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45th Torbay Congress – Final Day (20.11.2011.)

The final day of the Torbay Congress is being held at the Riviera Centre, Torquay, overlooking Torbay. The weather is almost Spring-like; temperature outside is 16C+, blue skies and with very little breeze. In fact, the helium balloon, situated just outside the Centre, has been in full operation all day. When was the last time that happened in late November? Usually it is dismantled and packed away for the Winter months, and even in Summer it often spends long periods inactive, as it’s not allowed to “fly” when the wind-speed exceeds c. 5 m.p.h. which at the seaside is fairly often – even in Torbay! I speak with some experience on the subject, having been set the challenge to stage and film a chess match in the gondola during the British Championships when it was last held here. The weather was diabolical for the whole fortnight and the project was only possible when it relented after the prizegiving. 

The balloon goes up as Arkell & Mackle get down to their Rd. 5 game.

In Rd. 3 it transpired that during the game between John Stephens and Jon Wells, Wells made a move and went off. Stephens made a quick reply and also went off for a stroll round. Wells got back to find that the Controller had assumed the game was over, had reset the clocks and was starting to set up the pieces in the starting position. 

In Rd. 4, Exmouth’s Champion, John Stephens, and President, Mark Abbott, were drawn to play father and son combination, Chris (pere) & Adrian Archer-Lock. Father lost and son won. 

Stephens (W) analysing with Archer-Lock Snr.

Arkell demonstrates his Rd. 4 win to opponent Paul Helbig, with Littlejohn, Stephens & Mackle looking on.



Final round gets under way.

The draw for Rd. 5 of the Open was as follows, with Arkell and Mackle being the obvious pairing for Bd. 1 as they were joint leaders. However, much as Arkell may have been the bookies’ favourite at the start, here he had the Black pieces and Mackle played the opening with vigour, and the GM had to call on all his defensive qualities and endgame technique to stay in the game. No question here of a quick draw to guarantee a share of 1st prize; the game went on to be one of the last to finish in the whole room, and drew a growing crowd of interested spectators, intrigued at the finely-balanced endgame position.

  Open Rd. 5              
Bd. White Grd         Black Grd
1 Mackle, D. 197 (3½) ½ ½ (3½) Arkell, K 226
2 Waddington, M. 187 (3) 0 1 (3) Webster, R. 192
3 Archer-Lock, A 179 (3) 0 1 (2½) Carr, N. 190
4 Helbig, P. 185 (2½) 0 1 (2½) Menadue, J. 192
5 Dunn, A 167 (2½) 0 1 (2½) Stephens, J. 173
6 Rosen, D. 186 (2) ½ ½ (2) Abbott, M. 170
7 Brusey, A. W. 174 (2) ½ ½ (2) Gregory, K. 184
8 Wheeler, J. F. 173 (2) ½ ½ (2) Bolt, G. 181
9 Bartlett, S. 162 (2) ½ ½ (2) Dilleigh, S. 180
10 Littlejohns, D. 174 (2) 1 0 (2) Rahimli, N 170
11 Archer-Lock, C. 181 (1½) ½ ½ (2) Regis, D. 175
12 Thompson, R. 178 (1½) 1 0 (1½) Aston, P. 152
13 Homer, S. 179 (1) 1 0 (1) Wells, J. C. 179
14 Coburn, J. 156 (1) ½ ½ (½) Hamilton, E. 147
15 Nyman, J   (½) 1     bye  

Arkell & Mackle almost swallowed up by spectators.

As games came to an end, the identity of prizewinners at all levels became apparent. This is an unofficial and somewhat incomplete list of all winners, subject to ratification.

Torbay    Congress   2011    
Section     Grd.   Pts.  
Open 1st= K. C. Arkell 220 Paignton 4 £130
    D. Mackle 197 N. Abbot 4 £130
    R. Webster 192 W. Bridgford 4 £130
GPs 180-174 A. Archer-Lock 179   3 £15
    D. Littlejohns 174 Taunton 3 £15
  U-174 J. Stephens 173 Exmouth £30
 British QP   D. Mackle         
(U-170) 1st= R. Desmedt  154 Wombwell   4 £90 
    P. Jackson  166 Coulsdon   4  £90
  3rd R. Burton  160 Weymouth  £40
GPs 156-153 R. Greatorex  154 Llangollen  3  £30
  U-153 I. S. Annetts 152  Tiverton  3.5  £30 
Intermediate 1st= N. Dicker  139 Glastonbury  £90
(U-150)   M. Wilson  136 Wigston  £90
  3rd A. Papier  140 Bristol 4  
GPs 139-134 T. Crouch  134 K. Head    
    P. Dimond  135 Bath    
    D. Gilbert        
  133-126 M. Cuggy  133 Brixham  4  
   U-125 T. Slade  122 Barnstaple     
    S. Ross   Shifnal    
     D. Jenkins   Camborne     
Minor 1st A. Tatam   Plymouth £110
(U-120) 2nd= J. Barber-Lafon   N. Abbot 4  £37
    H. Welch   Seaton 4  £37
    A. Fraser   Beckenham  4  £37
GPs U-110 I. Bowman    Liskeard  £30
  U-96 B. Aldwin   Exeter 3 £15
    G. J. Jenkins   Exeter 3 £15

The Torbay Individual Championships are held within the overall congress. Those eligible are players who play, or have ever played matches in the Torbay League. Thus, Ivor Annetts, although a member of an Exeter League Club, was for many years a member of Teignmouth, which qualifies him for one of these titles (see below).

Torbay Individual Champions Winner Club    
   Open Section Dominic Mackle Newton Abbot    
   Major Section Ivor Annetts Tiverton    
   Intermediate Section Mike Cuggy Brixham    
   Minor Section Tony Tatam Plymouth    

The late John Whitfield was a disabled player who played whenever and wherever he could in Devon. His widow donated this relatively new cup for the best performance by a junior, won this year by 10 yr old Theo Slade of Marhamchurch in N. Cornwall. Theo is coached at distance by Dr. Dave Regis who runs the Exeter Juniors C.C. Occasionally, as at this event, they are able to interact face to face.

Theo Slade receives the Whitfield Cup from League President, Trefor Thynne.

Dave Regis analyses Theo Slade's Rd. 5 game.

Ivor Annetts (l) was the best Devon performer in the Major Section, receiving his trophy from Ray Chubb.

Hazel Welch (l) & Jacquie Barber-Lafon were delighted with their 2nd= prize in the Minor.

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