in thematic
sections. DW AN VG
Mieses, J Instructive Positions From Master Chess
1st ed.
Bell 1938
75pp 125 part games. Green cloth boards spotted o/w G £3.50
Montgomerie The Quiet Game 1st ed. UK 1972
192pp A pot-pourri of topics including 30 games. DW VG- £5.00
Motwani, P H. O. T. Chess Batsford ‘96
192pp A series of mnemonics to help remember the correct procedures in various
parts of the game, with full explanations. PB AN F
Mullen, I Blunders & Brilliancies with Moe Moss Pergamon 90
128pp Deals with a range of common themes. PB AN VG £5.00
Muller, K The Magic Of Chess Tactics – A Training
Book For Advanced Players
Russell 2002
259pp With D. Meyer. PB AN F £10.00
Negyesy Combination in Chess with J. Hegyi 1st
Corvina 1965
304pp DW VG £8.00
Neishstadt, Y Improve Your Chess Tactics – 700 Practical
Lessons & Exercises
NIC 2012
382pp Pt. 1 is a course on tactical themes: Pt. 2 has many tests based on
these. PB AN F
Neishstadt, Y Your Move! Batsford ‘90
145pp 344 exercises based on diagrams. PB AN G £6.50
Nimzowitsch My System – A Chess Treatise Bell 1961
265pp An all-time classic. G+ £5.00
Nimzowitsch Blockade CEI 1980
91pp Nimzo’s 1st published book, quickly overshadowed by My System,
but not devalued thereby. PB AN Cover spotting o/w G
Nimzowitsch Blockade 4th reprint CEI 1983
91pp 1st Eng translation. 21 annotated games. PB AN VG £7.50
Norwood, D Usborne Book of Better Chess Pt. 1 – Improving
Your Game
Usborne ‘92
128pp Includes Pt. 2 – Chess Puzzles. Multi-coloured with countless diagrams &
pictures. SB AN VG+
Norwood, D Usborne Guide To Advanced Chess Usborne ‘90
64pp Multi-coloured with countless photos & diagrams SB AN VG+ £4.00
Nunn The King Hunt with W. Cozens Batsford ‘96
160pp 55 famous annotated games involving king hunts. PB AN VG £7.75
O’Kelly Assess Your Chess Fast Batsford ‘76
228pp 13 lessons with 121 diagrams. HB Some spotting o/w G £6.00
Pachman, L Modern Chess Tactics RKP 1979
220pp Text illustrated by 21 annotated games & 200+ extracts. PB VG £8.00
Pachman, L Attack & Defence in Modern Chess Tactics.
Trans. by P. H. Clarke
RKP 1973
248pp SB G+ £5.00
Pachman, L The Middle-Game In Chess 1st
English ed.
RKP 1982
188pp 267 diagrams & 5 annotated games. Insc. AN PB VG £8.00
Pachman, L Pachman’s Modern Chess Strategy Pitman 1966
318pp VG £6.00
Pachman, L Modern Chess Tactics – Pieces & Pawns
In Action
RKP 1972
220pp PB with some creasing o/w G £6.00
Pachman, L Complete Chess Strategy – Pawn-Play &
the Centre 1st ed.
Batsford ‘76
184pp 92 illustrative annotated games. PB G+ £10.00
Pachman, L Complete Chess Strategy Vol 2 Principles
of Pawn-Play & the Center
USA 1978
184pp Pub. Cornerstone Library NY. PB pages yellowing o/w G+ £7.50
Pandolfini, B Chess Movie 2 – The Means and Ends Russell 2011
200pp 64 endgames with a diagram for every move. PB AN F+ £17.00
Pandolfini, B Pandolfini’s Ultimate Guide To Chess Fireside ‘03
383pp Written as a dialogue between teacher & student, covering basic
to advanced strategies. 354 diagrams PB AN G+
Petrosian, T Chess Logic. Translated into English by
special permission of the author and issued in a limited edition of 250.
Denmark ‘68
39pp “Personal summary by the author of a dissertation contending for the
degree of Master of Philosophical Science”. SB typescript
Pfleger Chess: The Mechanics of the Mind with
G. Treppner
Crowood ‘88
156pp SB AN F- £5.00
Pongo, I Tactical Targets in Chess Vol 1-Getting
A Decisive Material Advantage
Caissa ‘99
323pp Combinations aiming to get decisive material advantagePB AN F £12.50
Pongo, I Tactical Targets in Chess Vol. 2 – Mating
Caissa ‘99
274pp 1,845 diagrams PB AN F £12.50
Plaskett, J. Playing To Win Batsford ‘88
90pp 15 games with 80 diagrams. SB AN paper yellowing o/w G £5.00
Povah, N Chess Training 1st ed. Faber 1981
176pp PB AN G+ £4.50
Pritchett, C Chess Secrets – Giants of Innovation 1st
ed. 2011
288pp Teaching points drawn for 35 games by Steinitz, Lasker, Botvinnik, Korchnoi &
Ivanchuk. PB AN F
Ravikumar, V Chess Tactics Quiz Book Chennai ‘08
179pp PB AN F £5.75
Reinfeld, F The Secret of Tactical Chess – A Manual
of Chess Victory
Collier 1973
229pp PB £4.00
Reinfeld, F Chess For Amateurs – How To Improve Your
Pitman 1946
98pp G £3.00
Reinfeld, F Great Moments In Chess 1st
UK ed.
