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Annual Prizegiving & Coast vs Country Match

Thirty-six league players of varying strength gathered at the Manor Hotel, Exmouth for the annual prizegiving, to be followed by an 18 board match between the clubs of  the coastal towns against those situated inland.

First of all, John Stephens accepted the Division I Cup on behalf of the Exmouth Club, having won it the week before (see account). Jonathan Waley, as captain of the Exeter team  was presented with the Div. II cup, followed by John Knowles who won Div III with the Tiverton Ravens. (See photographs below)

The match followed immediately and it wasn’t long before the Coast team established a small lead of 1 or 2 points as the results started to come in, with a good number of draws. Eventually, the Coast had a 2 point lead with 3 games still in progress, though Abbott and Rogers had their backs to the wall in losing endgames. So with one game still in play, the scores were level, and Obie Ebanks, a new arrival at the Exmouth Club, had a small advantage against schoolboy S. Keat, but was having to face a strong attack, when Keat’s flag fell but neither noticed in the excitement. With Keat’s clock 3 minutes past flag-fall, Ebanks forced the win of a rook and the game was up. Keat resigned not having realised he’d already technically lost minutes earlier, though, of course, the win has to be claimed.

Full details:-

Bd. Coast Team Grd     Country Team Grd
  1 John Stephens 181 ½ ½ Tin Paulden 174
  2 Mark Abbott 177 0 1 Dave Regis 166
  3 David Toms 159 ½ ½ Sean Pope 159
  4 Ray Shepherd 129 ½ ½ Peiter Dobber 158
  5 Dave Rogers 150 0 1 Chris Southall 138
  6 Steve Murray 143 ½ ½ Jon Waley 132
  7 Giles Body 132 1 0 John Knowles 133
  8 Oliver Wensley 130e 1 0 Charlie Keen 131
  9 Alan Dowse 132 0 1 Will Marjoram 120
10 Bob Jones 138 0 1 John Maloney 120
11 Tom Badlan 120 1 0 Dave Nagy   80
12 Hazel Welch 115 ½ ½ Richard Scholes 108
13 Robert Ryan 114 ½ ½ Geoff Jenkins 100
14 Fred Hodge 111 ½ ½ Louis Ten-Holter 99e
15 Roy Curtis 101 ½ ½ Tomas Trott 96e
16 Obie Ebanks 100e 1 0 Sam Keat 90e
17 Les Porter 93 1 0 Chris Ebanks 95e
18 Dave Aramy-Bibby 78 ½ ½ Alan Brinkley 89


John Stephens (Exmouth) receives the Div. 1 cup from Brian Aldwin.

Jonathan Waley receives the Div. II cup.

John Knowles is truly delighted with his Div. III trophy.

Paulden and Stephens reprise their encounter of the previous week.

Hodge vs Ten-Holter (nearest)

General view.

General view#2

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