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47th Torbay Congress (17.11.13)

After 25 years of being held at Torquay’s Riviera Centre, circumstances forced a change of venue for this year, reverting to the Toorak Hotel, just over the road.

The Open Section was contested right up to the very last minute, with Alan Brusey and Steve Homer on top board, battling it out in a game of swinging fortunes in an otherwise empty room. In a complex endgame, it came down to Homer’s rook & knight facing a rook and 4 pawns. He managed to give up the knight for 3 pawns, but the 4th proved too much. In the end his flag fell in a lost position.

Alan Brusey thus won the Open and accepted the offer of a place in the 2014 British Championship in Wales.

The full list of prizewinners is as follows:-

Open Name Grd Club pts  
1st A. W. Brusey 181 Teignmouth 4 £250
2nd= J. K. Stephens 190 Exmouth £125
  S. J. Homer 188 Newton Abbot £125
U-186 B. Macreamoinn 178 Salisbury 3 £30
U-174 M. Shaw 172 Exmouth 3 £15
  T. Slade 162 Barnstaple 3 £15
1st= B. O’Gorman 154 DHSS 4 £74
  R. Greatorex 155 Llangollen 4 £74
  D. Cordner 168 Cosham 4 £74
U-159 A. Dunn 157 Torquay £30
U-149 C. E. Keen 140 Exeter £30
1st T. V. Greenaway 130 Torquay  
2nd= P. Brackner 135 Dorchester £28
  M. Hill 134 Liskeard £28
  S. Woolgar 130 Hanham £28
(U-130 K. Langmaid 123 Yate £28
  R Ludlow 124 Trowbridge £28
(U-123) R. Whittington 122 Exeter Juniors 3 £30
1st= C. Gardiner 113 Newmarket 4 £60
  W. Pope 107 Liseard 4 £60
  P. McConnell 107 St. Albans 4 £60
  D. Saint u/g Patchway 4 £60
(U-108) E. Kelly 105 Exeter Juniors   £30
(U-101) D. Healey 95 Watford   £10
  C. Bennett 100 Portsmouth   £10
  J. Carr 79 Berkhemsted   £10


The top 2 sections - Annetts V Wilby nearest.

Minor Section (l) & Intermediate

Bd. 1 in the Open - Brusey VS Homer. The game finished in an empty hall with a win for White, after many vicissitudes.

Stephens V Shaw - clubmates, but no other pairing options were available.


Thynne (r) got a winning position but failed to capitalise and Charlie Keen needed no encouragement to hit back and win.

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