Pitman 1964
182pp HB Insc. G+ £5.00
Reinfeld, F Chess In A Nutshell 1st UK
London 1960
128pp DW Insc. VG £5.00
Reinfeld, F Chess Traps: Pitfalls & Swindles –
how to set & avoid them. 1st ed.
Arco 1956
243pp With Horowitz. DW Insc. G+ £8.00
Reinfeld, F Why You Lose At Chess 1st ed. Arco 1957
237pp VG £5.00
Reinfeld, F Win At Chess – Improve Your Play With
300 Forceful Combinations
Dover 1958
120pp SB G £2.75
Reinfeld, F Complete Book Of Chess Stratagems Dover 1972
188pp SB VG £5.00
Reinfeld, F How To Think Ahead In Chess with Horowitz Fireside ‘79
268pp PB VG £7.50
Reinfeld, F Chess Mastery By Question and Answer Pitman 1944
176pp Insc. 1 page torn o/g G £2.50
Reitstein, L Test Your Chess! 240 Positions from South
African Games.
84pp SB AN VG £5.00
Renaud, G The Art of Checkmate with Victor Kahn
1st ed.
Bell 1955
208pp DW Some foxing on endpapers o/w G £8.00
Renaud, G The Art of Checkmate with Victor Kahn Dover 1962
208pp PB F £8.00
Reti, R Modern Ideas In Chess 1st ed. Bell 1923
181pp “This pioneer work is a classic of chess literature” Whyld. Original
brown cloth boards with bright gilt titles. Insc. VG
Samarian, S Das Systematische Schachtraining (Systematic
Chess Training)
Ed. Olms ‘92
152pp In Swiss German. PB AN F £8.00
Samarian, S Opening Tactics For Club Players Hale 1980
170pp Ex-Lib. DW front endpaper excised o/w G £5.00
Schiller, E World Champion Combinations 1st
Cardoza ‘98
260pp 84 annotated games from 14 world champions. PB AN F- £8.50
Schiller, E 7 Steps To Better Chess – A Guide To Immediately
Making You A Better Player
Cardoza 2010
191pp Includes 54 “Game Lessons” with diagrams & analysis. PB AN F £7.50
Seirawan, Y Winning Chess Brilliancies Microsoft ‘95
257pp 12 games 1972-91 explained move-by-move. PB AN VG+ £12.00
Shamkovich Tactical Chess Training 300 Brilliant
Tactical Studies from 1985 – 95
Hays 1995
176pp PB AN F £8.00
Shashin, A Best Play – A New Method For Discovering
The Strongest Move
Mongoose ‘13
401pp PB AN F £12.00
Shaw, J Quality Chess Puzzle Book Quality 2010
352pp 735 21st century puzzles. PB AN F £15.00
Short, N Learn Chess With Nigel Short Paul 1993
196pp SB AN VG £4.00
Silman, J The Complete Book Of Chess Strategy –
GM Techniques From A-Z
Siles 1998
360pp PB AN VG £10.00
Sokolsky, A Your First Move – Chess For Beginners Raduga ‘84
296pp HB AN VG £5.00
Soltis, A The Art of Defence In Chess Unwin 1980
262pp DW VG+ £10.00
Soltis, A Rethinking the Chess Pieces Batsford ‘04
223pp Examines the way in which the relative strength of pieces can change
during a game, and the factors involved. PB AN VG+
Soltis, A Studying Chess Made Easy Batsford ‘10
256pp Author explains his techniques for learning new materials. PB AN VG+ £9.50
Speelman, J Jon Speelman’s Chess Puzzle Book Gambit 2008
143pp 250+ themed diagrams. PB AN F £9.00
Spielmann, R The Art of Sacrifice In Chess 1st
216pp DW VG £15.00
Stean, M Simple Chess 1st ed. Faber 1978
116pp Highly regarded work. Ex-Lib AN paper yellowing o/w G- £2.50
Suetin, A Three Steps To Chess Mastery Pergamon ‘83
192pp PB AN VG- £8.00
Tal Tal’s Winning Chess Combinations with
V. Khenkin 1st UK ed.
Routledge 80
409pp Tal explains 200+ mating combinations… and who better to do it. DW with
protective clear cover. VG+
Tarrasch, The Game of Chess – A Textbook for Beginners &
More Experienced Players 1st ed.
