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37th E. Devon Congress – Final Day

After the usual round of minor triumphs and tragedies on the final day, the Congress came to an end on Sunday evening, with the following names on the prizelist – a provisional list, subject to ratification by the Congress Secretary.

    Name Grd Club Pts/5  
  1st= D. Littlejohns 181 Taunton 4 Cup
    O. E. Wensley 165 Exmouth 4  
    G. Bolt 182 Exeter 4  
GP U-179 J. F. Wheeler 177 Cosham  
  1st= J. K. Stephens 175 Exmouth  
  U-165 B. G. Gosling 151 Exmouth  
  1st= S. K. Dean 157 Seaton  
(U-155) 1st= A. Frangleton 144 Exeter 4  
    R. Greatorex 154 Llangollen 4  
    J. Morgan 147 Penwith 4  
    T. Slade 147 Marhamchurch 4  
    M. Stinton-B 151 Plymouth 4  
GP U-145 D. Lawrence 134 King’s Head  
  U-133 D. Cornes 129 Wimborne 3  
  1st= B. Upton 112 S. Norwood 3  
(U-125) 1st C. Constable 109 Coulsdon  
  2nd J. O’Grady 107 N. Abbot 4  
  3rd= A. Fraser 112 Beckenham  
    J. Fursman 108    
    R. Hood 112 Isca  
    G. Mill-Wilson 120 Yate  
    A. Rinvolucri 109 Barnstaple  
    P. Saunders 111 Patchway  
GP U-110 I. Bowman 109 Liskeard  
  1st= Marian Cox 106    3½  
  U-100 G. Jones   92 Barnstaple  2½  

Each club could nominate 4 members to constitute a team whose individual scores would be totalled, the highest to win chess equipment from the bookstall to the value of £20.00. The results were as follows (Maximum possible 20 pts):-

1st Exmouth (13½). 2nd= Barnstaple & Taunton. (12). 4th Dorset Danes. (11). 5th Exeter (10). 6th= Tiverton Hawks & Frome (9). 8th Bridport (8). 9th Torquay (7). 10th Tiverton Eagles (6).


Dave Littlejohns, happy with his trophy.





















Oliver Wensley - a remarkable joint 1st in the Open.






















Graham Bolt of Exeter - made it a trio of winners.



















 There was an interesting situation in the Minor Section, where two ladies were fighting it out for 1st prize on top board, namely Christine Constable and Joy Fursman. It was Christine who won this section last year and is the current holder of the trophy, her first-ever cup win. However, between them, she and her husband, John, who was running the bookstall, brought everything with them in their van, except the kitchen sink …. and the trophy in question. John said there was nothing for it but to win it again, so as to minimise any inconvenience. It took her a long time, as theirs was one of the last games to finish, but she did it in the end, so minimising any inconvenience. Problem solved!













Christine - flushed with success - but no cup to show for it.

The problem of Congress finances which led to some discussion of possible cheaper venues in the future, as mentioned earlier in this report, was resolved in the short term by a large donation from a mystery benefactor. So forget what was said, and be assured that the Corn Hall will remain the venue for next year, and hopefully for some while yet.

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