Chess Sets &
Auction Catalogues
Finkenzeller Chess: A Celebration of 2000 Years
1st UK ed.
Mackenzie ‘90
208pp Large format. Lavishly illustrated. Impressive work on sets &
history. DW.
Graham, F Chess Sets 1st ed. Studio Vista ‘68
84pp 88 b&w illustrations. Includes section on modern sets. DW.
Greygoose, F Chessmen 1st ed. 1979 D & Charles
160pp 183 illustrations, many in colour.
Hammond, A The Book of Chessmen 1st ed. Barker 1950
160pp 61 b&w plates. By an expert dealer and collector.
XLib o/w VG-
Keats, V Chessmen For Collectors
1st ed.
Batsford ‘85
240pp Large format. Many illustrations including coloured plates. 13
chapters on different countries, plus modern sets, literature & art,
appendix, bibliography etc. High production standards. DW
Keene, R. D. Chess – An Illustrated History
1st ed.
Phaedon 1990
128pp Large format. Sumptuously illustrated with many photos of pieces,
and other chess equipment etc.
Liddell, D. M. Chessmen White Lion ‘76
171pp c. 100 b&w plates illustrating chess sets. DW VG+ £28.00
Linder I. M. The Art of Chess Pieces 1st ed. Moscow ‘94
288pp 250 excellent photos b&w but mostly colour. Traces how chess pieces
through the ages reflect the various societies in which they were
created. Main text in English but bibliography in Cyrillic. Comes in
card slip case. V high production values. DW VG+
Mackett-Beeson Chessmen 1st ed. 1968 Weidenfeld
120pp 24 pp in colour with over 100 b&w illustrations. DW XLib o/w
Mackett-Beeson Chessmen Octopus ‘73
97pp Broadly the same as the 1968 ed. with 123 b&w and colour
Matthews, K British Chess Collins 1948
50pp From the well-known series “Britain In Pictures”, this has 4
colour plates + 24 b&w illustrations, most showing pieces in use. DW
Schuyer, E. Het
Schaakspel in de kunst-en cultuurhistorie
88pp 60 b&w plates + other illustrations showing how chess is reflected &
recorded in art and cultural history. In Dutch. SB Small format.
Wichmann, H Chess – The Story of Chesspieces from Antiquity to Modern Times.
Hamlyn 1964
328pp Large format with 196 plates, some in colour with extensive notes.

A real heavyweight work. DW VG

Williams, G. Master Pieces – The Architecture of Chess. Quintet 2000
160pp Small format but solidly produced. Lavishly illustrated on every
glossy page, with chess pieces, art works etc. A nice work – even
the DW has its own DW.
Yalom, M Birth of the Chess Queen – A History. Pandora ‘04
276pp In its Indian & Arab origins, there was no queen in chess, only a
vizier. It was only when the Arabs invaded Spain that Europeans
gradually changed the wise man to a wife – the queen, and thereby
hangs a fascinating tale of different culture values, across
continents and down the ages, thoroughly explored here. 56 photos 14
in full colour.
Auction Catalogues
In alphabetical order of auctioneers and chronological order within
each section. pp refers to the number of pages in the chess section
of each catalogue.
Bloomsbury May 2007:
77pp Included medal, banknotes and coins. Colour pictures for all 217
chess lots with description and estimates.
Bonhams July 2002:
8pp Includes furniture & carpets. 89 chess lots each with description
and estimate+ 18 small colour photos.
Bonhams February 2006:
4pp Includes pictures, maps & furniture. 40 chess lots each with
description and estimates.+ 12 coloured photos.
Bonhams February 2008:
4pp Includes pictures, maps & furniture. 37 chess lots each with
description and estimates + 13 colour photos.
Bonhams May 2008:
103pp 281 chess lots all with description, estimates & colour photos. VG+ £15.00
Freeman’s May 2002 (USA):
68pp 230 chess lots with descriptions, estimates & photos.
Phillips May 1997:
34pp 115 chess lots with descriptions, estimates & photos.
Phillips May 1998:
40pp 183 lots with descriptions, estimates & some b&w photos
Phillips April 1999:
35pp 149 lots with descriptions, estimates & some b&w photos
Phillips May 2001:
40pp 172 lots with descriptions, estimates & some b&w photos
Phillips November 2001:
68pp 243 lots with descriptions, estimates & some b&w photos
Sotheby’s Belgravia April 1980:
40pp Includes European Ivories. 141 chess lots with descriptions,
estimates & some b&w photos. Small cut to front cover o/w VG

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