McKay 1935
423pp Original blue cloth boards. Book plate G £5.00
Tarrasch, Another copy Chatto 1938
Bookplate G £4.50
Tartakower A Breviary of Chess G- Routledge 44
267pp £4.00
Taylor, T Pawn Sacrifice! – Winning at Chess the
Adventurous way.
Everyman 08
239pp The author examines 67 games involving sacs. PB AN VG+ £9.95
Taylor, T True Combat Chess – Winning Battles Over
The Board.
Everyman 09
208pp Examines 31 illustrative games. PB AN G+ £9.00
Teschner, R It’s Your Move with Tony Miles Batsford ‘76
139pp 345 testing positions plus solutions. PB G- £4.00
Thomas ARB Chess Techniques RKP 1975
173pp 300+ diagrams illustrate the theme. SB VG- £4.00
Timman, J Power Chess With Pieces Guide to the Bishop
Pair & Strong Knights.
NIC 2004
229pp 28 illustrative games annotated. PB AN VG+ £9.00
Volotikin, A Perfect Your Chess with V. Grabinsky Gambit 2007
159pp 369 positions where reader is asked a question or given a task. PB AN
Vukovic, V The Chess Sacrifice 1st English
ed. signed by the translator, P. H. Clarke
Bell 1968
219pp 100 annotated games. Classic Bell DW VG+ £18.00
Vukovic Another copy. not signed. Bell 1968
DW VG+ £12.00
Vukovic Another copy. DW some spotting on page
edges & endpapers o/w VG
Vukovic Another copy. Reprint Bell 1973
Pale blue DW VG+ £8.00
Vukovic, V The Art of the Attack In Chess. 1st
Pergamon 65
422pp 75 annotated illustrative games. PB G+ £8.00
Vukovic, V The Art of the Attack In Chess. Cadogan ‘98
352pp 1st algebraic edition of a classic.
Walker, J. N. Test Your Chess – Piece Power. Cadogan ‘95
151pp PB AN VG+ £6.75
Ward, C Starting Out: Chess Tactics & Checkmates. Everyman 06
172pp c. 450 illustrative diagrams etc. DW AN F- £9.75
Ward, C Chess Choice Challenge with John Emms Batsford ‘98
144pp Diagrams with multiple choice answers for the reader to choose from,
with subsequent analysis. PB AN VG+
Ward, C Chess Choice Challenge Vol. 3 Batsford ‘ 04
159pp Many tests. PB AN VG £6.50
Watson, J Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy: Advances
Since Nimzowitsch
Gambit 2007
272pp PB AN F £12.00
Webb, S Chess For Tigers Batsford ‘05
152pp Highly respected book. PB AN VG+ £7.50
Webb, S Chess For Tigers – 2nd edition. Pergamon 90
120pp PB AN F £7.50
Weteschnik, Understanding Chess Tactics Revised ed. Quality 2007
235pp 320+ illustrative diagrams PB AN VG £7.75
Williams, S How To Win At Chess Quickly! Everyman 10
192pp Nine themes illustrated with 50 games of u-25 moves. PB AN F £12.00
Wiseman Chess Deck – Chess basics the Easy Way Wiseman 09
179pp 1 diagram & teaching point per page, clearly set out. PB AN VG+ £6.00
Wolff, P The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Chess 2nd
Alpha 2002
367pp All good basic stuff… and much more. PB AN VG+ £8.00
Yusupov, A Beyond The Basics – 2 :: Build Up Your
Quality 2009
284pp The 2nd level of Yusupov’s training course, in which he uses
selected positions and advice, backed up by tests. SB AN F
Yusupov, A Beyond The Basics – 2 :: Chess Evolution Quality 2012
301pp The 2nd part of Yusupov’s 2nd level of chess training
which follows the same pattern as the previous book. SB AN F
Yusupov, A Mastery – 1 :: Build Up Your Chess Quality 2009
300pp The 1st part of Yusupov’s 3rd and final level
of chess training, which follows the same pattern as before. SB AN F
Yusupov, A Mastery – 2 :: Chess Evolution. Quality 2013
319pp The final section of his training manual. SB AN F £14.75
Zak, V Improve Your Chess Results Batsford ‘85
201pp 80 annotated games. Insc. PB AN G £4.00
How Not To Play Chess Dover 1961
119pp PB F £5.25
The Art of Chess Combination Dover 1959
212pp SB VG+ £7.00
The Middle Games In Chess 1st
reprint (1st ed. 10 months earlier)
Bell 1923
226pp Original blue cloth boards with bright gilt lettering. VG £10.00
Another copy rewritten and updated
by the author
Bell 1955
222pp Classic Bell DW of the time. Bookplate. VG £8.00

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